Secret of Flying

by Hiver

Chapter 3

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My wings were relaxed against my sides and my illusion was wrapped firmly around me again as we made our way through Ponyville.

Looking around as I trotted along next to Twilight, I couldn't help but like Ponyville. It was much more relaxed and friendly than Canterlot. It had a typical small town feel to it. Ponies smiled at you when you walked past.

Of course, the fact that I was right next to their princess might have something to do with it to. It certainly didn't hurt, I'm sure. If I didn't live with Luna, I might think about moving here, if I'm to be completely honest.

I liked this.

“You know, I could easily get rooms at the Inn.” I said to Twilight, “You don't need to put up with all three of us at your place.”

At least Silver Leaf offered to take care of Fern while I was away.

Twilight smiled, “Page, we talked about this. It's no trouble, really.”

I just sighed, “It just feel like we are taking advantage. But fine, I won't bring it up again... if you allow me to buy the food while we are there.”

Twilight sighed and poke me with her wing, “Page... ugh... fine.” she said and shook her head, “You are not giving it up, are you?”

“Nope!” I said cheerfully as the library came back into view. Well, Twilight's place. The bottom floor of the tree was the ponyville public library. The second floor and the basement were where Twilight lived.

On a bench outside, two familiar ponies were lounging in the sunshine, talking. One seemed at first glance to be a white unicorn with ice blue mane, but what put her apart from other unicorns were the translucent insect like wings on her back.

She was the changeling Skitter had picked out to be my bodyguard while she was in Canterlot learning how to Princess. She was called Amber and seemed okay; I missed Skitter but Amber seemed fine. I was very careful not to overfeed her though, last thing we needed was another changeling princess.

The other unicorn looked up when she saw us approach, “How did it go?” Sunset Shimmer asked as she leaned her side against the backrest on the bench.

“It went well.” I said and rubbed my left shoulder, “I'm sure a couple of trees survived this time.”

Sunset rolled her eyes, “How difficult can it be? You have already adapted to even stranger things in the past.”

“You try it.” I sighed, “Trust me, it's harder.”

For one thing, both humans and unicorns moved in two dimensions. Not three.

Twilight nodded in agreement, “I'm still getting used to it.”

Sunset bit her lower lip with a small frown, “I guess, Princess. It would be three-dimensional movement after all. I guess I could try it with that wing spell, but that's a really difficult and really niche spell.”

Twilight nodded, “It's just not that, it's an entire new set of limbs. They come with some knowledge on how to move them, but everything else is left up to you.”

Sunset nodded and stretched before jumping off the bench, “Ready to go, Princess?”

“Oh!” Twilight said and grimaced, “I'm so sorry, Sunset, but we won't be able to practice today. I have to prepare for tonight.”

I did a trade with Twilight. She was teaching me how to fly and I was teaching her to defend herself. I had asked if Sunset wanted to come along to kill two birds with one stone. It was good for both of them. Sunset got to practice with someone stronger than her, the fact that she 'still' hit harder than me was a bit embarrassing, but it was also good for Twilight as she had to be more careful with the amount of power she was throwing around.

Get her away from the mindset of MOAR POWER! That way laid collateral damage.

The unicorn sat down with an, “Oh.” she said, her ears flicking to the side for a split second, “What's tonight?”

Twilight smiled and stretched her wings, “The weather is going to be really clear tonight and it's going to be a new moon. It's been months since those two happened at once and I want to set my telescope up.”

Sunset frowned, “You are a Princess. Couldn't you just decree that each new moon to be a clear night in Ponyville?”

“Sunset! I could never abuse my position like that!” Twilight exclaimed before she sighed, “Even though it would be nice from time to time.”

I shook my head, “Twilight, I'm not sure one fixed night of clear skies a month count as abuse.”

“But they would need to redo their entire schedules!”

“Would you mind some company tonight?” Sunset asked with a smile, “I haven't studied astronomy for ages. Not since before...” she said before she sighed and continued, “...Before I left Equestria. I was never the best at it, but I miss it at times, it was kind of calming.”

Twilight smiled and happily flapped her wings, “Of course you can come! You all can!”

“I'll have to decline.” I said and shook my head, “I'm going to do some writing and then maybe take a late walk. But you two have fun.”

Amber nodded, “I would decline as well, Princess.”

Twilight sighed, “Fine.” before she smiled at Sunset, “Want to help set things up?”

Sunset nodded, “Sure. Where? We should get somewhere away from Ponyville to get away from the lights.”

“How about a cloud?” I suggested, “Get you high into the air and away from everything that can disturb the image.”

“Page, that's brilliant!” Twilight exclaimed with a smile, “I can cast a cloud walk spell on Sunset and on the equipment. Come on, Sunset!”

With that, the Princess and the unicorn rushed inside the library. I let out a sigh and jumped onto the bench to relax.

My wings were still burning, aching slightly from overuse.

I looked at my changeling guard, “...You wouldn't happen to know how to get wings to stop burning, would you?” I asked her quietly.

She tilted her head, “I have heard ponies say that Ponyville has a spa, Lord Page. Perhaps that could help?”

“Still keeping this a secret.” I said before I frowned, “But I think you have a point there... a hot bath would help. Thanks Amber.”

“You are welcome, sir.”

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