What are you wearing?

by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof


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Aria Blaze let out a groan as she was awaken by the sound of her alarm going off. Reaching out with one hand, she groped and swatted blindly until she finally managed to grasp her phone. Her sleep-addled brain was still trying to get working as she tried to remember the number to unlock said phone and turn off the alarm.

Once the horrendous skull drilling noise, Aria dragged herself up and out of bed. She had never really been a morning creature, and had stayed up late working on Siren's Song, a psychological horror game she was creating in her free time, that she had pretty much just flopped down on her bed and passed out from exhaustion. As a result, she was well away from being a functional creature capable of more than the most basic of thoughts at that moment.

The one thought that was capable of being coherent and make it through the sleepy brain was COFFEE! Her sleepy and sluggish body followed this one command, shambling its way toward the kitchen, where life-inducing elixir was created.

As usual, Aria was the last one up, with the other two sirens turned human already up and at breakfast.

"Good morning," came Sonata's annoyingly cheery (especially this early) voice. Aria merely gave a growl of acknowledgement, not even looking up at she continued by instinct and practice toward the machine whose potion would allow her to evolve into a creature capable of basic comprehension and human speech.

Grabbing the large mug that looked like the disembodied head of a robotic fox, she began filling it with the vital brew.

"What are you wearing?" Adagio asked.

Aria wondered what kind of question that was. Adagio would clearly be able to see her and what she was wearing. It was the same thing she had been wearing when last night: spider-web covered lounge pants, an over-sized tee with a bloody hockey mask on the front, and...

Aria's eyes snapped wide as her brain kicked into full. She looked down at her arms, seeing the light violet colored fleece sleeves.

"IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" Aria cried out, turning around and holding up her hands.

"Really?" Adagio said. She leaned forward, placing one elbow on the table before resting her chin in her hand. Her eyes narrowed as they flicked up and down across Aria's body. "Because it looks like you're wearing a siren hoodie, as made by Stitch'n'Sew." One luxuriously shaped eyebrow quirked up. "Which, if I recall right, you called me crazy for wearing, and Sonata for wanting one."

"It's not like that!" Aria retorted, waving her arms frantically. She had known this was a possibility, but had thought she would be able to keep it a secret from the two. If Aria did not want anyone to know she liked something like the soft fleece siren hoodie, that was her business. No one else's.

"And post!" Sonata called out, getting Aria's attention. Sonata was grinning as she lowered her phone. Her eyes narrowed a the grin grew wicked. "Congratulations, Aria Blaze, you're now posted all over the internet."

"...you didn't..."

"I did!"

With a roar, Aria Blaze chased after a fleeing Sonata Dusk, threatening all sorts of bodily harm once she caught the little traitor. Sonata simply ran, laughing as she did.

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