My Little Pony: Love is Confusing

by TheTwientist

Chapter 13: Denial, Depression, and Last-Minute Dates, Part 1

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Fluttershy trotted into Ponyville. Having had her heart broken twice, and still nursing feelings for a certain rainbow-maned pegasus, she had decided to take up meditation. Since meditation is nothing but sitting very still and putting one's mind at ease, she was, not surprisingly, very good at it.

Since this was the first time in several days that she had been in Ponyville, she was unaware of the many strange developments that had taken place while she'd been "OMMMM"ing and/or bawling her eyes out.

For instance, she didn't know why Derpy was crying under a tree.

For those of you who don't know, seeing Derpy cry can roughly be approximated to looking at a starving puppy getting kicked repeatedly, and then having his doghouse foreclosed on for good measure.

Fluttershy's mother instinct instantly set in, and she was soon comforting the sobbing pegasus.

"There, there," she whispered, gently rubbing Derpy's mane. "You don't have to cry. What's wrong?"

Derpy dried her eyes as best she could, and sniffling, groaned, "Have you ever had a crush on somepony?"

An iron vice closed around Fluttershy's heart. "Yes?"

"And then, you try to talk to them, and ask them out, and then-"

Fluttershy pushed all thoughts of the ill-fated day when she'd lost not one, but two crushes as far back in her mind as possible.

"-and then it turns out they don't like you back, and you don't think it should be a big deal, but you feel really stupid 'cause you even thought it could happen in the first place and-"

Fluttershy let out a loud sob.

With the "HNNNGGGG" power of a thousand freezing kittens, the mares fell to the grass, weeping their hearts out over lost love they could never have attained. Each, seeking solace, grabbed each other and embraced. Their manes were soon wet with each other's tears, and their manes intermingled, dripping. Gray and yellow blended together in sadness, pink and blonde, it mattered not, they were of one soul. Their wings lay down across each others', conveying only the deepest sadness, but finding just the slightest bit of comfort in the downy feathers of another broken heart . . .

Is it over yet? Oh thank God. I don't care if you haven't had your sad fix yet. I can't write another sentence of soppy, mushy . . .

Anyway, when their sadness had subsided slightly, and their eyes were running dry of tears (groan), they fell back.

"I feel so dumb," sniffed Derpy. "I should'nta cried like that-"

"It's okay, Derpy," said Fluttershy. "I know how you feel."

The two looked deep into each other's eyes (well, ignoring the fact that Derpy's right eye was examining the tree). An idea dinged in Fluttershy's mind.

"Derpy," she said slowly, as if unsure if she could say it, "I have to bring somepony to the gala, and since I don't exactly have a date, maybe . . ." She paused. "Maybe you'd like to go with me, as friends?"

Derpy's eyes widened in excitement. Giving a whoop, she grabbed Fluttershy and hoisted her up. "Ohboyohboyohboy! Thank you, Fluttershy!"

And then she hit her head on a tree branch. But hey, it was still a nice moment.

Over at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie and Rainbow were planning (or perhaps plotting would be a better word) the wide variety of pranks they intended to pull at the gala. Pinkie seemed pleased as punch with the goings-on, although hopefully it wasn't punch that Gummy had been swimming in.

"So, we'll put in three dribble cups at the drinks table," Pinkie was saying. "Or should we do four? There are probably gonna be a lot of ponies, so we should probably do four. And then, a joy buzzer on every door . . . Dashie, are you listening to me?"

Dashie was not, in fact, listening to Pinkie; instead she was preoccupied with thoughts of Fluttershy, and the active suppression of said thoughts.

"Hey Dashie, what'cha thinkin' about?" asked Pinkie, bouncing in front of her friend gleefully.

"Um, Flutt- I mean, these fluffy cupcakes, they're really good Pinkie, seriously . . ."

"Fluttershy?" asked Pinkie, who had apparently not heard the feeble cover-up. "Yeah, me too, she hasn't been into town for a while. I dunno how she's gonna find a date out there, though." She beamed at Rainbow. "She's got to meet more ponies! I mean, I don't there's anypony who's seriously got a crush on her . . ."

Rainbow Dash shuffled awkwardly. At the sound of a knock on the door, she jumped up and flew away from the kitchen as fast as she could.

However, she was then greeted by the sight of Fluttershy, framed by a heart. Rainbow froze, which is an impressive feat when you're flying.

"Um, Rainbow Dash, can you help me? Derpy's hit her head, I think we'd better get her inside . . ."

After several awkward seconds, Rainbow's mind finally said, Hey, it's just a window!

Rainbow Dash shook her head and pulled open the door. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Derpy's in trouble and she needs our help!" repeated Fluttershy.

"Won't be the first time," muttered Rainbow, but she was already heading out the door.

Fluttershy led Rainbow back to Derpy, who was snoozing quite peacefully, a smile still playing on her face.

"I tried lifting her alone, but she was a bit heavy, I think . . ." Fluttershy whispered.

"Well then we'll just both have to do it, then," said Rainbow. Bending down, she grabbed Derpy by her right shoulder. Fluttershy followed on her left. In the process, her hoof brushed Rainbow's leg.

Rainbow, confused, looked up, only to see a blushng Fluttershy actively avoiding eye contact. Something clicked in the small, underdeveloped quadrant of her mind called "social cues". Unfortunately, Rainbow Dash's mind can best be likened to a Rube Goldberg machine, and it was going to take a while for that "something" to reach anywhere of importance.

The two hauled the unconcious pegasus back to Sugar Cube Corner, and laid her out on the floor.

"Oh, there you are Dashie, I was wondering where you'd gotten to!"

It took her a few seconds to notice Derpy. "Uh oh? What happened to her?"

"Yeah, what happened, Flutters?" asked Rainbow. "You never exactly told me."

Fluttershy blushed and stared at the floor. "Well, I just asked her to go with me to the gala, and she was really happy, and she flew up into the tree and hit her head . . ."

Something unimportant about "trees" and "heads" flittered briefly through Rainbow's mind. "You're going to the gala with Derpy?"

Fluttershy turned a bright scarlet. "Well, she was really sad about something, and I wanted to cheer her up, so I asked her to go, but- but- but we're just going as friends, not like you and Pinkie . . ."

A strange relief washed over Rainbow's mind like salve on a burn. Pinkie, meanwhile, grinned and said, "We're not dating or anything, silly! We're just going as a joke! Just friends, like you guys!"

"Just . . . friends?" Fluttershy whispered, grinning despite herself. If Rainbow wasn't dating Pinkie, then maybe, just maybe, she'd be willing to go out with Fluttershy.

Then she glanced at the slumbering, derp-eyed pegasus on the floor. She couldn't do that to Derpy. It would break her heart again, and Fluttershy wouldn't wish the sensation of a twice-breaking heart on anypony.

At that moment, Derpy awoke from her stupor. Her eyes whizzed about the room, before coming to rest on Fluttershy. Comprehension dawned on her face.

"Oh boy! We're going to the gala!" She bounded to her feet with surprising agility. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best friend a pony could have!"

Meanwhile, the curious contraption that was Rainbow's mind finally clicked to a conclusion. I think Fluttershy's got a crush on me!

She opened her mouth, about to ask to talk to Fluttershy. Unfortunately for her, Derpy had jsut grabbed the yellow pegasus, and was now carrying her across the town at breakneck speeds.

"Well, I'm glad Fluttershy got a date, even if it's only a friendly date!" said Pinkie. "Aren't you?"

" . . . yeah," said Rainbow Dash, glancing ruefully over her shoulder at the door as Pinkie pulled her back to the kitchen.

I think one of my favorite things about this fic is that I can set up really random pairings. As such, have a Flutterderp.

Don't worry, there are a few more strange ones coming.

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