Secret of Flying

by Hiver

Chapter 4

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I slowly blinked awake and yawned, lifting my head off the bed and stretching my wings. I soon discovered that it was a massive mistake.

Ow. Ow. Ow!

Fuck, even with a hot bath before bed yesterday, my wings were aching all over. A lot of what went on while flying was magic, but a lot of it was also physical movement and I had been flying a lot yesterday.

Forcing my wings to relax and fold up again, I jumped off the bed. Okay, ow.

The rest of me was a bit achy as well. Earth Pony hardiness or not, getting tossed around and hitting things, even clouds, all day takes its toll. Especially beneath my wings. Man, those muscles were sore.

A couple of moments after my hooves hit the floor, Amber crawled out from beneath my bed. “Good morning, sir,” she said and stretched, her wings fluttering before she retook her disguise of a white unicorn with an ice blue mane in a sparkle of green fire, before shaking her mane back, getting it in order.

“Morning, Amber.” I said with a smile, “Sleep well?”

“Yes, sir.”

Changelings. They did enjoy sleeping in cramped spaces. Across the room was a second bed, this one belonging to Sunset. It looked undisturbed, either she got up early or she didn't go to bed last night.

Not surprised to be honest. Twilight was Twilight, I knew she could get really wrapped up in something when she really got into it. Bet they are both asleep on a cloud somewhere.

Lighting up my horn I wrapped a quick illusion around my wings to keep them hidden as I headed for the door and downstairs to see what could be found in the way of food. The kitchen, like all valuable treasures, I found guarded by a dragon.

“Good morning, Spike.” I said as I entered, looking at the purple and green dragon where he was working by the stove.

He looked up at smiled, “Page, Amber. Good morning. Want some pancakes?”

“Oh... yes please, if it is not too much trouble.” I said with a smile before moving to heat up some tea, “I was just going to get some toast or something, but if you are already making some, sure.”

“No problem! Coming right up! Anything for you, Amber?”

“One, please. Thank you.”


Setting the kettle to heat, I moved to sit down by the table, “Did you see Twilight come back tonight?”

“No, she never did. They likely forgot the time.” Spike chuckled, “Happens all the time with Twilight.”

I just nodded, “My guess too.”

“So, what's up today? Going to do some writing?”

“Not today I think.” I told the small dragon, “Thinking of just taking a walk around town and enjoying the weather. Not too long until winter now.”

“A couple of months until it starts getting cold.” Spike agreed and flipped a thick pancake onto my plate before starting work on the next one.

“Thanks.” I said and floated a fork up to poke at it, “Any tips on what there is to do around here?”

“Lots of things! There's the theater, there's Sugarcube Corner...” Spike said and flipped the next pancake, “Could visit Rarity or one of the other girls.”

I think Spike may have a crush on the white and purple unicorn. Visiting a clothing store was not exactly high on my list of fun things to do, especially a high fashion one like the one Rarity owned and ran. If there was one thing that I enjoyed about being a pony other than the people I have gotten to know and magic... it was no longer needing to shop for clothes.

Then again... Rarity was Luna's primary clothing designer. She made all her dresses. That means that Rarity has Luna's measurements on file. I wonder what interesting things she might be able to put together out of that.

Maybe I should stop by anyway and get a gift for Luna. Of course, it would be as much for me as for her...

“The only one I know at all other than Rarity is Rainbow Dash and I have no idea where she lives. Thanks though, I'll consider it, Spike.”

At his nod, I let him get back to cooking as I ate my pancakes. Today will be a day off I think, to not do anything but my dream world responsibilities, and even those I shared with Luna. When back home, we took turns to duck into the realm of dreams from time to time to make sure everything was like it should be.

I guess I could just walk around town and see what I could find, Ponyville wasn't that big. Besides, the sun was shining and it wasn't fall quite yet, so it was nice and warm.

Yeah. That sounded like the right idea, just give my wings a day to rest and stop getting in Twilight's way for a day or so.

Finishing my breakfast and grabbing a cup of tea, I put the plate away before starting back towards the stairs, “Thanks for the pancakes.”

“No problem!”

Amber started to get up to follow me but I waved her back down.

“Stay, I'm just going up to the room to get my bag,” I said as I started up the stairs. I could get away with not bringing it most likely, but it contained all my bits and my writing implements. I didn't want to get an idea and forget to write it down. I hated when that happened and then I got back home and it was just gone. I knew I had had a brilliant idea, but I couldn't remember how it went.

Nope. Always bring writing implements along.

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