Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 9: Introducing Moonjumper.

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Author's Notes:

Frist thing to note. Luna will be called Moonjumper for basically this entire chapter unless. If anyone can think of a better way that will not involve switching names a million times and potentially confusing people then feel free to share.
Second I might have played around with where things are located in relationship to one another, I
think the school house is actually supposed to be way closer to town than Sweet Apple Acres is but I just wanted that scene in there.
Finally, if I made any glaring mistakes I would appreciate it if someone could tell me because I tend to speed read through edits and miss very obvious things I did wrong.

Introducing Moonjumper.

“Alright, First thing, I will start calling you Moonjumper until we get back to the library.” Twilight said. Luna noded her agreement, signaling Twilight to start talking again.

“So, Moonjumper, Applejack’s farm is just outside of Ponyville, but because it is the farthest away I thought we would get it out of the way first.” Twilight said walking down the streets leading out of town. ‘Moonjumper’ followed close behind.

“So what is Applejack’s farm Like? ‘Tia has started buying apples from their farm for the kitchens.” Moonjumper said, Her previous trip to Ponyville not including much of the outskirts of the town.

“It’s actually pretty big. I honestly do not know how Applejack and Big Mac manage to harvest the entire crop every year. The entire farm is entirely run by Applejack’s immediate family. Other than that, it is a pretty normal apple farm.” Twilight said, a hoof on her chin as she thought. Moonjumper giggled a bit at this, causing Twilight to look at her confusedly.

Not long afterwards, the two of them had reached Sweet Apple Acres. Walking toward the Farmhouse, Twilight heard a bell ringing. Twilight smiled, knowing that an Apple family meal was coming.

“C’mon Moonjumper, I think you will like this. And it will let us talk to Applejack sooner.” Twilight said running toward the house. Moonjumper following close behind. When they reached the door, Twilight heard hooves pounding behind her and Moonjumper.

Looking over her shoulder Twilight saw Applejack, who was being followed by an unexpected guest.

“Oh. Hi Twilight! Hi Lun-mmmh” Rainbow Dash started but was cut off by Twilight’s magic stopping her mouth and muffling her. Twilight ran over to the two ponies quickly, leaving Moonjumper behind for a second.

Twilight pulled her two friends in close before whispering to them. “Alright girls, Since Luna is supposed to be pretending to be new here I need you to call her Moonjumper whenever you see her, alright?” Her two friends looked confused at first but nodded affirmative.

“Well, thanks for telling us. You girls want to stop in for lunch?” Applejack asked motioning toward Moonjumper who was standing awkwardly by the door. Twilight nodded and the three all walked back to where Moonjumper waited.


Twilight and Moonjumper were walking away from the farm, stuffed from the enormous amounts of food that they had just eaten.

“Never let me do that again.” Moonjumper said flatly while rubbing her stomach.

“Just be glad you didn’t have the same experience I did my first time. I probably ate twice as much as the two of us did when I first came to Ponyville.” Twilight said. “I’m just glad we got Rainbow out of the way, I could do without a repeat of our first meeting.”

The two continued down the path back to town in silence, Twilight was thinking about who they should try to find to tell about Luna’s alias. However they were interrupted by three fillies who were speeding by.

“Oh, hello girls, you still crusading for the day?” Twilight asked The Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“We just got out of school actually so we were heading toward Sugarcube Corner, we have some plans after that though.” Scootaloo said. Suddenly she noticed that Twilight was not alone.”Hey Twilight, who is your friend?”

“Oh, this is Moonjumper. She is my marefriend from Canterlot. She decided to come live with me and I was just showing her around town.” Twilight said trying to sound as casual about it as possible. The three fillies looked between each other, looks of confusion on their faces.

“We didn’t know you had a special somepony, and I don’t think you said anything about it on hearts and Hooves day?” Sweetie Belle asked breaking the silence. This caused Twilight to panic a bit, having forgotten about that incident for the most part she had not thought of anyway to validate her story. Luckily Moonjumper cut in and explained for her

“That is actually because I asked her to keep our relationship just between us. I was pretty shy when I lived in Canterlot and was to scared to come down to Ponyville, instead Twilight sent me the sweetest letter. That is part of the reason I finally mustered the courage to come down here. Also I wanted to be nearer to Twilight.” Moonjumper said, nuzzling Twilight, who returned the gesture only slightly hesitantly.

“Thanks for the save there” Twilight quickly said through her thoughts.

“I told you I could perform, and also you’re welcome.” Moonjumper replied. A second later Moonjumper broke away from Twilight, slightly embarrassed that they had just done that in front of three fillies.

“Anyway, we were on our way to Sugarcube corner to go introduce Moonjumper to Pinkie Pie. Would you girls mind if we tag along with you?” Twilight said.

“Yeah why not, maybe Moonjumper could tell us more about herself on the way.” Apple Bloom said looking with interest at the mare in question.

“I suppose so. What would you like to know?” Moonjumper replied

“First, how about telling us about how you got your Cutie Mark.” Scootaloo said as the group started again down the road, with Moonjumper beginning a tale that only Twilight knew was completely off the top of her head.


“And then Twilight went to go get out a malle-”

“I thought you said you wouldn’t mention that to anypony Moonjumper, I don’t need a repeat of that.” Twilight interjected, with a very real blush on her face despite the described event being completely made up.

Twilight had been enraptured by some of the stories that Moonjumper had told as much as the fillies but for a much different reason. Twilight did however have to draw the line somewhere, and that just so happened to be when Moonjumper was detailing the first sleepover the two had had back when they had first became friends, long before they started dating.

“But it was so funny. Oh well, I guess that is the end of that story.” Moonjumper said, eliciting a collective ‘aww’ from the three fillies with them.

“Well that was just in time, there is Sugarcube Corner!” Twilight called, getting away from the topic of the last story.

“Cool!” Scootaloo called, she then turned back to Moonjumper and Twilight before speaking again. “It was really cool to meet you Moonjumper. You have an awesome marefriend Twilight.” With that Scootaloo turned around and raced toward the establishment, followed shortly by Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom who gave similar compliments as they passed.

Twilight looked happily after the three fillies as they disappeared into the confectionary shop. And once the door closed she shot Moonjumper a slightly annoyed look.

“Really?” She said simply. This caused Moonjumper to laugh slightly.

“And what story is that enthused reaction for? Moonjumper asked playfully.

“The story of our ‘first date’. Do you really think that I would drag somepony to the Library and claim it was a date?” Twilight explained not really mad despite her best attempt to sound like she was. Moonjumper gave a short laugh at the pouty look on Twilight’s face.

“I’m sorry, it was just the first thing that came to mind. At least the fillies got some entertainment from it.” Moonjumper said trying to get a laugh from Twilight. Twilight did laugh a little,

“Yeah I guess you’re right.Our real first date would be way better than that,” Twilight said without thinking about what she had just said. Moonjumper smirked and decided to see how far she could push this before Twilight caught on.

“Oh, what did you have in mind?” She asked still smirking, Twilight put a hoof to her chin for a second to think.

“Well I think we would probably have a picnic in the park, talk, watch the sun set and then walk back to your house under the stars. See much better than taking you to a library and then spending all my time reading books already.” Twilight said, still oblivious to how much she was talking about this date.

“That does sound good. It’s a DATE then.” Moonjumper said emphasising her words. Twilight was about to respond when what she had been saying finally caught up with her brain. She facehooved, which in turn caused Moonjumper to bust out into a full on laughing fit.

“Let’s just go say hi to Pinkie Pie.” Twilight said flatly.

“Awe… Does that mean no da-” Moonjumper started before Twilight used her magic to hold mouth shut. Moonjumper started laughing but let the subject drop. She followed Twilight in through the double doors, only to be assaulted by a blur of pink.

“Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie. You must be new here ‘cause I didn’t recognize you and I know everypony, and I mean everypony, in Ponyville.” Pinkie Pie rattled off at a million miles per hour. Moonjumper’s head was still spinning so Twilight took care of the introductions.

“This is Moonjumper, She is my marefriend from Canterlot. When I just went to visit my parents we met up and we decided that we really wanted to be closer together, so she decided to come live with me.” Twilight explained, helping Moonjumper back to her hooves.

*GASP* “Do you know what this calls for.” Pinkie paused for a moment, gathering a large lung full of air. “A WELCOME MY BEST FRIEND’S MAREFRIEND TO PONYVILLE PARTY!” She Shouted while pulling her party cannon out of seemingly nowhere.

“Actually, we are still getting a few things set up back at the Library. We could have the party later tonight after we get everything done.” Twilight said, not fazed at all by the sudden appearance of the large and cumbersome cannon. Moonjumper however had seemingly had her mind shut off at that moment.

Twilight said goodbye to Pinkie and led Moonjumper out of the building by one of her hooves. It wasn’t until they were at least two blocks down the road that she regained her ability to speak.

“Where did that even come from?” Moonjumper asked incredulously.

“Pinkie never leaves home without her party cannon.” Twilight said simply.

“But it just appeared out of thin air, how could she do that without magic?” Moonjumper pressed. Twilight simply shrugged.

“That’s just how Pinkie Pie is.” Twilight explained.

“That…. That actually made sense.” Moonjumper said her confusion fading away for a reason that even she couldn’t actually explain. The two mares continued down the road heading for a furniture store to start picking stuff out for Moonjumper’s room.

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