Secret of Flying

by Hiver

Chapter 2

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Entering the space between dreams, I looked around. It was different during the day.

Much emptier of the dreams of ponies. Not to say that there were no dreams here. Ponies that were sick, night workers... lazy teenagers.

But much emptier. Instead of portals stretching out into the distance of what seemed to be eternity, there were only a few thousands of them drifting through.

Stretching my wings, I made a motion with my hoof, focusing some magic to bring up what I had come to call the control matrix. It was of course not any more real than anything else in here, just a mental representation of what I was actually doing, but it did make things easier to work with.

I spent a minute or so filtering through the dreams, ordering the disturbed ones before me before I went to each portal and personally checked how they looked from the outside.

Nightmare or a feeding Night Terror.

Finally reaching the last one with a nightmare, I tapped it with my hoof, canceling the dream and bringing the upset mirror disk back to it's normal smooth image.

I then spread my wings and flashed across the non-existent landscape of the space between dreams to a dream realm I knew very well.

Smiling to myself, I checked my wings and mane before I trotted in through the silver disk and what seemed like reality faded into view around me, leaving me in what appeared to be the tower back home. I smiled wider at the sight that greeted me.

Luna was on the bed, sparks and lines of lights floating around her.

“What are you up to, love?” I asked as I moved to jump up and lay down beside to her.

Luna smiled and spared me a quick nuzzle at my ear before turning back to the floating lights, “I'm working on an shield design. If I manage it, it will be faster to cast without losing any strength.”

“Hmm. Interesting,” I said and shifted to lean against her side, nosing along her neck. She shivered and the lights collapsed.

She smiled and turned her head to my nose, “Am I ignoring you?”

“I want my Luna time. And I can't get it during normal times and I miss you.”

Her wing settled across mine and she gave me a quick kiss, “How are things going?”

“...Well enough,” I answered and leaned against her. “I can technically fly and move in more or less the direction I want to. Neither Sparky or I is willing to clear me for solo flight yet so I'll likely stay another week or two. At least until I manage to get back onto the ground without risking breaking something or someone.”

I just felt lucky that alicorns had the entire earth pony hardness or I would likely had broken something during my first... well, I wouldn't call them flights...

“Sparky?” she asked, sounding amused.

“She hate being called that. So I do everytime I get a chance.”

Luna snorted and nipped at my ear, “But you are flying?”

I nodded. “I can get into the air. Not sure I would call it flying yet,” I sighed and nuzzled. “But yeah. We are taking a nap on a cloud above the outskirts of the Everfree forest. No ponies that could see us out here and it's much easier when I look like myself.”

Nodding, Luna smirked. “So what you are telling me is that you are sleeping with Twilight?”

“I am,” I agreed with a grave nod before bobbing my eyebrows at her. “Wanna watch? I bet you can teleport to us are in a couple of jumps.”

“Maybe at some point in the future,” Luna teased and nuzzled between my ears before sticking her tongue out at me. “I'll let you know.”

And there is my blush. Damn it, I should know I shouldn't allow myself to get into those kinds of games with either of the heavenly sisters. Luna is not quite as savage as Celestia, but she is still damn good at it.

Shaking my head, I nuzzled at her neck. “So how are things in Canterlot?”

“Pretty much the same as always. Nobles with branches up their behinds, people bitching about irrelevant things. Tons of paperwork and ever changing fashions. I heard from my maids that saddles are making a comeback in fine fashion.”

I never could understand fashion. Then again, I was male so I guess that came with the territory. Mostly, I left that to women and just enjoyed the end result.

I nodded and stretched my wings. “Anyone questioning why I'm gone?”

She shook her head and rolled onto her side, relaxing as she eyed me. “Not really. They know you left Canterlot for a good while before and seemed to accept the story easily enough. There was an article in the papers and everything.”


I was taking some time away from the stress of Canterlot to study and work on my magic, while finishing up the last parts of my new book. It was the complete truth.

We just didn't clarify that it was my Pegasus and Earth Pony magic I was trying to get a handle on and not my unicorn magic.

Of course, most of my Earth Pony magic was 'don't break in half by hitting something'. I'm almost glad I'm not as strong as Sparks. Apparently, she broke a couple of things before she got a handle on hers.

I leaned against her side. “How's Skitter doing?” I asked. Skitter was still in Canterlot taking her own lessons with Celestia.

“Very well, from what I know,” Luna answered. “We talk most evenings... but I can't help but wonder why you asked my sister to help teach her and not me.”

“Well... to be honest, Celestia has experience in teaching it with Cadence,” I admitted, looking up at her as I rolled and stretched out on my back before I smiled slightly, “... I may also have been a bit selfish in not wanting to cut down on you and me time.”

“There is that,” Luna agreed before she smiled and nuzzled. “But you should get back to your practice. Unless you wish to continue while right next to Twilight...”

I sighed and shook my head, “...Better not.”

“Good luck, My Page,” Lune said and gave me a hug with her wing. “See you again tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow. Sweet dreams, love,” I answered and nuzzled at her cheek before allowing myself to wake up.

I blinked at the bright sunlight and suppressed a yawn, before raising my head, stretching, and turning my head to find Twilight watching me.

“How long was I out?” I asked. “Hope I didn't keep you waiting.”

Twilight shook her head and looked away, out over the forest below. “Only fifteen minutes or so. We both needed a break anyway.”

Nodding I got up and stretched my wings before folding them again. “Want to continue?”

Smiling, Twilight turned back to me again and nodded. “Yes. But we should wrap up in an hour or so, I need to prepare for tonight.”

“Astronomy, right?”


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