My Little Pony: Love is Confusing

by TheTwientist

Chapter 18: Opposites Attract or the Opposite of Attraction?

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WARNING! Before you read this chapter, did you know that the last chapter was changed on 9/21? If you haven't read the new version, this one won't make much sense. Sorry, you'll just have to go back and reread it.

The cake exploded with a loud noise that can best be described as

However, the Canterlot Royal Palace is perhaps one of the oldest inhabited buildings in Equestria, and home to veritable goddesses. As such, thousands of years of spells are packed into its very foundations. One of those is a security ward against massive explosions, which, while not as powerful as it used to be, still deadened much of the impact of the combusting nitro. All that got out was a minor shock wave and a great deal of flour, milk, eggs, and frosting.

None of this was evident to Applejack, however, because she was lying on the ground in an uncomfortable position, covered in and blinded by copious amounts of cake.

There were shouts coming from all around her, and the sound of thundering hooves. Applejack did not process any of this information, because she was, as mentioned, covered in cake, and greatly confused as a result.

Am Ah dead? she thought, trying to remember the last few seconds. She'd been standing right next to Rarity, and now- (she smelled the air) cake?

If this is Heaven, Applejack thought, it's a pretty messed place.

Then, from above, a feminine voice said, "Oh dear! Applejack! Are you alright?" The voice sounded vaguely familiar, but Applejack couldn't place it, probably because she was dead.

A hoof grabbed her front leg and pulled on it. Applejack felt a sharp pain. Could you feel pain when you were dead?

She was pulled to her hooves, her front leg smarting. Shaking her head, she saw light start to peek through the baked goop on her face.

An angelic face stared at her with concern, beautiful blue eyes framed by a flowing purple mane-

Oh wait. That was Rarity. Ah can't be dead, then, Applejack thought, 'cause there's no way the two of us are endin' up in the same place.

"Applejack?" Rarity asked anxiously, pulling on her leg. "Speak to me!"

"Owwwwwww," Applejack moaned. Rarity awkwardly released Applejack's leg and peered at it with concern. "Oh, that's a terrible cut."

Applejack glanced down; there was a long gash which was still bleeding a bit.

"Probably all that crockery flying around," said Rarity, "some of it got broken, no doubt. You need get to it looked at soon." Then, she did the most amazing thing Applejack had ever seen: she ripped off her dress and wrapped it around Applejack's injured leg.

"Something wrong?" the unicorn asked, Applejack, whose jaw had dropped several inches.

"Bu'- yer dress-"

"Oh, it's just a dress," said Rarity. "I can always make a new one."

Applejack was dumbfounded. Had Rarity's brains gotten switched around?

"I think there was some sort of explosion," Rarity was saying, "at the dessert table. Nopony was hurt, I think, but it's really just chaos. I hope they've called a nurse, you really do need medical attention."

Applejack surveyed the ballroom. Cake splattered the walls, floor, and ceiling. Many ponies were also picking themselves off the floor. Applejack caught a glimpse of a rainbow-shaded mane zipping across the room, and heard Trixie shrieking at Twilgiht and Pinkie. Rarity was right; nopony seemed badly hurt.

"Ah, there's the nurse!" Rarity was saying. "Come on."

She helped Appleajck limp across the room to where the newly-arrived castle nurse was looking over the injured ponies. She stared at Applejack's leg, muttered "tsk, tsk" and gave it a proper bandage.

Applejack surveyed the bloody rag that had been Rarity's dress, then casually dropped it behind a table.

"Yer alright then, Rarity?" Applejack asked as she trotted beside the unicorn. Rarity nodded. "I think you took the brunt of the blast for me," she said, smiling awkwardly. "You got right in front of me. It was a very brave thing to do."

Applejack shook her head in confusion. She had absolutely no memory of doing such a thing.

"I was really worried about you, Applejack," said Rarity, with a surprising amount of earnestness in her eyes. "All we've ever really done is fight. Even when we were in Canterlot last week. Only you had the courage to do the bigger thing, in the end."

Applejack looked at her hooves. "But Ah was the one who started it, Ah just wised up after a while." Rarity ignored her.

"I've never really given you your due, Applejack," said Rarity. "I make fun of you for your, ahem, earthiness, but you are at heart a very honest and hardworking pony."

"That's . . . real kind of ya," said Applejack.

"It's just so foolish. We need to settle our differences. I realized when the explosion happened that you were, really and truly, my friend. And I couldn't bear to lose you."

Applejack had by this point turned a deep shade of crimson. She and Rarity looked at each other, saying nothing. They leaned in, closer, closer-

"Spike was trying to set us up," said Rarity suddenly.

Applejack froze. "Beg pardon?"

"Spike was trying to set us up!" repeated Rarity. "You and I! He deliberately put us together at the dessert table! He was trying to get us to- well . . ." she trailed off awkwardly.

Applejack furrowed her brow in confusion. Then comprehension set in. "You an' me- Spike- That's the silliest thing Ah ever heard!"

"I saw him," said Rarity. "over behind that table, just now. It adds up. He was trying to play matchmaker."

"But why in Equestria would he try ta do that? Ya already got a date, and besides, he's the one who actually likes ya!"

"I don't know why!" said Rarity. "Maybe he thought I wasn't really happy with Fancy Pants."

"An' surely he could'na rigged up that explosion!" continued Applejack.

"Spike would never do such a thing," said Rarity. "That was probably an accident. He just wanted to have the two of us together with nopony around. It's an utterly ridiculous plan!"

"Yeah," said Applejack. "Completely ridiculous."

An awkward silence settled on the two.

At last, Applejack spoke again. "So- are ya gonna go find Fancy Pants?"

"He's all right," said Rarity. "I saw him across the way. Besides, I'm sure he'll come find me when he wants me."

"Ah think they're bringin' out some more food," said Applejack. "Wanna get some?"

"That sounds splendid," said Rarity.

As I've said, I don't think this fic turned out anywhere near as good as I'd hoped it would be, so you're probably justified in complaints about OOCness, lack of detail, etc. But I have to finish it up. There's only two or three real chapters left, plus epilogue.

In case you couldn't tell, I've been trying to set up Rarijack for this whole fic. I didn't feel like I developed it enough, though, so I decided not to go all the way with it, while still having some romantic overtures. I hope I was successful.

Whether or not Spike was really trying to bring them together will be revealed later on.

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