My Little Pony: Love is Confusing

by TheTwientist

Chapter 7: A Crush-ing Realization

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Fluttershy practically skipped on her way back from the train station. It was perfect! She finally had a chance to act upon her long-standing, secret crush on Applejack's brother, Big Macintosh! It was absolutely, utterly perfect!

As she trotted merrily through the woods back to her house, she dreamed about the strong earth pony. She'd known from the moment the very moment that they had first locked eyes that they were perfect for each other. He was so handsome, so kind, so gentle . . .

And today was the day that she would ask him to go with her to the gala, the day that he would realize how much he really loved her. They would have the most wonderful time at the gala, and then they would have a happy relationship together. And, one day, he would pop the question, and she would, of course, say yes. And Pinkie would arrange the wedding, and it would be a beautiful ceremony, and they would have a quiet, happy, honeymoon at Neighagra Falls . . .

She was disrupted by the fact that Angel was standing directly in her path, tapping his foot as he waited for breakfast. Despite the fact that Fluttershy was at least ten times his weight, she tripped over him and went flying through the air, landing in a heap outside the door.

Angel, however, was not going to let a measly excuse like "I may have just broken several delicate wingbones" distract Fluttershy from what was really important: Breakfast.

"Don't worry, Angel bunny," said Fluttershy as she got back onto her hooves, "Mommy's gonna have breakfast ready in no time."

She entered the house, went into the kitchen, and grabbed a bowl. As she whipped up an expertly prepared salad, she pondered various names for their foals.

"Hmm . . . now, if it's an earth pony colt, we could name him Bramble, or maybe Oak, some kind of strong name. But if it's a girl earth pony, we could name her Rose, 'cause an Apple's a member of the rose family, he'd like that . . ."

Angel, who had heard enough woodland-themed monikers to fill up A Hippie's Book of Baby Names, merely rolled his eyes.

"And if it's a pegasus filly," Fluttershy went on, setting down the bowl, "it should be a more gentle name, like Foliage, or Heart . . . But what if it's a pegasus colt? I'm not sure- what do you think, Angel?"

Angel, being incapable of speech, said nothing, but the look in his eyes said, I think I should burn every single one of those romance novels Rarity gave you.

Fluttershy didn't notice this, however, as she was looking at herself in the mirror, and muttering, "Do I look alright? I wouldn't want to look ugly, not today of all days!" She fussed over her mane, smoothing it out, then ruffling it up, then smoothing it out again, and then ruffling it up again, then smoothing it out again, and then ruffling it up again, then smoothing it out again, and then ruffling it up again, then smoothing it out again, and then ruffling it up again, then smoothing it out again, and then ruffling it up again, then smoothing it out again, and then ruffling it up again, then smoothing it out again . . .

"Perfect!" she exclaimed, fifteen minutes later. She headed towards the door, and as she left called to Angel, "Mommy's gonna be out for a little bit, she's got to go find her true love!" Then she gently closed the door, and trotted away, singing, "La la la!"

Right then, thought Angel, Where are the matches?

After five minutes of gaily skipping, Fluttershy arrived at the edge of Sweet Apple Acres. Trotting gently though the apple orchards, she searched everywhere for her dashing stallion, her Prince Charming, the stallion who would sweep her off her hooves and show her the true meaning of-

Oh wait, there he was.

At this point, Fluttershy's natural evasion instinct set in, and she dashed behind the nearest tree. Peering out as far as she dared, she gazed at Big Mac. He was pulling a cart full of buckets of water, and carefully dumping one at the roots of each tree, gently nurturing them, so kind, so careful . . .

(Had Angel been there, he would have slapped Fluttershy.)

This was the moment, Fluttershy knew. She had to go to him now, talk to him, ask him- there would be no better time, it was just the two of them, alone, in the quiet of the woods. She could do it, she must do it now. She steeled her resolve, took a deep breath, and-

bravely chickened out. With the speed of a thundering bison, she corageously darted away from the love of her life, thinking, Well, there's still seven more days until the gala. Finding solace in that thought, she raced towards the edge of the farm.

Until, for the second time that day, she tripped over a small, furry mammal that was at most half her size.

However, this small, furry mammal, was not a rabbit. It was Apple Bloom.

"Oh, howdy Fluttershy! What brings ya here ta Sweet Apple Acres? If ya want ta see Applejack, I'm afraid she's off in Canterlot."

"I know," squeaked Fluttershy.

"Well, then what're ya doin' here?" Apple Bloom asked cheerfully.

"Well, um, I was trying to find Big Macintosh-"

"Big Mac? Why, I think he's off waterin' the south field! In fact, you're headin' directly away from him! Good thing I was here ta point you in the right direction!"

"Yes, a very good thing," said Fluttershy in a voice that was barely audible.

"Well, what're ya waitin' for?" asked Apple Bloom, looking at Fluttershy expectantly. With no choice, Fluttershy turned around and headed back towards Big Mac.

She found him a little ways down from she'd left him, still watering the trees. Rubbing her mane awkwardly, she trotted up to him and said "Hello, Big Macintosh."

Big Mac didn't seem to hear her. Fluttershy tried again. "Hello, Big Macintosh."

This time he did hear her, although just barely. He looked up and called, "Hello, Fluttershy."

Fluttershy bowed her head shyly. "Um- how are you?"


Fluttershy waited for him to say more, but he didn't; he just moved on to the next tree. Summoning up what little courage she had, Fluttershy forged on. "So, do you like watering your apple trees?"


"Um . . . is it hard work?"


Fluttershy said nothing for a while. Big Macintosh didn't say anything either. Fluttershy was a bit confused. Why wasn't he sweeping her off her hooves? Surely he knew they were meant for each other, he knew why she was here. So then why didn't he embrace Fluttershy and free both of their aching hearts?

At last, Fluttershy took a deep breath, and, before she could stop herself, asked, "Do you . . . do you want to go with me to the Hearts and Hooves Day Gala?"

Big Macintosh looked up and stared deep into her eyes. Fluttershy felt herself about to swoon as he said those wonderful, beautiful words-

"Nope, sorry, I gotta transplant some saplings that day."

Fluttershy wobbled, but managed to keep her balance. Her smile faltered as she said quickly, "WellitwasgreattalkingtoyoubutIhavetogoseeyoulater!"

And with that, she dashed away.

Big Mac continued working for several minutes in silence. Presently Apple Bloom arrived.

"So, what did Fluttershy want ta talk ta ya about?"

Big Mac paused, then said thoughtfully, "To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure."

He thought he smelled the scent of burning paper on the breeze.

A Hippie's Book of Baby Names, by Daddy-O Starshine, is coming soon to a bookstore near you.

No offense to Fluttermac shippers, but I don't really think this pairing works very well. So yeah. Also, I wasn't trying to make Big Mac an idiot, although he may seem that way.

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