My Little Pony: Love is Confusing

by TheTwientist

Chapter 14: Denial, Depression, and Last-Minute Dates, Part 2

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Applejack had just about given up on finding a date to the gala. She had neither the time nor the motivation to seek out attractive ponies and ask them to go to the gala with her. What would she do when she showed up at the gala without a date? She ignored that thought. She was getting very good at ignoring thoughts.

However, she was getting so good at ignoring thoughts that she also ignored a small, purple dragon bustling down the road. They collided with roughly the force of a bull hitting a mosquito.

"Aw shucks Spike, Ah'm really sorry . . ." Spike, who was now flattened against a wall, said nothing but a muffled "Mmmmmpphhhh". Applejack gently peeled him off the wall and layed him out flat on the ground. Spike did not move.

"Spike? Spike? Say somethin', Spike!" Applejack said urgently.

Spike continued to say nothing.

Applejack thought fast. Maybe he needs that facncy CRP, or whatever it's called. She bent down and prepared to administer the "kiss of life".

"AUUGHHHH! I'M ALIVE! I'M ALIVE!" screeched Spike, jumping to his feet. Applejack jumped back several feet.

"I'm okay." Spike huffed. The "kiss of life" was still a kiss, and Spike did not relish the prospect of kissing Applejack.

"Pardonez-moi!" came a voice from behind them. A voice that was all too familiar.

Spike and Applejack wheeled around to see Rarity. "Oh, hello, Applejack!" said Rarity, smiling. Then she saw Spike. ". . . and Spike."

She hastily looked back up at Applejack . Spike, for once, didn't mind. He had absolutely no desire to hang around the mare who had so brutally broken his heart.

"-and I've finished up your dress, Applejack, I think you'll really like it," Rarity was saying. Applejack nodded, but did not repsond.

Spike was about to walk away, but found that he was cornered against the wall by the two mares.

Who did not seem to be doing anything at all. No words were spoken. Neither of them were moving at all. There was a strange silence.

It could only be described in one way: awkward.

Spike was about to remind the mares that he was still there when a stallion trotted up to the trio. He had a blue mustache and mane of the same color. Spike vaguely recalled having seen him before, but he couldn't remember where.

"There you are, Rarity! I was wondering where you'd gone!"

The silence was immediately broken; Rarity wheeled around to face the stallion. "Don't worry, Fancy Pants, I've just been over here, talking to my friend."

Fancy Pants. So this was the stallion who had stolen Spike's one true love. The dragon's eyes narrowed, and he barely choked down a hiss.

"Applejack!" said Fancy Pants. Applejack, who had been trying to make a stealthy escape, stopped dead. "It's wonderful to see you again," he continued. "It's such a pity you were unable to go to the gala."

Applejack gulped. "Well, uh, Ah'm still gonna go to the gala, I just couldn't, uh, go . . . with you."

The awkwardness was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. "Ah yes. An obligation, I believe you said? What was it?"

Applejack glanced around, as if seeking an escape route. She was on the verge of telling all when an unfamiliar voice said, "Because we must go with her."

Now everypony (and one dragon) turned in surprise.

"We will not pretend to understand it," Princess Luna continued. "Every year, a wide variety of prophecies are made. Most of them concern trivial matters, and appear to make no sense, but as princesses, we and our sister have a duty to try and fulfill as many of them as possible. Hence, we and this 'noble farmer' must go to the gala together."

If Fancy Pants was shocked by any of this, he had done a good job of concealing it. "Wel, then I shall leave you two to your business, your majesty," he said, and bowing deeply, left with Rarity in tow.

Nopony said anything until the couple were out of sight. At last, Luna let out a deep breath. "We have not lied in over a milennia," she said. "We were a bit worried that we would not be able to pull it off convincingly."

Applejack furrowed her brow and gazed at the princess. "Ya mean all that about prophecies was a bunch of baloney?"

Luna nodded. "Thou, er, you are a creature of honesty. That is commendable. However, we recently did Twilight Sparkle a minor inconvenience, and while she has no doubt already forgiven us, we felt obligated to give aid to her friend."

Applejack nodded. "That's, uh, very kind of ya."

Luna sighed. "Alas, we fear that we must go to the gala with you in reality. Not romantically, of course," she added immediately, "but as mere companions. Is that alright with you?"

"Uh- sure."

"Very well. We shall see you on the night of the gala. Do try to wear something dark, to make sure we match. Farewell!"

Applejack trotted away with thoughts of what just happened slowly filtering through her brain. Luna flew into the distance, undoubtedly towards Canterlot.

And Spike, who has been ignored by no less than four ponies within five minutes, set off for the library.

Spike expected to at least feel a bit of anger towards Fancy Pants, a nice "How dare he?" feeling. He might have even, in his greed, grown into a full-sized dragon and destroyed Ponyville again. Instead of the expected joy at imagining such things, he only felt a bit lonely.

Rarity had rejected him. And that was that. She didn't hate him, she just didn't like Spike the way Spike liked her. If Spike really loved Rarity, he would just let her be happy. Jeez, I'm starting to sound really sappy, Spike thought to himself.

The point was, Rarity was happy with Fancy Pants. Wasn't she?

If delayed realizations were pennies, Ponyville would have been crushed under a giant wave of copper and its denizens would have been greatly injured. Indeed, this realization hit him with the force of such. But Spike knew now what had to be done.

He just needed to tell somepony. Rarity? No way. Twilight? She'd never believe it. He tried to think of other ponies. Uh . . . Princess Celestia? Nah, she's too busy for this sort of thing. But hang on. Princess . . .

He grabbed a piece of parchment and began to write.

Not my best chapter, I know, but important to the plot.

Poor Spike, getting ignored by everypony. What important realization has he made? Who's he gonna call? Ghostbusters?

No, that would be dumb.

Also, second-to-last strange pairing: Lunajack.

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