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Chapter 2: Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Rainbow Dash stared at the parchment in her hands. She’d been staring at it for the past ten minutes.

It was an invitation. Or, a little more accurately, an offer.

She made to sit back down on her bed. Then she realized that she’d already done so, and flopped back onto the mattress entirely. Her wings spread out beneath her, tense and twitching.

She’d been in the middle of a nap when the letter had poofed into existence above her head and smacked her on the nose. She’d been having a really nice nap, too, with a dream involving a Wonderbolt obstacle course, Soarin’, and some really tight clothes. When she’d come to and made her way past Twilight’s scribbled Dear Rainbow Dash, she’d wondered if she was still asleep.

A pinch had set that thought straight. Nope. Completely fucking awake.

Rainbow stared up at the ceiling. Twilight Sparkle. Wanted to have sex. With her.

Twilight? Really?

And she… Rainbow wasn’t actually sure whether to be gleeful or terrified. The thought excited her in a way that nothing else had. Friends with benefits? Completely casual sex? To anypony who knew her personally, the answer should have been a no-brainer. Of course Rainbow Dash, playfilly extraordinaire, would take her up on it. Just another conquest—and a princess at that!

Some part of her was confused by the offer, admittedly. She’d spent a good five minutes overanalyzing her friend’s semi-tidy scrawl, and another five wracking her brains for why Twilight, of all ponies, was suddenly coming to her with this offer. Sure, the writing sounded a little cagey, but the day after the coronation? Something was up.

In the back of her mind, though, she knew she’d already made her choice. She knew it as she dug for a chewed-up pen from beneath the heap of clothes beside her night table, and knew it as she scribbled a reply on the other side. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she doodled her signature at the bottom, her mind already swirling with thoughts, plans, hopes, fears. She hesitated—just for a second—and then dotted the small “return to sender” box at the bottom of the front page.

The parchment vanished in a puff of dragonfire. Rainbow exhaled, flopped back onto her bed, and groaned.

She should have been excited. She was excited.

And yet, the day that she’d feared would come for so long had finally arrived. The day her big talk would be smashed to bits and crumbled at her feet. The day somebody would look her in the eye, know what they saw there, and finally call her bluff.

Rainbow Dash was a virgin, and had been so for twenty-three years. And nobody else knew but her.

Two days later, on Friday night, Dash found herself standing outside of the front door of Golden Oaks Library.

She was dressed pretty casually—shorts, t-shirt, sneakers—but the thought of dressing up had at least occurred to her. After staring at the old, unused skirt her mom had sent her as a dumb birthday gift some years prior, she’d decided that she was probably better off just dressing plain. After all, that’s what everypony expected Rainbow Dash to dress like, right? And Twilight had said that this was just a casual, friendly kind of thing. So she should be fine.

She hoped.

Steeling herself, Rainbow raised her fist to the door—and froze. She couldn’t move. Dozens of possible scenarios ran through her head, futures where Spike admitted her and called her a pervert, where all her friends were waiting there and laughed at her for being desperate. Or where Twilight was decked out in some kinky sex-queen outfit, and Rainbow would freak out, and then Twilight would know, and then everypony would know, and she’d have to go pack up her things and move to Yakyakistan.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Twilight had called her experienced. Twilight had asked her to take the time to do this. Twilight had probably been shaking in her little alicorn booties, wondering if the great Rainbow Dash would take the time to show her a thing or two about good ol’ fashioned pony lovin’.

Again, she hoped.

This time, when she made to knock on the door, she didn’t stop herself. Once, twice, three times she rapped on the door. And then she waited.

“Coming!” Twilight’s voice was unmistakeable. “Uh, sorry! Just one sec!”

She heard the fiddling of a lock. The door opened a heartbeat later. Then Twilight was standing in the doorway, grinning down at her. “Hey!”

Down at her. That was something that she still had to get used to. The little pipsqueak who’d barely come up to her shoulder last year now had a good two inches on her. Dash would’ve grumbled something about alicorns, especially given that Twilight had filled out in...other ways, too. Her unremarkable librarian physique had widened into a pair of hips that looked about ready to bear a trio of foals, and her chest had to be at least two sizes above Rainbow Dash’s own.

Dash suddenly realized that she’d been staring at Twilight’s bust, and quickly flushed. “Uh, hey.” She offered a little wave. Play it cool, Dash, she told herself. You know why you’re here; just go with it. “Did I keep you waiting?”

“Oh! Not at all,” Twilight said. “In fact, you’re kind of early. I wasn’t even sure if you were going to come—I mean, I know you replied to my letter, but I hadn’t seen you, and I thought maybe—”

Dash just nodded along, wondering when Twilight was going to finish. By the time Twilight cut herself off, she looked a bit flustered herself.

“Well,” Twilight said, still grinning. “You’re here, aren’t you? Come on in! We can go sit in the living room.”

“Sounds good.” Rainbow couldn’t stand how forced the words coming out of her mouth felt. She really hoped Twilight couldn’t notice. She followed her inside, then through the library. The main room had been darkened, leaving the books shrouded in shadows. Somehow, she felt like she was trespassing, as though she were invading the house at a time when she shouldn’t have been there. She’d been in the library alone with Twilight before—but not like this.

When they reached the living room, Twilight turned to face her and shot her a tight little smile. “Why don’t you take a seat?” she said, gesturing toward the couch. “I can grab you something to drink, if you want.”

“I’m fine,” Rainbow said quickly. Twilight paused, then nodded. She vanished into the kitchen.

Rainbow stared at the couch for a few moments before tenderly sitting down. She always sat in this spot when she and Twilight had their impromptu book clubs—discussing Daring Do, drawing out elaborate fan theories—but somehow, sitting here now felt...off. Wrong. She felt like she wanted to jump out of her own skin, because surely Rainbow Dash couldn’t be sitting here, with Twilight Sparkle, waiting to do...that.

Of course Rainbow Dash would, a voice in her head told her. Everypony knows the kind of mare she is. She’s cocky, confident, and full of six kinds of sexuality that everyone wants a part of.

Now if only she could be that mare for a few hours. Rainbow’s mouth twitched up into a sardonic kind of smile. Well, she was here, wasn’t she?

As Twilight’s footsteps announced her arrival, Rainbow hastily arranged herself into (what she hoped was) a lazy, relaxed sort of position on the couch. Twilight set a glass of water down onto the coffee table with a clink and then took a seat on the opposite side of the couch, her legs pressing together.

“So…” Twilight began.

“So,” Rainbow mumbled.

Twilight grinned. “I’ve got to admit, I’m not really that experienced with this whole thing. I guess we could try for smalltalk, but I’m kind of feeling way too jittery for that right now.”

“Oh. Yeah. Jitters,” Rainbow said. “Yeah, that happens.”

“So,” Twilight said again. She gave Dash a sideways glance. “Is it okay if I, um, slide on over?”

Slide on over. Toward her. Getting closer. Dash swallowed, and said, “Uh, sure. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Mm.” Twilight scootched across the middle couch cushion. She was just inches away now, her shoulder almost brushing Rainbow’s. Dash could make out the fine details of the feathers on her wings now, which stuck up a good half-foot above her own. Celestia, the wingspan on those had to be huge. She got lost for a moment, calculating just how fast they would fly, based on how wide and long they were, how much air they could take up versus drag—

And then she felt something brush up against her far shoulder, and stiffened. A glance to her lower left showed something new resting on her shoulder: a slender purple-furred hand, fingers clasped somewhat awkwardly around her upper arm. She felt the weight of Twilight’s arm on the back of her neck and froze.

Once her mind started working again, though, she relaxed a little. This was, for now, familiar territory. She’d been hugged before—not only by Pinkie, but by Hoops in eleventh grade, during that weeklong fling that had ended before either party really cared to press forward. That hadn’t even hit first base.

But from the way Twilight was massaging her shoulder, she planned to go even further than that.

“You must have done this with a lot of mares,” Twilight said, with the air of a pony confessing some failure. “I’ve mainly only been with stallions, so I’m sorry if I—um, if I’m a little awkward at any point.”

“No worries.” Rainbow’s mouth worked automatically, the words coming out without even having to think. Here it was, though—she could tell the truth. Admit the truth. Come down and meet Twilight, eye-to-eye.

But instead, she said, “I won’t hold it against you,” and smirked. At least, she hoped she’d smirked. And she hoped it hadn’t looked too jerkish.

At least that got Twilight to relax. “Oh, good,” she said, chuckling. “Then maybe we can go a little bit...faster?”

Well, what could a pony say to that? Rainbow pushed the lump in her throat down, forced a smile onto her face, and said, “Sure.”

This time, she was fast enough to keep herself from tensing as Twilight’s hand slipped past her shoulder and curled around her hip. She did shiver, though, slightly enough that she hoped it hadn’t been noticed, when Twilight tightened her grip and pulled her a few inches closer. She could feel Twilight’s fingers curling enticingly upon her thigh, could almost hear the palpitations of her heart as her cheeks flushed redder than a Sweet Apple Acres apple.

Keep it together, Dash, she told herself. Keep it the fuck together.

Not knowing what else to do, she leaned her head gently to the side. She was almost surprised when she met with something soft—the smooth, springy surface of Twilight’s hair. She felt something soft and pillowy brush against her elbow and blushed when she realized that it must have been Twilight’s breast.

Now Twilight’s other arm was on her opposite thigh, though, and her first hand was sliding gently up and down Rainbow’s waist. Twilight caught her eye as her fingers brushed against the hem of Rainbow’s t-shirt. Dash stared at her blankly for a moment, then caught her meaning. She smirked and nodded, trying to play it cool.

But when Twilight’s fingers slipped beneath her shirt, Rainbow felt prickles of electricity tingling up and down her spine. Twilight slid her palm across Rainbow’s belly, feeling every toned ab muscle as she squeezed Dash’s thigh with her other hand. Feeling somewhat awkward, Dash picked up her own hand and laid it on Twilight’s thigh. Unsure of what to do with it, she gave Twilight’s leg a limp squeeze and then sat there like a dead fish, hating herself for it.

“Mm.” Rainbow’s cheeks colored when she felt Twilight nuzzling her cheek. Twilight’s breath was hot on her neck, and she could feel the heat radiating off of her. Or maybe that was just her. Twilight’s voice was soft, subdued as she said, “You’re nice and warm, Rainbow.”

“You too.” She wanted to vomit as soon as the words slipped out of her mouth. You too? Seriously? That was the best she could come up with? All the same...feeling Twilight cuddling against her was...nice. This was what she’d wanted, right? As stupid and as amateurish as she was being, she did like the way Twilight was touching her. She just wished she knew enough to return the favor.

By then, Twilight had withdrawn her hand from beneath Rainbow’s shirt. Dash had a second to wish she hadn’t, and then she felt a light pressure at the side of her head. Unsure of how to react, she let Twilight guide her head to face her until their mouths were just inches apart.

Twilight’s lips were slightly parted. Rainbow Dash blinked, all other trains of thought in her mind instantly shutting down. This was it. This had to be it. Her first kiss. For all her bluster, some part of her had always remembered her dad’s promise that it’d be a magical, romantic moment. And here she was, sitting on a couch with one of her best friends, about to do...something that she still wasn’t entirely sure about.

She felt herself leaning forward, her heart thudding in her chest—and then her lips brushed against Twilight’s.

There was no magic. No fireworks. Just the slick, smooth surface of another pony’s mouth against hers. As Twilight shifted her weight, Dash felt something hard brush up against the edge of the palm still resting on Twilight’s thigh—and then heard Twilight moan softly and flushed furiously. She felt something thick and wet probing a bit at the outside of her teeth, and realized instants later that it was Twilight’s tongue. She let the other mare lead, guiding the kiss, until a mere five seconds later, they released each other.

When Twilight pulled back, she looked almost...concerned. “Are we...going too slow for you?”

“No!” Dash said. “Not at all. This is fine.” This is fine, she told herself. And it was. She didn’t know if she’d liked kissing Twilight...but she knew she wanted to try it again.

“Oh. Okay.” Twilight smiled at her. “Then...should we try it again?”

Rainbow swallowed the lump in her throat. “Sure,” she said, and meant it. This time, she leaned forward first—and then Twilight’s parted lips had met hers, and she let herself go into the kiss.

Twilight’s lips were soft and sweet against hers; feeling suddenly daring, Rainbow pushed her tongue out past her mouth, imitating what Twilight had done. Instead of hitting Twilight’s teeth, though, Twilight opened her mouth wider, pressing her lips tighter against Rainbow’s and curling their tongues together.

Rainbow felt Twilight’s hand slip beneath her shirt, then slide up until it was pressing against her shoulder blades. Twilight’s tongue staged a pushback, twisting around Dash’s and wiggling past her lips. As Twilight’s leg shifted back, Rainbow Dash felt herself leaning—almost falling forward. She ran with it, letting Twilight pull her down to the couch, their tongues dueling, her own hands curling around Twilight’s shoulders. Their breasts touched, and she felt her own nipples stiffen; a squeeze of Twilight’s fingers around her hip elicited a moan, and she let herself slide further down, further forward as she let Twilight guide her deeper into the kiss.

And then she felt something long, hard, and indisputably male brush against her inner thigh. Rainbow Dash may have been a virgin, but she knew enough to realize that whatever was throbbing against her leg, it was not supported to belong to her friend Twilight. She was pulling away before she even realized it; her lips popped wetly off of Twilight’s, and she quickly pushed herself back up into a sitting position.

Too late, she realized just what she’d done. Twilight was still down on the couch, staring up at her with wide eyes. A light, red-tinged blush began to spread across Twilight’s purple cheeks, and Rainbow Dash flushed in turn. She wiped a strand of saliva from her mouth and glanced away, grimacing.

“Um,” Twilight said. “Er. I guess I should have mentioned that.” She looked more than sheepish—she looked downright embarrassed.

Rainbow Dash forced herself to make eye contact. “Mentioned—mentioned what?” she asked, still trying to sound cool.

“My, um…” Twilight winced. “Okay. So, it turns out that my ‘ascension’ didn’t just give me a new pair of wings and a growth spurt.” She chewed on her lip, her eyes flitting between Rainbow Dash and the now extremely visible bulge on her lap. “It turns out that alicorns are...well, hermaphrodites.”

Rainbow Dash blinked. “What?”

“It means that, as of forty-eight hours ago…” Twilight took a deep breath. “...I know have a fully-functional stallionhood to accompany my feminine parts.” She shot Rainbow Dash a strained grin. “You’re, uh, not going to freak out, right?”

“Um.” Rainbow blinked again. “Wait, seriously?” A...penis? There was absolutely no way. She’d known alicorns were funky, but this… She swallowed. Then again, that bulge did look awfully realistic…

“Yeah,” Twilight said. “That’s actually the main reason why I tried to set up...this.” She waved a hand around the room, still blushing. “It’s been very...needy, and I figured that a partner might be the best way to keep the pressure down. And given your...experience…”

“Right.” Rainbow wondered how glassy her stare had become. She gave a weak attempt at fist pump, a strained smile on her lips. “Makes sense.”

“So...yeah.” Twilight grinned awkwardly at her. “I...probably should have let you know upfront. But now that you do know…”

It took Rainbow Dash a few moments to realize what the darting of Twilight’s eyes between Rainbow’s hands and her own lap actually meant. “Oh!”

Twilight’s grin twitched. Something else twitched too, Rainbow noticed. “Maybe you’d want to get a better feel for it? We were getting pretty intimate there.”

“Sure,” Rainbow said, surprising herself. She bit her lip, almost is if to try and take the word back. Was she ready to go this far?

As she hesitated, she noticed the damp spot that was beginning to spread across Twilight’s pant leg, just at the bottom of her thigh. Dammit, she’d fantasized about this kind of thing often enough—was she really just going to let it slip by? She’d already come this far.

Her hand hovered over Twilight’s lap—and then latched on. Her fingers dug into the soft flesh of Twilight’s thigh, right over the bulge. Instantly, she felt it: something big, thick, and hard, pressing up against her palm. She felt it throb, and Twilight twitched against her shoulder, a moan slipping out of her throat.

“Sorry,” Twilight coughed. “It’s...kind of sensitive.” Rainbow Dash met her eyes. She thought she saw something there: a hunger, barely perceptible, yearning for more.

Twilight’s arm had snuck its way around her waist again. She flushed as Twilight began to squeeze and caress her thigh once more, fingers straying almost dangerously close to Dash’s crotch. Her heart thudding in her chest, Rainbow upped her own game. She snuggled a bit closer to Twilight—her wings stiffened when she pressed her ear against Twilight’s bust, finding it soft and supple, almost like a pair of pillows—and began to stroke her hand up and down the length of the bulge in Twilight’s pants. And it was a big bulge, reaching down almost to Twilight’s knee, and throbbing against Rainbow’s palm with every stroke.

With one hand still curled around Dash’s waist, Twilight busied the other with fumbling with her pants. Her horn lit up, too, a purple aura springing into existence around her slacks. Her lip twitched as she unzipped herself; carefully, she pushed a hand down her pants and grabbed onto...something. Rainbow felt the bulge slip out from beneath her palm as Twilight pulled it back. She felt a wide lump press against her hand, leaving a smear of something warm, sticky, and damp behind. Flushing, she pulled her hand away—just in time for Twilight to remove her stallionhood completely from her pants.

It was black. That was the first thing she noticed. It was a dark, inky black, and the sides held a smooth, wet-looking shine. Her eyes widened as she realized that it looked wet because it was wet—a thin sheen of a watery, milky-white liquid covered the sides of the shaft. A fat, prominent vein ran up the underside, tapering off just below the flare. Rainbow swallowed. All in all, the thing looked around as long as her forearm, and thick, too—the head itself was more than half as wide as her wrist.

Twilight groaned. “Much better! It’s so tight in there. No room at all.” She gave Rainbow an apologetic grin. “Well. Now you’ve seen it, I guess…?”

Rainbow nodded. She couldn’t quite take her eyes off of it. It was big—bigger than she’d imagined a stallion’s cock being in even her wildest fantasies. Even the studs in some of her magazines were just a bit smaller than Twilight here. And just below the base of the shaft, restrained by a pair of floral-pattern panties that looked just about ready to snap, were a pair of good-sized testicles about the size of a golf ball each. Another splurt of precum burbled from Twilight’s tip, tendrils of milky-white liquid running down the sides.

“You can touch it,” Twilight said, breaking the silence. She sounded somewhere between hesitant and amused. “I’ll admit I’m...curious to see what it feels like when another pony does. I’ve only had the chance to experiment with my own—.”

But Rainbow’s hand had already slipped around her member. Twilight moaned as Dash’s fingers tightened around it, her girth throbbing at the touch. Rainbow felt herself slipping more into Twilight’s bust, sighing as that soft, pillowy cleavage envelope her. She was fixated on her new task, on this new toy that already seemed larger than life.

She twitched her hand upward, her palm sliding easily against the slick surface. Twilight cooed softly and pushed her hand beneath Rainbow’s shirt again. Rainbow barely even noticed when Twilight’s fingers met the curve of her breasts. At barely a B-cup, Dash had always felt self-conscious about her size—especially when compared to Fluttershy, who was the proud owner of a pair of double-Ds, or (now, at least) Twilight herself, who had to be pushing the size below that. Celestia herself had the largest bust in the whole kingdom, after all, and if Twilight’s first growth spurt was any indication, she was only going to get bigger.

All the same, Dash found herself getting lost in the simple, repetitive motion. She stroked up and down Twilight’s length easily, speeding up as more and more dripping pre made the shaft even slicker. Her palm slid across the flare, a glob of pre splattering against her skin as she switched sides. Her fingers barely reached all the way around—it was just so big. Rainbow Dash had never felt physically inadequate in her life, but compared to that thing, she felt almost slender. Fragile. Feminine.

It was almost as if Twilight had read her mind. “Ten inches,” she murmured, her eyelids fluttering. She adjusted her posture, letting Rainbow’s head sink further into her ample chest. “It’s a bit large, but I’ve been wondering what it might feel like pressing up against another pony’s rump…” Her fingers roved over Dash’s rear, found one butt cheek, and gave it a squeeze.

“Or perhaps,” Twilight murmured, her lips brushing against Rainbow’s ear, “inside of a mare…”

Dash gave a squeak of surprise. On reflex, she tightened her grip. Twilight moaned instantly, her oversized tool throbbing powerfully in Rainbow’s grip. As her strokes sped up, becoming a steady pumping motion, Dash found herself pushing toward some distant finish. She liked the feel of Twilight’s hand cupping her breast, but as the other mare’s fingers pushed toward her crotch, roamed across her ass… Something old, something frantic, something crazed pushed her to finish this now, before it could go any further.

Twilight moaned. “Ooh, yes, Rainbow,” she groaned. Her hand tightened on Dash’s hip, and her other clenched into a fist. “You’re...really good at this. Mmff.”

Was she? Rainbow had no idea. But she could tell by the quivering of Twilight’s shaft, by the swelling of her balls, that this was approaching an end soon. She slid her other hand across Twilight’s thigh, though with that layer of fabric still separating their limbs, and sped up her pumps even further. Twilight’s cock throbbed in her grasp, then flexed, tensing as her panties strained to hold in her big, virile nuts—

With a gasp, Twilight came. Her cock lurched in Rainbow’s grip, tearing itself free as easily as a bull shaking off a rider. Volleys of thick white cum splattered across her stomach, chest, and—given her current position—Rainbow’s face. Rainbow closed her eyes on instinct as fat ropes of musky, gooey spunk covered her muzzle, cheeks, and forehead, painting her fur white with jizz.

When she opened her eyes again, her face was absolutely dripping with Twilight’s cum. Behind her, Twilight groaned. “Nggh.” Rainbow could feel Twilight’s lips pressing against the back of her head, could feel the smile on the other mare’s face as she murmured, “Now, that felt amazing. Maybe we could go even further for round two…?”

Rainbow remembered the way that Twilight had looked at her earlier—at her chest, at her lap, seeing past the clothes, and to the soft, warm flesh that lay underneath. Something tightened in her throat, and suddenly she knew that she wasn’t ready, that she’d gone far enough, that she needed to cut this short.

“I can’t,” she blurted. She pushed herself away from Twilight’s chest, those big, cushy tits pushing back outward as the weight of her head lifted off them. Twilight’s cock bobbed lazily at the edge of her vision as she wiped her face clean of jizz. Sure, it may have stained her shirt, but she hardly cared about that now. Her throat was constricting, her vision tunneling. “I...have to go to bed early tonight. Wonderbolt stuff tomorrow.”

“Oh,” Twilight said. She sounded almost...fearful? Confused? “On a Saturday? But I thought—”

“Very important,” Rainbow said robotically. She was on autopilot now. She stood up, forcing her gaze away from Twilight’s still drooling shaft. Her clothes were an absolute mess, covered in the evidence of the other mare’s virility, but she didn’t care. She could change them later. “I’m really sorry. I’ll, uh, catch you around.”

Before Twilight could even respond, Rainbow was already walking stiffly away. She refused to look back, her wings curling tightly around her. And then there was the front door, waiting, judging her—and Rainbow Dash fled nonetheless.

Within ten minutes, she was back in her own home. She lay sprawled on her bed, face-down into a pillow.

Fuck,” she spat. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

It had been going great. For what she’d expected, it might as well have been going perfect. She’d fucking touched a goddamn cock, and who fucking cared if it belonged to Twilight fuckin’ Sparkle? She’d had her chance—and she’d blown it. Probably lost a friend, too, if she’d fucked up as royally as she suspected she had.

Something throbbed between her own legs, and Rainbow Dash winced. Turning over onto her back, she felt it: that searing, burning heat that had filled her loins ever since her fingers had first brushed against Twilight’s stallionhood. Before she knew what she was doing, she was worming her hand down into her pants, her fingers groping past her panties until they found her aching, dripping marehood.

She could’ve gone further, but she’d been too much of a chicken. Too much of a damned coward, and she’d lost her chance. Her marehood ached for the touch of that cock—that throbbing piece of stallion meat—as it felt the familiar touch of the same old fingers that it’d had to live with for the past eleven years. Rainbow found herself panting, squirming against her pillow as guilt warred with arousal. Her fingers delved deeper into her aching cunny, her hot insides clenching as she imagined Twilight holding her down, that thick, black member prodding against her clit, squeezing inside of her, rubbing against her insides as it swelled and drooled and throbbed

Dash bit down on her lip to stifle her moan as she came. Her every muscle flexed, a wave of pleasure searing through her body as she rode her orgasm like a wave. Her back arched, her fingers curled, her thumb pressing against the moist walls just beneath her clit. Her juices ran down over her fingers, warm, sticky, sweet liquid staining her panties dark as her groans mixed with her steady, gasping pants.

Her hand was trembling when she pulled it out from her crotch. Her other hand was too, she noticed. She closed her eyes and groaned, letting her head sink into her pillow as she wondered just how badly she’d fucked up tonight.

But Twilight was her friend. Wasn’t she? This was a casual thing. She couldn’t have...y’know, pissed off Twilight or anything, right? She just had to come up with an excuse. Or something. Twilight would understand.

She would. Wouldn’t she? Rainbow Dash took a deep breath and sighed. She squeezed her eyes more tightly shut and listened to the breeze drifting past her open window. She had to understand.

She had to.

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