My Little Pony: Love is Confusing

by TheTwientist

Chapter 19: Nice Mares Always Cower Under Tables

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Have you ever been a few feet away from a cake explosion?

Where's Fluttershy?

It's not very fun.

Gotta find Fluttershy.

Sometimes, it slams you into a wall at fifty miles per hour. And then covers you in frosting.

Gotta get up first.

Rainbow Dash tentatively shook one wing, then the other. She winced as a jolt of pain radiated from a joint in her right wing. Gritting her teeth, she tried out each leg in turn. Her back leg was probably sprained, at worst. With much effort, Rainbow pulled herself onto her hooves.

All systems operational. Now, finding Fluttershy.

She surveyed the room. Tables lay in disarray, and uniformed unicorns were hard at work clearing up broken glass and china. A nurse had arrived, and was tending to a nasty cut on Applejack's leg, while Rarity stood beside her with a surprising amount of concern on her face.

A blue-horned blob of frosting was screaming at a purple-horned blob and a frizzy, pink-maned blob. Prince Blueblood was galloping towards the door, covered in cake and wailing "Not Agaaaaiiiinnnnn!"

But there was no sign of Fluttershy. Rainbow limped to the center of the room and wheeled about in all direction, searching for that characteristic pink mane. No luck.

This is bad.

Not entirely able to fly, Rainbow jumped up and down, searching for her "friend".

Still nothing.

But she did see another pony who could help her.

"Derpy! Where's Fluttershy?"

Derpy turned to Rainbow Dash, her lopsided eyes wide with alarm. "I dunno, Rainbow! She was looking for you, and then the kaboom, and now I can't find her!"

Rainbow tried not to panic. "Where's the last place you saw her?"

"Heading towards the dessert table-"

Rainbow disappeared in a blur.

She gotta be okay she's gotta be okay she's gotta be okay

There was no trace of the dessert table. It had probably been obliterated.

But I was right there and I survived it so she had to survive it too

Ignoring the pain in her leg and wing, she glanced wildy around the room.

There. By the wall. Half a table, scorched and splintered but still intact.

Hang on Fluttershy I'm coming

She sprint-limped acorss the room to the table. It was covered in broken dishes and scraps of wood. Rainbow Dash pushed on it. It didn't move. She tried again. Still nothing.

Swiping aside the debris, she grabbed it and pushed with all her might. In gave a mighty creak and slid over on its side. There, trying hard to be invisible and desperately failing, was a delicate yellow pegaus.

"Found you," said Rainbow Dash weakly. Then she passed out.

"Rainbow Dash? Are you alright?"

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes. Fluttershy stood there before her, more beautiful than ever, despite the shredded dress, messed-up mane, and frosting.

"I'm fine," said Rainbow. "All in a day's work for the Dash."

"The nurse says you might have really damaged your leg when you moved the table. You were really lucky."

Rainbow grinned.

Fluttershy bent down. "You didn't have to do that for me," she said. "I was fine. And I never would have forgiven myself if you'd gotten hurt."

"I have to look after you," said Rainbow. "I'm always there to keep you safe."

"But you don't always have to do that!" said Fluttershy, with surprising conviction. Tears were springing to her eyes. "I don't want you to get hurt trying to keep me safe.It's- it's not fair."

"But I want to do it! I'd be happy to do it!" insisted Rainbow.

"I love you," said Fluttershy, looking away. And although, by rights, Rainbow's mind should have been doing a touchdown dance, all she could feel was surprise.

And then Rainbow herself did something even more surprising.

"I love you too."

Their lips met, and Rainbow Dash felt an immense, indescribable rush of satisfaction and joy. Was this love? If it was, that might explain why other ponies wouldn't shut up about it.

Rainbow was no poet. Words like "magnificent" or "breathtaking" weren't in her vocabulary. All she could think of was one word.


And that didn't even do it justice.

They pulled away, and Fluttershy looked away, as if ashamed. Rainbow nuzzled her gently.

"I don't know what to do now," murmured Fluttershy.

"Me neither," said Rainbow, with a snort. She slowly stood up. It hurt, but that was the last thing on Rainbow's mind at that moment.

"Let's go outside. Someplace quiet," said Rainbow. "We can talk, if you want, or not."

Fluttershy snuggled up close to Rainbow Dash. "I'd like that."

Rainbow wrapped her good wing around Fluttershy, and the two trotted out the door.

If you didn't see the Flutterdash coming, I have failed as a writer.

So yeah, two pairings down, one to go. I wonder who Twilight's gonna end up with? Well, i know, but you can wonder that.

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