by Ebony Horn

Chapter 3: Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

Of course Twilight was at the supermarket the next day.

Rainbow had hoped to avoid her. A long, dreamless night had done wonders for her overwhelming sense of guilt, but a morning masturbation session had brought it all crashing back down. Maybe, she’d reasoned, she just needed a break from Twilight Sparkle. A few days, or a few weeks—or months, or years—and then this whole thing would blow over. She’d even believed it for a good hour and a half.

But then Twilight just had to show up in the dairy aisle of the Ponyville Market. Rainbow hadn’t even noticed it at first—she’d been too preoccupied with keeping the towering pile of stuff in her shopping basket from toppling onto the floor. And then she’d turned around, milk carton still in hand, and Twilight was just there, two feet away, and suddenly Rainbow wished for nothing other than the power of invisibility because holy shit she could not let Twilight see her

And then Twilight blinked, turned to face her, and stared. “Rainbow!” she said. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Uh. Heh.” Dash could already feel the stares of all the rest of the shoppers on her. Twilight was going to shout it out to the world, tell everypony just how pathetic she was. She just wanted to melt through the floor, or die or something and get it all over with. “Yeah. I’m, uh, shopping.” She hefted her shopping basket pathetically and waited for Twilight to explode.

But Twilight...didn’t. If anything, she looked...hesitant? “Oh. Yeah.” Twilight winced. “Listen… About last night…”

Dash’s mind shat sparks. Oh, fuck. She was supposed to be at a “special Wonderbolts training session” right now. And here she was, shopping for milk, like some dumbfuck idiot.

“I’m really sorry,” she blurted. Her cheeks seared, but she had to keep going. “About last night, that is. I...lied about the Wonderbolt thing.” She looked down at her feet and hoped that Twilight couldn’t see her eyes. “Truth is...I was just feeling really sick. In an...embarrassing kind of way.” She did her best to cringe, and found she didn’t have to work too hard at it; she already felt more ashamed than even some health-related excuse could muster. “I didn’t want to, uh, have an accident or anything. I should’ve let you know about it, but I just felt it’d be...well.”

She glanced back up, forcing a little plastic smile onto her face. “Well. TMI, y’know?”

Twilight’s cheeks colored, too. “Oh! I didn’t even think—I mean, I’m sorry to hear that.” She coughed. “I hope you’re feeling better.”

“Oh, yeah! Loads.” Dash hesitated. She’d screwed up last night, but...maybe there was a chance she could redeem herself. Before she could stop herself, she said, “But, uh, if y’wanna try again… Maybe we could go for tonight? Or something.” She flashed what she hoped was a confident-looking grin. “I did enjoy myself.” She left unspoken: Even if it did end after like fifteen minutes.

“Not tonight, I don’t think,” Twilight said. Dash almost died right there, at least until Twilight hastily added, “Spike. He was at a sleepover with the Crusaders last night, but he told me he’d be having over some friends to play video games, and...well.” She did her best to look apologetic.

“Oh,” Rainbow said. “Sure.”

“But!” Twilight flashed her a sheepish grin. “On weeknights, Spike’s in bed by nine P.M.—which means that we should be good to go on Monday. Assuming you’re free?”

“I am!” Dash had blurted the words out before she’d even registered the question. By this point, she had to keep going—no point in turning back now. “So I’ll, uh, see you Monday?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Twilight said. She winked. “Monday at nine, hot stuff.”

And with that she turned to go.

Three things occurred to Rainbow Dash as she stood there, stock-still in the middle of the supermarket aisle, as Twilight walked away.

First, she could’ve sworn that Twilight had added the words “hot stuff,” at the end of her last sentence.

Second, it was now very difficult to ignore the sway of Twilight’s hips as she moved, or the way her fat ass strained against the seat of her pants.


She hadn’t noticed it before, but now that she knew what to look for, Dash was astounded by just how obvious the bulge at Twilight’s crotch was. When she’d been in high school, and somewhat more hormonal, she’d chanced a few glances at passing stallions’ groins. None of them even approached the size of the bulge in Twilight’s pants, that long, thick swell of fabric that snaked down toward her knee. Celestia. Was that filly ever soft?

Rainbow Dash swallowed. Her hand twitched toward her own crotch, which was already warm from the mere promise of that huge, hot cock. She bit her lip, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

She had a feeling that she was about to find out.

Sixty hours later, Rainbow Dash was standing in the foyer of the Golden Oak library once more. She’d all but sleepwalked through the rest of the weekend, moving through time like a dream, only to wake up standing next to Twilight Sparkle...with Twilight’s hand on her hip.

It’d happened so naturally, too. She’d walked in, they’d exchanged a bit of smalltalk, and Twilight had invited her upstairs. To the bedroom.

“I figure that Friday night could’ve gone better anyhow,” Twilight had said, somewhat sheepishly. “Maybe if we went somewhere more...intimate?”

And as Rainbow had moved to follow her, Twilight’s hand had slipped around her waist, just slid into place so easily, so confidently, that Rainbow found herself struggling to even question how it’d gotten there. Twilight’s arm was around her waist and that felt good, it felt right. And Twilight’s body was pressed up against hers, now, and she felt warm, and Rainbow felt hot; sweaty and flustered, but somehow still in better shape than she’d been on Friday night.

She knew where she stood now. Kinda.

When they reached the stairs, Twilight suddenly pinched Rainbow’s ass. Rainbow squeaked, jerking toward Twilight. Twilight blushed, though she giggled a bit when she said, “Sorry if I’m being a bit...forward. It’s just that I suddenly feel like I’m...well, noticing you a lot more. If you don’t mind me saying, you just look really, um, sexy.” Her awkward little grin was adorable. “And I’m finding it pretty difficult to keep my hands off you.”

“Really?” Dash said, quirking an eyebrow at Twilight. Twilight’s blush only deepened, but she nodded. There was a soft, warm glow in Rainbow’s chest as she smiled back and said, “Well...thanks. I guess you’re lookin’ pretty good, too.” She scanned Twilight’s body briefly: her round, perky dimples; her plump, bountiful curves; and her big, bulging package. Pretty soon, her own cheeks were reddening too.

Her gaze lingered on Twilight’s crotch for a moment. Each twist of Twilight’s thigh pushed her bulge up further, making the tent in her pants even more painfully obvious, if not borderline obscene. In the warm, golden light of the library, she could make out the damp spot spreading across the surface of Twilight’s crotch. As they reached the landing, a thought struck her. On a whim, she wiggled her butt—not obviously, but enough to subtly grind against Twilight’s hip. Twilight groaned, and the damp spot of pre on her pants blossomed to twice its original width.

Rainbow had to grin at that. It looked like she wasn’t the only one who was tense here.

A minute later, they were sitting on Twilight’s bed. Rainbow had her hand over Twilight’s crotch; Twilight had hers up Rainbow’s shirt. This time, only a look had been needed to signal assent. This time, both of them knew what they were here for—or, at least, Rainbow hoped that she did. A thrill of pleasure, of closeness, of arousal shot up her spine as Twilight gave her left tit a squeeze. She smiled at Twilight’s following moan, and tightened her grip again on the bulge in the other mare’s pants. She could feel Twilight’s dick throbbing through her slacks, could see the subtle contour of the fabric around her fat, heavy balls.

“Mm,” Twilight murmured. “This feels...nice.”

“Yeah,” Rainbow replied. She gave Twilight’s thigh a squeeze, and groaned as Twilight continued kneading her supple breast.

“But… I think I know how we can make it even nicer,” Twilight said. She grinned at Rainbow, then checked back over her shoulder. A quick glance showed that the door was closed and locked, just as they’d left it. And then—

—and then, Twilight Sparkle’s lips were on hers again.

The only word Rainbow could use to describe the kiss was this: fierce. Twilight was hungry, her tongue delving deeply into Rainbow’s mouth as she pressed their bodies closer together. Rainbow felt Twilight’s breasts squishing against hers, their nipples pressing together. She could feel Twilight’s fingers at her crotch, thumb and forefinger grinding against her hidden, puffy clit. Not sure of where else to put it, she slid a hand down Twilight’s back and felt her fingers push past the hem of the other mare’s pants. She felt the soft, supple flesh of Twilight’s rump and squeezed, silently cheering when that elicited a soft moan of pleasure. A vein of defiance surged up in her, and she pushed back, her tongue wiggling around Twilight’s, her mouth opening wider as she tasted the other mare, felt her, pushed inside of her.

Twilight’s hands were at her waist, now, pushing beneath the hem of her shirt. Rainbow had the heartbeat decision of whether to resist—and chose hell no. She wasn’t going to chicken out this time. She wanted this. She let Twilight lift her shirt up, moaning into the kiss as Twilight tasted her saliva, pulling the shirt up over her head until their tongues and chins were the only things left in the way.

And then they were pulling away, strands of saliva still clinging to Rainbow’s lips. Her shirt was off, flung aside on the floor (whether by her or by Twilight, she didn’t know). The top few buttons of Twilight’s blouse were undone, and she was panting hard. Her breasts strained against the confines of her shirt, handfuls of titflesh oozing out over the confines of her bra.

Twilight smiled at her. Rainbow smiled back and found, to her surprise, that she actually meant it. She’d been right—she did want this. And she wanted more.

“Ready to keep going?” Twilight asked.

Rainbow only nodded at first. Then she remembered who she was supposed to be, and slapped a cocky grin on her face. “Girl, I was born ready,” she said. “Do your worst.”

Did Twilight actually growl at that? In a blur of motion, the other mare pounced forward. Dash grunted as her head hit the pillow, her body pinned to the bed beneath Twilight’s heavier weight. She could feel Twilight’s breasts pressing against her own. The bulge of Twilight’s package grinded against her crotch, letting her puffy marehood know exactly what awaited it. Twilight purred, squeezing Rainbow’s flanks and thighs as she humped her, her lips once more brushing hungrily against Dash’s cheek. Dash could feel Twilight’s magic tingling at her back, the straps of her bra coming undone behind her.

“You have no idea how badly I’ve needed this,” Twilight groaned. Her hips pumped, and Dash felt a warm, damp spot blossom against her crotch as the bulge at Twilight’s groin throbbed.  “This thing...ugh. It just never seems to go down sometimes. But now that you’re here…”

Rainbow Dash grunted as Twilight pulled back. Twilight moved slowly, sensually, dragging her fingers along Rainbow’s bare belly. When she got to her waist, she bit her lip, then grinned. Rainbow’s legs tensed, her hip twitching as Twilight got to work undoing the button of her shorts. Once it was open, Twilight hesitated for only a moment before pulling them down. Rainbow helped, kicking them down as Twilight faltered. Screw waiting. She was ready for this. Those shorts were stifling, choking. She needed them off.

She felt her bra slide off of her chest, letting her modest breasts jiggle free. As it did, her shorts came off completely, leaving her clean white panties bare to the world. Well. Not entirely clean. There was a dark spot just at the crotch, over the smooth, thick bump where her pussy had been grinding against the fabric. They seemed so...delicate. So thin. So fragile...and yet they were the only thing separating her from the only thing it seemed she’d wanted for so many years.

She met Twilight’s eyes and saw the expectation waiting there. Blushing a little, she wormed her fingers beneath the hem. There were no doubts, now. She shrugged them off, twirled them around her finger, and threw them away, all in one full—if a bit clumsy—motion.

And there it was: her marehood, her flower, her cunt, puffy and wet and dripping with arousal. Dash licked her lips with anticipation as Twilight undid the button of her own pants. She couldn’t believe how exposed she felt. But if it was going to be in front of anypony, she guessed, she’d rather it be in front of Twilight.

Seconds later, Twilight’s cock popped free of her own crotch. Long, thick, and dripping with pre, it was exactly as big and virile as Rainbow remembered...if not bigger. The stretched, stained panties clung wetly to the contours of Twilight’s fat balls, each one on its own more than enough to make them hold on for dear life. Twilight grinned at her, and reached down to cup one of her balls. She gave it a light squeeze and gasped, her cock lurching and smacking wetly against her belly as she did.

“I’ve gotten a little...pent-up over the weekend,” she giggled. “Just a bit too much paperwork. But since we didn’t get there last time…”

She scootched back on the bed, then lowered herself onto her elbows and knees. Still grinning, she glanced up at Rainbow with her head between her thighs.

“...we might as well start with you.”

Rainbow was about to ask what she meant. Before she knew it, though, Twilight had dipped her head just a little bit lower—until her chin was nestled comfortably against Rainbow’s clit.

Dash froze. Then, slowly, in a low, rumbling tone, she moaned. Her fingers twitched, her thighs flexed, and tingles of pleasure danced up and down her spine. Twilight’s tongue had poked out past her lips, and was now flicking playfully against her dripping cunny. Rainbow felt her eyes flutter as Twilight slid her tongue into her vagina, her lips brushing hotly against the edge of her clit.

Twilight steadied herself, her fingers holding fast around Dash’s legs. She kneaded the other mare’s thighs as she pushed her plump rear up a few inches further into the air, positioning herself to dive even deeper inside. Dash gasped sharply as Twilight stuck her tongue deep inside of her, massaging her warm, wet insides. Twilight’s lips latched onto her clitoris and began to suck. A moment later, her tongue wiggled inside her. It flicked from side to side, lapping at her cunt as Rainbow’s inner walls clenched and tensed.

“Twi—Twilight.” Dash sucked in a breath, her lips curling inward. Her fingers tightened on Twilight’s bare shoulders, pushing across her neck and pulling her forward. Pulling her in, further inside her, as her whole body shook and trembled. She’d masturbated before, but only with her own hands. This was an entirely new sensation, a swirling, electric experience that set every one of her nerves alight. She held Twilight’s head tighter to her crotch, her eyes rolling back as she felt the other mare lap at her core. “Yes. Yes!”

Her back arched, thrusting her breasts forward. Rainbow gasped as the orgasm overtook her, her entire body tightening and releasing all at once. Her inner walls clamped down around Twilight’s tongue, her cunt spasming beneath her lips as she came. Rivulets of slick, tangy juices ran down Twilight’s chin, and Twilight sucked them up greedily, her fingers pinching even harder at Rainbow’s thighs. Rainbow groaned as she came off her peak, her body slowly relaxing as the last aftershocks of her orgasm shook her.

She panted, a bit of saliva dripping down her chin. She hadn’t noticed it, but she’d pushed herself against the headboard of the bed until her neck was aching from the pressure. Her small breasts shook softly against her chest, her stiff nipples twitching as she gazed through her cleavage toward Twilight’s face. Twilight just licked her lips and pulled her head back, Rainbow’s juices still dripping from her chin.

“Well,” she said, once she’d wiped her mouth off on her arm. She looked thoroughly smug. “Looks like I’ve still got it.”

Rainbow Dash smirked over at her. “I’ve had better,” Dash—the cocky athlete—scoffed. A heartbeat later, Rainbow—the grateful, awed, former virgin—added, somewhat sheepishly, “But that was really, really good.”

Twilight beamed back. “Great,” she said. “Because if you’re satisfied…”

She sat back on her thighs. Her thick, meaty horsecock sprang to attention, slapping wetly against her belly. Her balls, each one looking swollen and plump with seed, sloshed gently atop her thighs. Each one was nearly the size of one of Dash’s fists, and they looked very impatient to spill their load. Dash nearly gulped in anticipation.

Twilight’s grin widened. “...that means it’s my turn for some fun.”

“What’d you have in mind?” Rainbow asked. It was an honest question, but somewhat probing, too. She wasn’t sure how far Twilight wanted to go with this right now—wasn’t sure how much further she wanted to go tonight. Getting eaten out had been fun and all, but the reminder of the size, girth, and sheer, overbearing musk of that enormous stallionhood served only to bring back her trepidation about actually letting that thing inside of her.

Twilight just smirked cockily down at her. “Well,” she said, drawing out the word. “I figured that since I gave you a little mouth-on-genital action, you might return the favor.” She quirked an eyebrow, and Rainbow could almost imagine her daring her to refuse.

Thankfully, she was perfectly okay with this. She just smirked back and sat up. “You want a blowjob, huh? Well, I can definitely help you out with that.”

She had no idea whether she actually could. As she crawled forward on hands and knees, Twilight’s massive cock looming larger in her vision with each inch, she started to wonder if she really did know what she was doing. What Twilight had done had seemed so simple, so obvious...but Rainbow wondered just how intuitive sucking a dick could be to a mare who’d barely even touched one before.

She almost laughed. Sucking a dick. It said it right there on the tin. She was worried about that?

How hard could it be?

She approached it with the awe of a worshipper tending to a temple. Up close, the long, thick vein snaking up toward the flare was impossible to ignore, and the steady drool of precum down the sides left an enshrouding, masculine scent that made Rainbow’s loins flare up again with desire. Twilight throbbed, and Rainbow instantly felt something warm, wet, and sticky sliding down her nose; she wiped it off with a finger, and found a smear of precum slicked across her fur.

“Heh. Like I said,” Twilight said. She licked her lips and pumped her hips a little, grinding her shaft against Dash’s muzzle. “Pent-up.”

Rainbow didn’t need a signpost to tell her where to go next. Just as she had last night, she first curled her fist around the base of the shaft. Twilight groaned softly as her fingers slid across the slick surface; soon, Rainbow had bent the ten-inch monster far enough forward that it was just about even with her mouth. She puckered her lips a bit, then paused, staring forward. That fat, dark cockslit stared back at her, still dribbling with precum.

Then, she eased herself forward. Twilight’s cock slipped past her lips easily, almost eagerly. She felt her mouth opening wider, the curve of Twilight’s flare forcing her jaw open to take in its entire girth. She was actually surprised. She’d known it was big, but this felt monstrous. It filled her mouth entirely, and she was barely halfway down the shaft. Her eyes flicked up to Twilight’s, and then back down to the shaft. She could feel it throbbing, pulsing against her gums, a steady stream of pre drooling down into her throat.

She gulped, just on reflex—and was promptly rewarded with another spurt of precum for her efforts. So that was how this worked, was it? Dash would have smirked if her mouth hadn’t been so preoccupied.

She started small, swishing her tongue along the underside of Twilight’s shaft. Meanwhile, her hand worked gently at the lower half of the member, stroking up and down the pre-slick surface as she suckled on the flare. Twilight moaned softly, her hips bucking and forcing another two inches of herself down Rainbow’s throat. Dash’s eyes opened wide—and then she moaned too, her eyes fluttering as she felt Twilight’s cock filling—even dominating—her mouth.

A memory flitted to mind: a video she’d watched—more times than she could count, really—where a mare went down on a stallion. That was what she had to do next. She began to bob her head up and down, her lips suckling harder on Twilight’s shaft as her tongue swished and curled around the girth, leaving little trails in the sheen of pre coating her member.

Twilight’s hand moved across the back of her neck, fingers weaving through her bright-colored hair. Rainbow’s motions sped up, her strokes and bobs getting faster as she felt Twilight’s stallionhood twitch and flare inside of her mouth. She felt it bump against the back of her throat and groaned, the vibrations of her esophagus stimulating it further as Twilight pressed her face even more firmly against her crotch—

With a wet-sounding schlick, Dash’s lips popped off of the flare. The fat black head, now covered in a mixture of saliva and pre, loomed before her expectantly. She could feel the weight of Twilight’s gaze on her forehead and almost blushed. But she wanted to try something—a particular little thing that she’d seen in a magazine once, that she’d always fantasized about doing.

The taste of Twilight’s testicle wasn’t exactly what she’d expected. It was plump, yes, and squished a little bit between her lips. It was musky, too—but strong, much stronger than she could have imagined with only the other mare’s cock as an example. Down here, Twilight’s raw male scent was intoxicating. She tenderly took Twilight’s ball in her lips and sucked on it, leaving a small circle of saliva behind.

“Mm…” Twilight fingers traced small circles on the back of Rainbow Dash’s neck. Dash could almost imagine it: her eyes nearly closed, her head tilted back, her shaft twitching and drooling pre as her libido spiked even higher. “You really do know what you’re doing…”

That was what she wanted to hear. Inwardly beaming, Rainbow Dash planted another kiss on that nut and moved onto the other one. This one, she took almost fully into her mouth. She couldn’t get it all the way in—it was even thicker across than Twilight’s shaft, and that had been almost too much for her to handle—but she managed enough to suck on it. As her tongue swished across it, lapping at the musky coat of precum that had covered it from previous, lustful drippings, she could almost feel its contents churning, sloshing as the entire sack swelled with further seed. Above her, Twilight groaned, shifting her posture as Dash’s hand continued to stroke up and down her engorged length.

Once more, Dash removed her lips with a pop. Twilight’s fat nut slapped gently back down onto her thigh. Smirking, Rainbow kept eye contact with Twilight, even as she directed the other mare’s cock past her lips and into her mouth. This time, she managed an entire two-thirds of the length on her own before she had to stop.

Big. So big. If anything, Twilight had only gotten harder from playing with her balls. But Rainbow didn’t mind. She found that almost loved the feeling of Twilight’s cock filling up her mouth. Even as her bobbing head picked up in tempo, her lips tensing and suckling at the shaft, Twilight evidently didn’t think that was fast enough. Her hips started pumping, forward and backward, shoving more of her meat past Rainbow’s lips and fucking her throat in a rawer, more animalistic way.

She could feel Twilight twitching already, pulsing, flexing. With her free hand, she began to massage Twilight’s nuts between her fingers. They were too large to both fit in her hand, so she cupped one in her palm, kneading it gently as she worked the base with her other hand, and the flare with her throat. Dash swallowed a fresh batch of precum, then heard Twilight gasp above her. The other mare’s shaft stiffened, then flexed again, Twilight’s whole crotch pulling backward in anticipation—

Thick, salty ropes of cum burst against her throat. On pure reflex, Rainbow gulped them down—and found a fresh salvo of jizz being deposited directly down her esophagus. Her jaw creaked, forced wider apart as Twilight’s engorged member unloaded shot after thick, gooey shot of its virile load down into her stomach. Dash groaned and tightened her grip around Twilight’s cock and balls, aiming to milk as much seed as she could from their fat, sloshing depths.

Each lurch of Twilight’s shaft forced it another inch back out of Dash’s mouth. By the fifth shot, only the curve of her flare was left between Dash’s lips. Another spasm, and the fat, throbbing member tore its way free. It lurched and bucked, flexing wildly in time with the bucking of Twilight’s hips as it spurted gooey globs of semen all over Dash’s face. It got everywhere, staining her muzzle, her cheeks, her forehead—even her tits—and left her fur gooey, sticky, and matted with jizz.

Panting, Rainbow flopped back onto the bed. Her head sank into the pillow, her spunk-tipped hair brushing against the soft surface. She heard a grunt and felt the mattress shake as Twilight plopped down right next to her. Twilight’s nude body rubbed tantalizingly against her, her big, round breasts pressing enticingly against Rainbow’s side.

“That was really really good,” Twilight teased. She slipped a hand across Rainbow’s belly and gave her hip a squeeze. As she snuggled in closer, Dash could feel her softer (though only by a little) cock grinding against her thigh. She giggled. “Looks like you do suck cock like a champ.”

Rainbow grinned past her blush. On impulse, she twisted her head to the size and planted a kiss on Twilight’s nose. It was a quick, chaste one, and made Twilight giggle again, but it meant all the more to know that it had come from herself. “Told you,” she shot back, nuzzling against Twilight’s cheek. She felt a pressure on her hip and let Twilight turn her onto her side. The other mare’s arms wrapped around her waist, meeting just below her belly button. She could feel Twilight’s cock grinding between her butt cheeks, as well as Twilight’s wrists pinching her Cutie Marks.

“So,” Twilight murmured. Her lips brushed against Rainbow’s ear, her breath hot and moist. “According to tests I’ve done, I should be hard again in a few minutes. Maybe we could go a little further…?”

“Why do we have to?” Rainbow surprised herself with her answer; as she thought about it, though, she found herself agreeing with her initial impulse. Her legs crossed a little more tightly, and the weight of that thick, meaty horsecock against her ass suddenly seemed twice as heavy. “Can’t we just...lie here for a bit?” She grinned. “Geeze, Twi. Gotta be so impatient. Is that what happens when a mare gets a dick?”

Twilight grunted back. “Looks like it.” She gave Rainbow’s breast a squeeze, and giggled when that got another moan and a stiffened pair of wings. Rainbow had them wrapped around her back and shoulders as tightly as she could, but she was powerless to keep them completely still as a wave of new arousal swept through her body. “Mm… I just can’t keep my hands off you, Rainbow. I hope you don’t mind me saying so.”

“Not at all,” Dash replied. “You just better be ready to keep up with me.” Twilight laughed softly at that, then fell quiet.

They lay there like that for a bit, just cuddling, for a few minutes more. Then the clock on the wall began to chime.

“What time is it?” Rainbow mumbled.

“Eleven,” Twilight mumbled back. She sounded almost sleepy. Rainbow understood why. It was so soft, so warm, so...comforting to feel another pony’s body pressed so closely against yours. She could feel every inch of Twilight’s breasts squished against her back, even as she savored the way Twilight’s slender fingers twitched toward her marehood, massaging her thighs in gentle little circles.

Rainbow froze. “Oh, crap,” she said. She sat up; Twilight grunted in an incredibly unsexy way. “I really do have Wonderbolt training tomorrow. I’ve gotta go. Sorry, Twi.”

“Hey, no problem.” Twilight sat up with her and gave her a peck on the cheek. Rainbow tried not to turn red, but found herself smiling from ear to ear. “We had some fun tonight. Didn’t we?”

Forty-five minutes later, when Rainbow Dash was back in her own bed, and the room was cool and quiet around her, she curled her arm further around the pillow she’d decided would take Twilight’s place. It was nice and soft against her chest, but without the weight of another pony to fill it up, the bed felt...empty. Cold, almost.

And still… The memory of those parting words still filled her with warmth. Her eyes falling shut, Rainbow pulled her pillow closer, took a deep breath, and smiled.

“Yeah,” she’d said, a warm glow in her chest. “Yeah, we did.”

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