by Ebony Horn
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Twilight Sparkle needs a fuckbuddy to help take some of the pressure off her new stallionhood. Rainbow Dash is happy to help—even though she's secretly a virgin. As their relationship grows, Dash finds herself falling for Twilight.
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Twilight Sparkle has a problem. As it turns out, a pair of wings isn't the only thing her ascension to alicornhood has given her—and her new stallionhood has given her a near-insatiable libido. With masturbation just barely enough to satisfy her, she turns to a second solution: finding a regular fuckbuddy to take some of the pressure off. As such, she turns to the obvious candidate for a friends-with-benefits arrangement: the filter-free, cocky, sex-experienced Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash has a problem. Her best friend Twilight Sparkle has just asked her for a relationship. Not a lovey-dovey one—just pure, physical sex. Except there's one issue: Rainbow Dash is a complete virgin. For all her blustering and teasing, she's never so much as had a kiss, much less a proper rutting. For each thing about sex she thought she knew, there are five others that she had no idea to expect—and that's not even the worst of it. Upon accepting Twilight's invitation, she finds herself struggling to overcome her own boundaries, even as she works to conceal her own inexperience from Twilight's view.

And yet, with each new encounter, Rainbow can't help but find herself growing more dependent on Twilight herself—a dominant, confident stud of a mare with enough tricks up her sleeve to turn anypony into a quivering pile of pleasure. But if Dash isn't careful, she might find herself straying past the boundaries that Twilight set at the start of their deal—and find herself falling for the very mare she once thought of as her best friend.

A commission for TheIncredibleBlunderbolt. Coverart by elzzombie (Derpibooru image #983247). Edited by the illustrious Unideal.

Chapter 1: Solo (futa) masturbation

Chapter 2: Handjob, sloppy makeouts

Chapter 3: Blowjob, cunnilingus

Chapter 4: Toy use, bukkake

Chapter 5: Vaginal sex

Chapter 6: No clop (sorry!)


23,715 words: Estimated 1 Hour, 35 Minutes to read: [Cache]

6 Chapters:

  1. Chapter One [Cache] Jan 18th, 2016
  2. Chapter Two [Cache] Jan 23rd, 2016
  3. Chapter Three [Cache] Jan 18th, 2016
  4. Chapter Four [Cache] Jan 23rd, 2016
  5. Chapter Five [Cache] Jan 25th, 2016
  6. Chapter Six (No Clop) [Cache] Jan 24th, 2016
Published Jan 23rd, 2016

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