Site Registration

Terms of Service
Basically, by using this system, I want to ensure a mutual trust as to the use of it.
Firstly, any data stored on the system I hold in the strictest confidence - Nothing is to be shared with anyone else without your explicit permission.

- I do not collect your emails to use for spam.
Email is used to verify account creation, and for site communication. (Also required to complete registration)
Optionally, you may opt in to receive update newsletters, which I'll send out occasionally to brief on site updates and the like.

- Passwords are stored in a manner that it would be impossible for me to reverse them (see disclaimer), and I will make all precautions to ensure that even that much is not about to be shared. 

- Any viewed pages are not tracked to you or an IP. Pageview stats are session-based, and category adjustment votes are anonymous.

Source Code for the Fimfiction spider and archives of my database will be publicly available eventually - If you'd like anything before I make a page for it, just ask!

With these assurances, I would expect a few of the use of this system:

- Please don't spam the category vote page.. Help is truly appreciated, but random or careless votes make life more difficult.
- Please don't make spiders to crawl the pages: If you want specific data, ask me, and I'll compress it into an archive for you. (It takes a few hours, but I can compress, for example, the 92 thousand fic txt cached from 5.2 GB to 1.4 GB, then send that to you.)
- Any avatar images or user names you use must be PG! First time offense will result in a warning, and a second time is a ban.
- Do not use vulgarities in your username. Offenders will have their account banned.
- If you find something wrong with the site, or think that something would look nicer done differently, please let me know! I can't make this site as good as it can be without help!

I reserve the right to change these terms at any point, but will make a reasonable effort to inform you if these have been changed significantly.

Server Cache:
Fictions are cached to the server, for retrieval, analysis, even convert to mobi (which kindle readers use).
This even allows you to search for stories that have been deleted from Fimfiction! (not everything, I only just started)

Password disclaimer:
Passwords are stored using a salted sha512 hash, so at best could take a hacker about 1,000,000 times the age of the universe to crack. (Using entropy bits and decent hashcat speeds as an estimate) (Ignoring future advances in cryptography, processing speeds, and network hacks)
Nonetheless, please be mindful of your passwords.
Don't use a simple or common password.
Server-side security does you no good if your client passcode is weak.