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Thankyou for your support!

To everyone on this list: Thank you. I cannot adequately describe how much it means to me that you believe in this project and that you put forward some of your own resources to help me out.

About this page:

Running an archive website is hard.

Outside the countless hours spent developing this site and the maintenance required to keep it going, Fimfetch costs about $52 each month to run, and only for that cheap through the generosity of Sour_Sweet.

For anyone interested in the technobabble, this site runs with one primary and one failover, both in different physical locations. Dozens of database tables, hundreds of thousands of rows of data, tens of thousands of lines of code, 400 GB of storage data, Elasticsearch integration, cron jobs for crawling and for email, and hefty CPU time required routinely. Amazon AWS services for a quarter of my current server's capacity would cost $100 a month, each.

I intend on keeping this project alive as long as I can, and a little support goes a long way.

If you want to help financially, you can , or alternatively .

If you'd like to help by showing your support of the site in other ways, you can .


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