Starlight in a Broken Vessel

by the-pieman

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

I feel awesome. So does Pinkie Pie. We had a chance to bond while she took advantage of my temporary infinite supply of ice cream. That pony can sure put it away. Seriously, if I wasn’t watching her with my own eyes, I’d swear she was stashing it somewhere.

“Pinkie, you know what I love about this?”



We laugh for a while, but soon Pinkie Starts shivering. “So... cold... brrrrrr.”

“Yeah, ice cream is cold, didn’t you know?”

“Y- yes, silly, I just f- forgot.”

“Hugs are warm.”

Suddenly I am glomped by Pinkie. No complaints here.

Then she asks me a question.

“So, what was with the glowing and the growing?”

“I don’t know how I grow, but I just can. As for the glowing, I don’t know what you mean.”

“Oh yeah, you were asleep. You were asleep forever!”

“Hey, I like sleeping, is that a crime?”


“Good, otherwise I’d probably be a felon, and they’d throw me in prison.”

“I’d break you out.”


“I’d bake you a cake and hide something like a file in it.”

“But if you get caught, you might get thrown in prison too.”

“But if we get the same cell, it’d be like a sleep-over that never ends!”



“You’re a great friend. I’ve never met anyone who can take my crazy comments and just make it work.”


The glomp becomes a normal hug.

“Uh... a’hm not... interruptin’ nothin’, am ah?”

Applejack, can’t mistake that accent. I decide to respond in kind.

“I reckon ya ain’t. ‘less yew wanna make somethin’ o’ this?”

“Uh... nah, ah’m fine... Anyways, Twi told me to come get you.”

“Oh, fine, I suppose I’ve eaten enough ice cream.”

“Speaking of, why aren’t you cold?” Pinkie asked.


“You wanted to see me Twilight?”

“Yes. You see, the Princesses and I are the leading experts on the Elements of Harmony, but what you’ve done... it’s unheard of.”

“Maybe they just didn’t speak loud enough?”

“Anthony, please... I’m serious, this is big. You did something that shouldn’t be possible.”

“Okay Twilight, I understand. I just don’t have any point of reference, so I don’t really understand what’s important.”

“You for one. You’ve pulled off an amazing feat that not even the most powerful beings history has known could do.”

“Oh. Wow. That is pretty big, huh?”

“And that’s not the strangest part.”


“The Princesses and I agree that technically speaking, with enough magic power, anything is possible. But you don’t have magic. It’s... something, but whatever it is definitely is not magic. And even if it is, then it’s a form of magic we’ve never discovered.”

“So... I’m pretty important, huh?”

“I need more information, but with everything you’ve told Celestia...”

“Yeah, I admit, this is all new to me.”

“Can you grow again for me?”

I concentrate on my size. Growing. Expanding.

I imagine my body becoming massive. I open my eyes and I look down, seeing a much smaller Twilight.

She looks up at me and back at her notes, scribbling frantically.

“Say ‘Ah’ please.”


“Close enough.”

I hear her mumble something, but I can’t make it out. Whatever it is, it’s in her notes now.

“You can go back to normal now.”

I decide to oblige. Being so big is a bit disorienting.

“I have... another question.”

“Ask away.”

“Well... you’re wearing clothes...”


She starts to blush a bright crimson. “I, uh... I’d like to, er... see.”

“Oh Twilight, you dirty little girl. I’d at least like a date first, not just anybody can get all of this.”

I gesture at my body in a provocative manner.

“I- I don’t mean like that!” Suddenly, Twilight has an evil grin on her face. Uh oh. “Although, I can understand if you don’t want to. After all, it’s not like you probably have anything too important to hide.”

“Oh, you wanna play it that way?”

“Why not?”

“Maybe you just want an excuse to see my naked body.”

her eyes narrow, and grin widens. “Maybe I do.”


“Oh, are you deaf? I’m sorry.”

“I’m not deaf, I just... what?”

“Problem? No witty retort?”


“Can’t take what you dish out, huh?” So that’s her game.

“You think you can out-do me?”

“Pretty sure. Shouldn’t be hard.”

“You got guts, but also delusions.”

“Oh yeah? How’s this for delusions?”

A flash of light and... I feel odd. Twilight is now laughing uncontrollably. I look down. I look normal, but I still feel off.

“You did something!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


“Oh, you got me, I lied.”

“What’d you do?”

“Not telling.” She sticks her tongue out at me as I frantically search for a mirror or any reflective surface, but to no avail.

“What’d you do!?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you, maybe not.”

“Tell me.” I’m done joking, this has gone too far.


I step closer to Twilight. “Tell me.”

“Never.” That stupid grin on her face...


“Woah... gotta write this down...”


“Hmmm, it seems Twilight has gotten... quite a reaction from Anthony.” Celestia mused. “Guard? I’d like you to go with me to Twilight’s temporary quarters. There’s a matter we must attend to.”

“Yes, Princess, at once.”

I’ve been angry before. Very angry... but I’ve never been this mad. I don’t know why but this purple horse has just gotten me so riled up, I actually experience what people describe as ‘Blind rage’. Though I didn’t think it would be so bright, but right now, I don’t care. This darn pony is gonna...

“Anthony, look!”

Twilight has conjured a mirror in front of me. What I see is... astonishing. I’m glowing. Like, my body is just... glowing. A pale cyan aura, my visible skin now a sort of grayish-blue... and partially see-through. I don’t have eyeballs, just spots of light, like stars planted in my head. I blink, and then I’m suddenly back to normal. My clothes didn’t seem damaged at all, and I don’t feel any different.

The entire time, Twilight has been frantically taking notes, her quill a blur as she magically scribes what she sees. She’s already gone through one ink well.

Suddenly, Celestia, a pony in armor, and another bigger pony, this one a pretty midnight blue, her flowing, shimmering mane much more subdued than Celestia’s, but still just as incredible. There’s no mistaking it, this had to be Princess Luna. Next Chapter: Chapter 5 Estimated time remaining: 33 Hours, 47 Minutes

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