by Ebony Horn

Chapter 5: Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

They didn’t meet again for another week, but with each passing day, Rainbow found herself growing more and more restless. Sure, she and Twilight saw each other around town, and (of course) at Rarity’s weekly picnic lunch. But Twilight didn’t offer to schedule another day or time, and Dash felt too awkward to broach the subject herself. Plus, Twilight seemed...distracted. Off, a little bit.

Though the bulge in her pants didn’t get any smaller. And Twilight’s libido stayed as high as ever. Rainbow found herself catching dark stains around Twilight’s knees, the other mare’s package throbbing and swelling, as if in response to her attention. Whatever her mental state, Twilight’s body still seemed to know what it wanted. More than once, Rainbow found her gaze lingering over Twilight’s crotch, an unspoken promise passing between them. She would be ready for it. And Twilight, it seemed, would be ready in turn.

None of this had gone unnoticed by their mutual friends. Even Rarity had taken her aside once, just after the picnic, asking if she’d noticed Twilight’s “new, ah, attributes.” It turned out that a taller, bustier Twilight needed a taller, bustier wardrobe. Who else but Rarity would have been entrusted to get her fitted?

A wave of jealousy had welled up in her chest with the news that somepony other than her had seen Twilight’s malehood, but just as quickly she’d forced it back down. Twilight’s cock wasn’t hers. She wasn’t even able to take it inside of herself yet. Why was she getting all flustered about Rarity catching a glimpse of the thing? No doubt she’d barely even caught sight of the head...that big, black flare, straining against the confines of a pair of panties that had been filled to bursting, their fabric so drenched in pre that Twilight’s plump, sloshing balls looked just about ready to rip right through them.

And she wasn’t able to take it inside of herself yet, but she practiced—oh, she did. Every night, her daily ritual moved from fingers to the dildo Twilight had given her. As she laid back on her bed, her eyes screwed shut as she pumped the toy in and out of her dripping cunt, she imagined Twilight pinning her down, her massive cock stuffing her clenched pussy full. Twilight, her heavy breasts brushing across Rainbow Dash’s own as their lips brushed together. Twilight, her erection poking up obscenely beneath the bottom of her skirt in public, aroused by even the smallest of touches.

Afterwards, when Rainbow would lie tangled in her sheets, her chest heaving and her gaze stapled to her cloud-marble ceiling, her wings twitching beneath her, she would cuddle the dildo to her chest. She imagined it was Twilight’s, thick and hard and warm, throbbing with arousal as it leaked her tangy femcum (or, as she imagined it, Twilight’s thick, gooey spunk) onto her breasts. She fell asleep those nights with a smile on her face and a flame still flickering in her loins.

By the end of the week, though, Rainbow’s orgasms weren’t quite as...explosive as they’d been when she’d started using the dildo. Her marehood didn’t feel stretched quite as tight; the dildo no longer felt quite so overwhelmingly large. If anything, she was growing dissatisfied with its size and girth, finding herself yearning for something more even after her second orgasm left her breasts quivering with pleasure.

And then, exactly a week after their last “meeting,” Rainbow received a note. It burst into existence over her pillow in a flicker of dragonfire, a scroll neatly bound with a deep red ribbon. Upon opening it, she found just a time, a crudely drawn heart, and Twilight’s initials.

Ten hours later, she was standing in Twilight’s bedroom, her arms wrapped tightly around the other mare’s back. Their lips were pressed tightly together; the taste of Twilight’s tongue was sweet, alluring, erotic. She could feel it probing against hers, their mouths twisting together as Twilight’s breasts squished against hers. Twilight’s cock throbbed against her thigh, the fat, swollen bulge grinding against her leg as she pressed herself closer to Twilight’s body.

When they came away, Rainbow was beaming. “I’m ready,” she breathed. “I’ve been using that toy all week, and I think I’m ready for you.”

“You’re sure?” Twilight asked. She gave her crotch a pat. Her erection, restrained as it was by her (overly-tight, Dash was sure) pants, was at full attention. She grinned toothily down at Rainbow. “I’m feeling pretty big today.”

Dash just smirked. “Bring it on, big girl,” she said. “A Wonderbolt never turns down from a challenge.”

“Well…” Twilight’s grin turned sly. “If you’re sure…”

She pounced. In a second, she had Rainbow wrapped up in another kiss, her hands exploring every inch of Dash’s body. In another, she had Dash pushed down onto the bed, prone on her back, as she followed her down to the mattress. Twilight groaned into the kiss, rubbing her erection over Rainbow’s thigh through her pants, more and more precum drooling past the fabric of her clothes with every throb.

“You have no idea how long I’ve needed this,” Twilight groaned, nuzzling herself into Dash’s cheek. Her cock throbbed again, and she cried out cutely, her hips jerking forward. Rainbow could feel her fingers trembling as they worked at her pants’ button. “This has been...o-one he-heck of a week.”


“Mm…” Twilight nuzzled Dash’s shoulder. Already, her horn was glimmering with magic. Rainbow felt a sudden force pulling her shirt up over her head and didn’t resist. It slipped off easily, revealing her stomach and breasts.

Twilight took a deep sniff of her scent. Then she opened her eyes and grinned. “Not even a bra, huh?” As her fingers pulled away from her crotch, her thick black stallionhood sprang out. It looked almost bigger than Dash remembered it, longer and thicker. A steady stream of precum drooled from its tip, ten (pushing on eleven, by the looks of it) inches of slick, warm cockflesh pulsing with a steady current of arousal. Twilight smirked down at Rainbow, straddling her and pushing her back down onto the bed. “Naughty mare.”

“S-shut up!” Dash choked out. She was blushing, and her cheeks only burned redder when Twilight reached down to massage one of her breasts. “J-just shut up and fuck me.”

Twilight’s eyebrow went up. “Oh?” There was almost a sing-song tone to her voice now, a song of amusement mixed with lust and pure, growling hunger. “Does my little filly want to get rutted?”

But Rainbow had already kicked her jeans off. A heartbeat later, she’d torn off her panties, drenched with her juices, and flung them aside. “Shut up,” she growled, “and fuck me.”

She hadn’t even noticed Twilight removing her own clothes, but now the other mare’s breasts gleamed with a thin sheen of sweat, full and plump and enticing. Dash reached up and gave them a squeeze of her own, growling under her breath as she watched waves and counterwaves jiggle across the breadth of the other mare’s bust. She had to keep pushing, had to keep herself focused on her goal. Tonight was the night she’d finally let Twilight take her, and she’d be damned if she let herself get distracted now.

“Eager little filly,” Twilight growled back, flashing her teeth. Her cock shuddered, sending a glob of precum splattering across Rainbow’s chest. Rainbow whimpered when she felt Twilight pull her hips back, the wide, fat flare of her member prodding against her burning clit. “You want to get fucked, huh, Rainbow? So much the better. Because I’ve got a lot—”

Her hips jerked forward. Rainbow’s eyes flew open, her jaw opening soundlessly as a jolt flew through her body.

“—of pressure to work off.”

Rainbow Dash’s chest heaved. Her breasts quivered, erect nipples trembling against the air. She felt her hands curl into fists, her wings twitching beneath her body as Twilight pushed her girth inside of her. She was in pain, but it was a good pain and every throb of Twilight’s massive cock sent another surge of pressure against her ever-tightening vaginal walls.

Twilight moaned as she jerked herself another inch forward. Her copious pre, mixing with Rainbow’s own dripping juices, was more than enough lubricant to ease her member forward. Beneath her, Dash moaned in reply, her body twisting and twitching as Twilight filled her more and more.

“Ooh, yes.” Twilight bit her lip, her eyes fluttering closed. She grabbed each of Dash’s breasts and squeezed, the cute little tits squishing easily in her fingers. She felt her medial ring press up against Rainbow’s clit and shuddered in pleasure. Her shaft contracted inside of Rainbow’s cunt, and fired off another volley of warm, wet pre to splatter against her tight walls. “Oh, yes, Rainbow! I needed this.”

Beneath her, Dash continued to moan incoherently. Her arms and legs twisted, shaking as Twilight continued to stuff her full with each new inch of cock. She felt so full, so stretched, filled almost beyond belief. Twilight’s medial ring prodded against her marehood and slipped inside a second later, its fleshy circle pressing tightly against her walls. Rainbow Dash gasped, her eyes rolling back as another shudder of pleasure ran through her. Sure, it may have hurt...but nothing had ever hurt so pleasurably as this. If this was what she’d been missing, she didn’t ever want to go back.

With a grunt, Twilight jolted her hips forward. Dash wailed as she felt Twilight stuff the last few inches of her cock inside of her, her overstretched pussy barely able to keep up with its full size. She’d thought she’d been ready before, but Twilight’s stallionhood was an entire league above the dildo she’d taken.

And yet...it felt amazing. Twilight grinned down at her, brushing her hair behind her horn with the back of her hand. “How’s that?”

“Fuckin’ incredible,” Rainbow wheezed. She groaned, shifting her hips so that she could feel Twilight’s cock squelching inside of her. Her pussy, well-lubed with the other mare’s slick pre, shifted easily around it. “F-fuck, you’re big.”

“Just for you,” Twilight said. Her grin widened. Something mischievous glinted behind those big, purple eyes.

In the blink of an eye, she’d tumbled to the bed, her breasts hitting the sheets with a thump. Rainbow had barely a second to react as Twilight wrapped her up in her arms and yanked her to the side. Her body went spinning a full ninety degrees, and she found herself hugged tightly to Twilight’s chest as the other mare’s cock continued to throb inside of her.

“I tried this position once with a cute colt in Canterlot.” Twilight’s voice was low and sultry, confident and hungry. She nipped at Rainbow’s ear, and Dash moaned. She squirmed atop Twilight’s shaft, trying to fit more and more of that bulging member inside of her. “He said he liked hearing all of my cute little moans. But I think I just like holding you close while I fuck you.”

Dash moaned cutely. She didn’t even care anymore; so long as it made Twilight rut her harder and faster, she’d do anything. Twilight’s fingers squished against her breasts, holding her tight against her own voluptuous bust. Dash could feel Twilight’s nipples brushing against her shoulder blades even as the other mare’s cock twitched inside of her. She could feel the heat of Twilight’s breath, envision the smile on Twilight’s face, as the other mare slowly pulled her stallionhood back out, exhaling with a pleased sound of satisfaction.

And then Twilight rammed her length back inside. Rainbow gave a strangled squeak of pleasure as Twilight bottomed out inside of her, another splurt of pre staining her cunt.

“I think I like it when you moan,” Twilight murmured. Her lips brushed against Rainbow’s ear; she took Dash’s earlobe delicately between her teeth and nibbled lightly on it as she pumped her cock in and out of Dash’s cunt. Dash just moaned, twisting and squirming with delight as Twilight rutted her properly. “Mmff. It makes me feel nice and big.”

“W-well,” Rainbow stammered. It was difficult to string together a coherent thought when she felt her pussy was filled to bursting, but she did her best. “M-maybe I’m just happy to find a stallion worth my time.”

Twilight giggled, still pumping her length in and out. Her fat, cum-swollen balls slapped wetly against the mattress, the lakes of seed inside them eager to be freed. “Stallion, huh?” she purred. “A mare who’s more stallion than any colt out there. And you’re all hers.”

She gave Dash’s ass a squeeze, covering Dash’s Cutie Mark with her palm as her fingers splayed out around it. Rainbow moaned, her muscular butt flexing and swelling in Twilight’s grasp as her cunt trembled and clenched around its invader. Twilight just groaned in pleasure, her hands eagerly roaming across every inch of Dash’s body she could reach.

“All mine,” Twilight murmured. She gave Dash’s thigh a squeeze and hilted herself inside of her again. Dash let out a strangled “urk”, the pleasure of being filled threatening to overwhelm her completely. She could feel Twilight’s heartbeat, every throb of her cock inside of her acting like a second heart beating in time with her arousal. She could feel Twilight’s big breasts against her back, rippling and jiggling with each meaty thrust. Twilight’s fingers wound through Dash’s hair, and Rainbow’s back arched, her head held in place against Twilight’s chest as the other mare slammed her cock deep inside of her.

Tears of pleasure came to Rainbow’s eyes. Twilight growled into her ear, her cock throbbing hugely inside of her. “My mare,” Twilight snarled. And the rutting began in earnest.

Dash didn’t know how long they went for, or how hard. She didn’t know whether Spike could hear her shrieks and moans, and frankly she didn’t give a shit. She writhed and moaned as Twilight fucked her, every throb of her ten-inch tool stuffing her pussy full before another backwards thrust emptied it again. The steady pap-pap of Twilight’s heavy balls against the mattress only made her dripping cunny wetter and hotter, the promise of the thick, creamy filling to come only turning her on even more.

Fuck. Fuck! Dash could feel every twitch, every spasm, every throb of Twilight inside of her. She could feel the other mare’s body twisting beneath hers, Twilight’s cute little grunts mixing with her own as their damp, sweaty bodies grinded together. She could hear Twilight snorting, the other mare’s teeth nipping across her neck as her cock flared inside of her again and again. Rainbow Dash’s eyes rolled back, an overpowering sense of oneness rolling over her. A sense of union, of fullness, of completion surged in her veins, her abused pussy aching with musky, dripping satisfaction.

Twilight’s snorts and grunts grew in intensity and frequency. Her grip on Rainbow’s ass was beginning to dig even more tightly into her taut, muscled cheeks. Rainbow grunted and groaned, twisting and clenching around Twilight’s enormous girth as she felt her peak getting closer and closer.

“Oh, fuck,” Twilight grunted. “I’m gonna—I’m gonna—Rainbow!

Hearing her name made Dash’s heart throb inside of her chest. She thrust herselfforward, her inner walls clamping down around Twilight’s cock as she came. She cried Twilight’s name out in echoing reply, her own orgasm beginning just as the other mare’s climax began to erupt.

And erupt it did. Fat globs of jizz spattered against her insides, a tidal wave of seed washing Dash’s stretched cunt as Twilight whinnied and moaned. Twilight’s thrusts went wild, her rhythm breaking down as she slammed her spasming cock inside of Rainbow again and again. Her fat balls slapped against the soft sheets, those churning orbs retracting as they emptied their hot, sloshing load directly into Dash’s pussy.

Dash’s hand twitched to her stomach. She could feel Twilight’s orgasm, a crashing wave of hot, creamy seed rolling and breaking inside of her. She cried out, her vaginal walls spasming to milk Twilight’s climax for as much as it could manage. Her own orgasm reached a towering peak, her sweet femcum mixing with Twilight’s thick, musky spunk, the other mare’s gooey seed sloshing inside of her pussy and leaking out onto the sheets. As her climax subsided and she flopped down onto her back, Rainbow thought she could feel her womb filling with Twilight’s cum, the other mare’s jizz claiming and filling her completely and utterly.

She groaned, her hands falling limply to her side. Beneath her, Twilight moaned a final time, then strengthened her grip around Rainbow’s waist. Feeling too full and warm to resist, Dash let Twilight push her over until her side was resting on the mattress, Twilight spooning her from behind.

“Thank you,” Twilight said softly. She nuzzled the back of Rainbow’s neck and hummed quielty. Her engorged cock, still hilted inside of Dash’s pussy, twitched a final time, letting one last glob of cum splatter into the ocean of seed sloshing inside of her. “I...really needed that.”

Rainbow groaned again. “F-fuck,” she said. She felt almost woozy from the warmth of the afterglow filling her. She made an effort to turn her head and met Twilight’s glittering eyes. Smiling silently, she nuzzled Twilight’s cheek in return. Her smile only grew as she heard Twilight’s soft hum increase in volume.

“You liked that, huh?” Twilight snuggled closer to her, the sheets rustling softly beneath her weight. Her head sank into their shared pillow, the soft, plush fabric deforming against her ear.

Dash exhaled. “...Yeah,” she said. “You?”

Twilight just giggled. “You know it.” She snuck an arm beneath Rainbow’s breasts and hugged her close.

Rainbow didn’t try to break free. She didn’t turn away. Instead, she just...lay there, calm and content. Twilight’s cock still throbbed gently inside of her, but it was the heartbeat of a beast that had been sated. At least for the time being. Gingerly, she reached down and brushed a finger across her drenched pussy lips. She pulled it away covered in a mixture of her and Twilight’s cum. It was warm, and dripped with their combined lust.

“You want to get up?” Twilight asked softly. “Wash off, maybe? Pack up?”

Dash considered that for a moment. She really did. Then she registered the weight of the body beside her, the warmth of the mare snuggling against her side.

“...Nah,” she said. Twilight grinned at her, her horn glimmering. The lights clicked out.

Ten minutes later, they both were snoring softly, their bodies woven together as starlight glimmered through the crack in the window’s curtains.

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