About FiMFetch

FiMFetch is an archive of MLP:FiM Fan Fiction Works.
Originally born out of my personal frustration with the limitations of the search engine on, I now have a growing list of goals for this project to provide:

  • Archive of active and past works of fiction
  • Scour multiple fan fiction platforms for MLP fictions
  • Random daily fictions
  • Easy-to-use grainular search features
  • Improved mobile reader formatting
And some goals to eventually add, if at all possible:
  • Story tracking
  • User bookshelves and reviews
  • Printings Tracking
This site has been designed from the ground-up in an attempt to make the simplist and most streamlined access to all the pony you should ever want.
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Unique to this archive, each story can be rated collectively!
Most fiction websites allow users to 'upvote' or 'like' fictions, even fewer allow 'dislike.'
Why not try something new?
Part of the starring system is that each vote is tallied and averaged to give a composite rating - the more people that like the fiction, the more stable the rating!
This is a bit of a new concept, so we will have to see where it goes.


FiMFiction only allows defining three different content ratings: Everyone, Teen, and Mature.
At first, this seemed 'good enough' to me, but as I recall the various fics I've read, I realized that there is a significant gap that is missing.
For instance, Fallout:Equestria is most certainly not in the same category as porn, and you shouldn't have to see porn to find others like it.
Therefore, even though I keep the ratings to match FiMFiction's archived away, I have introduced three additional rating tags to bridge the gap. (Plus one automatic rating tag to assist)
Without further ado, here are my adjusted ratings defined:

No Swearing, Sexual references, Cartoon Violence.
Light swears ok, but nothing explict, Light sexual references, Some Blood Allowed.
Young Adult
Bad swearwords allowed, intimate non-clop allowed, May have Graphic Violence.
Fiction with explicit/mature references or an actual story with cloppy content.
Explicit Clop. The only purpose or goal of the fiction is porn.
FiMFiction Default tag.
*Fics marked 'Mature' simply haven't been re-categorized.
This is an automatic flag: If a fiction was not rated mature, but contains 'bad' words.
(Roughly Equivalent to 'Young Adult', but not reviewed)

Many fics are going to be recategorized from 'Teen' to 'Young Adult' simply because of a 'very bad word' or two, but others because of intimate and/or suggestive romantic relations.
Even though most of the 'Dubious' fics get categorized as 'Young Adult', please don't confuse the tag as being only profanity. Bad words are just simply the easiest thing to search for.
As of writing, there are nearly 23,000 Mature Fics and 66,000+ Teen Fics. I do not have the time to review all of them to assign appropriate tags, but will make an effort to categorize most.
If you find a fic that you think should have its rating adjusted, please let me know! I can't do it all on my own.
On the story pages (while logged in), you can submit a revision post.
(even edit your previously submitted request, if you want)


One of the first things I encountered while creating this fiction index was that the FiMFiction API lacks several statistics. Such as the Sex and Gore tags, what characters are tagged in a story, when it was first published, etc.
Additionally, I Added a NEW tag, just for this index! 2nd Person added a 2nd person category! Wooo!
I personally dislike 2nd-person fics, so I've started to tag them as I find them, as to make them easy to filter from searches.
Find one that's not tagged? Use the report form on the fiction description page and let me know!
(Only available for users with an account)


One key feature I knew for sure I wanted in this project was to automatically generate and have available for download mobi files. As in, the file format that Kindle E-Readers use. So I wouldn't have to generate one myself each time I found something interesting.
E-Ink Readers are awesome, by the way.

My personal favorite feature of the content generators I wrote, however, are the Epub files before the mobi are generated. I have worked to iron out xml syntax errors and formatting tags in order to allow fics to be read on stringy ereaders (I'm looking at you, Apple!), have changed how the title page works vs fimfiction's format (including putting the title, author, rating tags, wordcount, and description RIGHT THERE!), and have also added a bit of fancy in which downloads any externally linked images and throws them in where needed! Now you don't need your reader to be connected to the internet to enjoy graphics!


287,765 Stories Indexed
132,606 Indexed stories deleted from fimfiction
260,693 Stories From
25,401 Stories From
1,671 Stories From
91,288 Stories marked as complete
20,301 Stories with over 75% approval
10,538 Stories with more dislikes than likes
114,440 Everyone rated stories
109,026 Teen rated stories
46,998 Mature rated stories
11,692 Dubious rated stories
4,726 Adult rated stories
523 Clop rated stories
360 Young Adult rated stories
93,905 Adventure tagged stories
83,656 Romance tagged stories
76,936 Comedy tagged stories
74,670 Dark tagged stories
71,080 Slice of Life tagged stories
70,733 Alternate Universe tagged stories
59,428 Human tagged stories
49,979 Sad tagged stories
45,398 Gore tagged stories
45,071 Random tagged stories
43,446 Crossover tagged stories
40,899 Sex tagged stories
33,126 Tragedy tagged stories
15,590 Drama tagged stories
14,547 Anthro tagged stories
9,010 Equestria Girls tagged stories
6,905 Mystery tagged stories
6,301 Sci-Fi tagged stories
4,963 Thriller tagged stories
4,609 Horror tagged stories
3,288 2nd Person tagged stories
794,308 Chapters Indexed
2,245,532,913 Combined Words

To read all of these stories, it would take you:
29 Years, 3 Months, 16 Days

5,157 Fic-Of-The-Day Eligible Stories (963 Used)
165,367,918 Combined Words
To read all of these stories, it would take you:
2 Years, 1 Month, 26 Days

Fiction Data Cached on Server:
19,738,523 files
9.8 GB of Plain Text
26.8 GB of HTML
24.7 GB of EPub
47.3 GB of Kindle MOBI
22.5 GB of Image Thumbnails
34.7 GB of Other Data Files
165.7 GB Total

I love numbers, don't you?

Time to read numbers are based on an average reading speed of 250 words per minute, and 14 hours per day.
(need to sleep sometime)

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Donations / Support

One of the problems with running a website - especially a complex website like this one - is that they're not free. FiMFetch costs on average about $10 a month to maintain, and is only that cheap because of the generosity of Sour_Sweet. I have considered putting advertisements on the site, but I do not want to rely on ads to keep this site running. I personally despise seeing ads when I'm not actually shopping, and I imagine you won't want to see random google or amazon ads while trying to read about the latest sizzling ship, cutesy slice of life, epic adventure, or any other fic you're into.
I can't well keep doing this all on my own. With a little help, we can keep this ad-free and bustling with our favorite pastel technicolor equines!

I have a Patreon!

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  • Influence new additions and features!

Ongoing Supporters:

  • Sour_Sweet
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More help from:

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Thankyou for your support!


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