What are you wearing?

by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

Chapter 4: Sonata's special bonus

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"Please?" Sonata Dusk asked, making her raspberry eyes as wide as possible as she crouched by Aria's chair.

"No," Aria Blaze replied, doing her best not to look at Sonata and the pleading look she knew she was getting.

"Please?" Sonata asked again, sticking out her lower lip and making it tremble.

"No," Aria replied more firmly, turning away from Sonata as much as she could. It was annoying at how good she was at being cute.

Sonata straightened up her back and took a deep breath, sucking in as much air as she could.


Aria slapped a hand over Sonata's mouth, letting out a growl.

"Stop!" she snapped, ignoring the fact that Sonata was licking at her hand. "Just stop." She pulled her hand away, wiping her palm on her pants. "I'm not going to be in one of your videos, I'm definitely not going to do it in my hoodie, and I'm absolutely not dancing. So stop asking."

"But Adagio already agreed," Sonata whined out, "and it needs all three of us. It doesn't work if you don't do it."

"Too bad."

Sonata stood up and looked down at Aria. Her eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What if I made it worth your while?"

Aria could not help but snort as she turned to look up at Sonata.

"This I gotta hear." She crossed her own arms, smirking up at the other girl. "Okay. Go ahead."

"If you do this," Sonata stated, "I'll do a Let's Play of your new game when it's finished."

"Pff," Aria huffed. "You already promised to do that." It had been how Sonata had stopped Aria from killing her after posting the pictures of Aria in her hoodie on-line.

"Was hoping you had forgotten that," Sonata mumbled to herself before speaking up louder. "Okay. If you do this, I'll give you all my video revenue for a month."

"Three months," Aria countered.

"No way!" Sonata called out, throwing her arms out. "I'm not making enough to live off of yet! If I give you three months, it'll be another six or something before I can even consider quitting my job!" She held up a finger. "One month."

"Two," Aria stated, crossing her arms tighter and scowling.

"One," Sonata repeated. "And! I'll make you my famous Full Farm Stew."

That got Aria's attention. She sat up straighter, looking Sonata directly in the eye. One eyebrow went up.

"Your Full Farm Stew?" she repeated.

"Yep," Sonata confirmed, grinning. "A big batch of it." Her eyes narrowed as her smile grew wider. "And you can have all the leftovers."

Aria could feel her stomach rumble with excitement at the possibility and had to fight the urge to drool. Sonata's cooking was one of the few good things that came with this world, and that stew was as close to heaven on earth as possible as far as Aria Blaze was concerned. It was at least four different meats -- beef, pork, chicken, and mutton -- and a bunch of different vegetables, all cooked in what was more like a gravy than a broth, with milk, eggs, and cheese added to it. It took all day to cook, and got better if left for another day or two. It was Aria's favorite thing that Sonata had ever cooked up.

It was also something that Sonata had not made in years.

Aria's stomach won out over her pride. With a sigh, she uncrossed her arms and got up.

"Fine," she huffed. "Get the stupid camera ready or whatever you need to do."

With a cheer, Sonata lunged forward and wrapped Aria up in a hug. Aria rolled her eyes and grumbled, but one arm reached around Sonata's waist to hug back.

"ADAGIO!" Sonata shouted, right in Aria's ear. "Aria said yes! Get ready!"

A few minutes later, the three of them were standing in Sonata's "studio," with Sonata in her siren kigurumi and the other two in their hoodies. Adagio had a friendly smile on her face, and Aria had her hood pulled down extra far, keeping her face hidden from the camera.

After turning the camera on, Sonata straightened up and took a step back, standing in front of the other two, with one on each side.

"Hey, 'Nota-fans!" Sonata called out, grinning as she waved to the camera. "I got some big news! We've just hit fifty-thousand followers! That means a special video to celebrate. I even got my sisters to help me out, including A.Dazzling-Dame.

Adagio gave a small wave.

"You can find a link to her channel in the description."

Sonata turned to look over her shoulder.

"Ready girls?"

"Ready!" Adagio replied cheerfully.

Aria gave a nod.

Sonata reached hit play on her phone. As Caramelldansen started playing, the three of them raised their hand above their heads and started swaying their hips.

Author's Notes:

A random little bonus chapter, both because it was requested to give a little more, and to celebrate the fact that not only was this story featured, but it was also the first featured story I got that was not M rated. So to celebrate, have the mental image The Dazzlings performing Caramelldansen dressed up as their siren selves.

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