My Little Pony: Love is Confusing

by TheTwientist

Chapter 8: Bridge Over Troubled Flutters

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The first intimation that something was wrong only occurred when Rainbow Dash broke open the door. Fluttershy looked up to see the blue pegasus on her hind legs, glaring around the room and shouting, "Don't worry, I'm comin' for you, Fluttershy!"

"Hey, you!" she shouted at a badger who had just awoken. "Yeah, I'm talkin' to you! Where's Fluttershy? What did you do with her?"

"Nonono, it's okay, I'm right here," cried (or rather, squeaked) Fluttershy, jumping between Rainbow and the thoroughly confused badger.

"What's the matter? Why didn't you answer the door when I knocked."

"I guess I just didn't hear," said Fluttershy, rubbing her eyes. "How many times did you knock?"

"Um . . . once?" said Rainbow, averting her gaze, only to find herself being glared at by a very annoyed Angel.

Seeking to change the subject she asked, "Hey, what's that smell? Have you been cooking something? 'Cause it's done!"

"I'm not sure," saif Fluttershy. "I just came back from, um, well, out, and it was here. I can't explain it."

Anggel, of course, said nothing, because he can't talk.

Rainbow Dash, meanwhile, was looking at Fluttershy's face. "Hey, Flutters, have you been crying? Your eyes are all red and puffy."

"No," said Fluttershy quickly. "It's, um, my allergies. -achoo," she added unconvincingly.

Rainbow Dash didn't buy it. "Look, Fluttershy, if there's something wrong, you can just tellme. We're friends, right?"

Fluttershy nodded, slowly. Tears started leaking out of her eyes.

"It's just- it's just- I was- oh," she moaned, and started sobbing. Rainbow Dash reached out a hoof and placed it on Fluttershy's shoulder. The yellow pegasus dropped to the floor, crying uncontrollably.

Rainbow Dash was, by this point, far out of her comfort zone. This was getting into the messy field of emotions, an area she tended to avoid at all costs.

But she was Element of Loyalty for a reason. If Fluttershy was crying, then Celestia as her witness, Rainbow Dash would make her feel better, or die trying!

"There, there," said Rainbow Dash, trying to comfort her friend. "It's ok. Just tell me what happened."

"Well," said Fluttershy through sobs, "have you ever had a crush?"

Rainbow Dash nodded. This was indeed a sign of loyalty, that she was admitting this.

"And you really, really like him," Fluttershy went on, "and you dream about him, and how wonderful you'd be together, and then you go to talk to them and-"

Rainbow Dash waited with bated breath. Had Fluttershy fallen in love with a total jerk? Had she been taken advantage of? Was Rainbow Dash going to have to go kick some [censored for the sake of the children]?

"-And it turns out that you don't really get along as well as you'd hoped?"

It took all of Rainbow Dash's willpower not to shout "SERIOUSLY?" Sure, Fluttershy was sensitive, but she was really crying because she hadn't fallen head over hooves in love with somepony?

"Um- why didn't you like him?"

"He was very kind, oh, so kind, but I just didn't feel it! And I asked him to go to the gala with me, and he turned me down!"

Fluttershy broke down again. Rainbow Dash facehoofed with her free hoof. She has really got to get out more.

In her gentlest voice, Rainbow Dash said, "Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy kept on crying.


Still more crying. Her tears were forming large puddles on the floor.


At last, the shy pegasus looked up. "Y-yes?"

"This isn't the end of the world, you know. So you got turned down by one stallion! Big deal! There are plenty of other fish in the sea!"

"But- who would want to date me?" Fluttershy asked uncertainly.

"Are you kidding?" said Rainbow Dash, "who wouldn't? You're sweet, kind, and"- she whispered in a conspiratory tone- "you're pretty hot."

"Really?" said Fluttershy.

"Totally," affirmed Rainbow Dash.

As Rainbow Dash was not a mind reader, she could not know that a million thoughts were now whirring around inside Fluttershy's head. Roughly a third of them were still replaying that unfortunate conversation with Big Macintosh, and another fifth was worrying about her animals, but the rest was now pondering a heretofore dormant idea.

You couldn't, said a voice in her head.

Yes I could! thought Fluttershy.

She doesn't like you like that! argued the voice.

She thinks I'm pretty! Fluttershy rebutted.

She's just trying to make you feel better!

That just means she cares about me!

"Hello? Equestria to Fluttershy."

"Oh, I'm sorry!" squeaked Fluttershy. She must have gotten lost in her thoughts. She probably thinks you're crazy!

"Like I said, you don't have to worry about finding a date," said Rainbow Dash.

"You really think so?" asked Fluttershy.

"I'm surprised stallions aren't queueing up at the door right now! Mares too," she added with a wink.

Now you have a crush on Rainbow Dash, said the voice in her head. Can't wait to have this one blow up too.

Yeah, well, you can't break a heart twice! thought Fluttershy, and quietly asked, "Do you have a date for the gala, Rainbow Dash?"

"Well, no, not yet," said Rainbow, "but maybe- hmm . . ." she trailed off, evidently lost in thought.

Fluttershy held her breath, hoping against hope that Rainbow Dash would say it, knowing that she wouldn't, but still wishing, praying . . .

"I should totally take Pinkie Pie to the gala!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

Well, looks like a heart can break twice, said the voice in her head.

So, yeah, I've just crushed Fluttershy to a pulp in two consecutive chapters. Sorry. But does this mean that all hope is lost?

Probably, but you'll just have to wait and see.

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