What are you wearing?

by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

Chapter 2: Duskzilla

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Sonata Dusk let out a squeal of excitement so high pitched that only dogs could hear it. Grabbing the package, she sprinted for her room as fast as she could.

"It's here! It's here! It's here!" she cried out. Dropping the package on the bed, she grinned widely as she got ready to open it.

Then stopped herself.

No. No. She was going to do this right. First, a quick shower to wash away all of the ick from her paying job, so she was nice and clean. Then she would open the box. For a moment, she considered filming the unboxing, but there were two problems with that: first, that would ruin the surprise of her fans seeing it when she posted her next video; and second, that would mean she would have to put on more than just underwear, or else she would get flagged for indecency.

Opening the box, Sonata Dusk stared wide-eyed at its contents. She wiped the drool from her mouth before reaching down, taking a hold of the kigurumi. The pale blue fabric felt so soft. Pulling it out, she looked over it. Sonata did not know much about tailoring, and never been any good at it, but it did look so amazingly much like her old siren form.

Sonata rushed to put it on as quickly as she could.

It felt so soft against her skin, and she could already feel herself getting nice and toasty warm. It made her want to go to bed, curl up and sleep.

She had something else in mind though. Something she had been working on since the day after she had filled out her application.

For weeks, she been planning for its arrival. She had done all the scenes of her as a human, and even recorded her audio separately so they could be out of sync. The biggest part of her time and energy had gone into building a fake city, which she had dubbed Sonatokyo. Scraps of paper, cardboard, plastic, and even bits of wood were scavenged, glued, taped, painted, and drawn on to make buildings until she had an entire massive metropolis built. She had even included a couple of different landmarks from various big cities.

Sonata set up one of the cameras, making sure it was exactly where she wanted, and turned it on to record.

Then she started to smash Sonatokyo.

She stomped her way through the miniature city, letting out roars as she did (which she would add the actual Godzilla roar over when she was editing). She would stomp on buildings, kicking them with her covered foot, or smack them with her hand. There were even a few that she could smash apart with a swing of her stuffed fish-tail.

It was a lot of fun.

It would have been more fun if she did not have to occasionally stop and move the video camera to a new position, but having the entire thing shot from a single fixed point that showed the entire city at once would have been boring. She had to think of her 'Nata Fans if she wanted to keep the likes and views coming, especially if she wanted her channel to be successful enough that she can make a livable wage from it and quit her day job.

So it was that it quickly became a routine: Smash, smash, smash; move camera; roar; smash, smash, smash. She continued until the entire place was nothing but a pile of broken junk. She was actually feeling a little tired from it, but could not help but smile. It had still been fun.

Now came the long, boring part: editing it all together.

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