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Search Power!

We've upgraded our search backend! :mlp-swgrin:

A little tweaking here and there, and we now have a complete virtual search appliance servicing all of your pony fiction wanderings!

This sports such a huge gain in performance, you won't even see a results loading screen anymore; it's gone now - the loading page took longer to load than the results!

Whereas earlier searches may have taken 1 to 10 seconds to load, those times are down to milliseconds now!


Huge thanks to byte[], without whom this would not have happened.

On a related note, I've also tweaked the search defaults a bit - hopefully for the better.

More improvements to come!

Sorry for being slow to add features - Con season is a bit of a hustle.


On a related note, I now also have a side project that may take off, depending on the interest: Cards Against Equestria printings. If we get enough interest in it, we can drive the price down to more reasonable levels.


Thanks for sticking around. y'all! :mlp-aholdback:

Posted by DataByte on Tuesday, August 16 2016
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