Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 10: The Party.

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The Party.

Twilight and Luna were sitting around the table in the library, having picked up a good amount of furniture that was luckily easy on Twilight’s bit bag. The furniture, now set up as Luna wanted thanks to Twilight’s teleportation magic, made Luna’s room feel less like a guest room and more like a true bedroom.

“So when do you think Pinkie will come over to set everything up for the party?” Luna asked, Twilight closed her eyes and thought for a second.

“Hhmm, Three.” Twilight said, eyes still closed. Luna was very confused now.

“What do you mean three? Three hours, three minutes?” Luna asked, hoping for answers.

“....Two…..One!” Twilight said, suddenly the room went dark as night, Luna fumbled around in the unnatural darkness for only a second before the room was flushed with light once more.

“SURPRISE!” Called out many pony voices. Luna fell back off of her pillow, surprise evident on her face. Luna looked around the room seeing at least fifty ponies now standing around the Library's ground floor. A large banner reading, ‘Welcome Moonjumper’ and ‘Twilight X Moonjumper’ hung from the ceiling. Luna was instantly overwhelmed.

“Hey Moonjumper, nice to see ya again.” Rainbow Dash called, not noticing how her mere presence in the room was confusing ‘Moonjumper even more.

“Hello Moonjumper. I’m Fluttershy, another one of Twilight’s friends. It’s nice to meet you.” Fluttershy said quietly.

“Hello darling, I am Rarity. you may have seen some of my designs around Canterlot. Twilight is a close friend of mine.”

“Hello.” Moonjumper said, still dumbfounded, but acting more on auto-pilot than anything. The assembled ponies seemed to finally figure out that they were not really helping and made a few excuses to give Moonjumper and Twilight a little time to get their bearings.

“You okay, Moonjumper?” Twilight asked the dazed ‘pegasus’.

“How long have they been in here?” Moonjumper asked looking at all the ponies mingling around the library.

“Oh, they just got here. They didn’t hear anything when we were saying your real name.”

“How is that possible!?” Moonjumper asked. Her perception of reality just barely remaining intact. Twilight simply shrugged.

“Pinkie Pie.” was Twilight’s simple response.

“Oh.” Moonjumper said. With that, Moonjumper’s mind snapped.


“You sure you’re okay now?” Twilight asked, helping Moonjumper to her hooves.

“Yes, I think I was just… over stimulated.” Moonjumper said, looking around again and taking in the party without bothering to question how it had been set up in literally one second. There were a few tables with snacks and drinks. Games were scattered around the room. Pinkie seemed to be popping up around the room in different places that she couldn’t have gotten to in any reasonable time by walking.

From Moonjumper’s limited party experience, this was probably a great one.

“So what are we supposed to do?” Moonjumper asked, unsure of what was expected of her.

“Well, go around and mingle, play some games, maybe dance if you know how.” Twilight said, a hoof to her chin in thought. “Basically anything you want, as long it doesn’t bring anypony down. You want to go play ‘Pin the Tail on the Pony?” Twilight asked, motioning with a hoof to a line where ponies were being blindfolded and given a bunch of fuzzy yarn with a tac keeping it together.

“Alright. How do you play?”


Finally it was Moonjumper’s turn. She stepped up to the specified area and put on a blindfold. The pony in charge spun her around. Finally, she felt the yarn ‘Tail’ being pressed into her hoof. She brought her hoof up ready to place the ‘tail’ where she felt it should go.

“Luna,” Twilight’s voice came through her thoughts. Luna stopped for a second. “You are facing the wrong way, turn to your left.” Luna felt slightly foolish for forgetting her orientation, but with Twilight’s help it was soon corrected. Luna was about to proceed again when a thought struck her.

“Hey Twilight, would you mind telling me where to place the tail?” Luna asked.

“Oh, alright, since it is your first time playing, I guess I could give you some help. Move your hoof up and to the right.” Twilight thought back, unknown to Luna, a smirk had come across her face. “More, More, just a little bit more. There. Perfect.” Twilight said suppressing her laughter at the sight before her.

Luna took her blindfold off, ready to behold the ‘tail’ in its proper place and was rather confused when it seemed to be nowhere in sight. Finally she looked at Twilight who simply pointed behind Luna. Luna looked and saw the ‘tail’ tacked to the bust on Twilight’s table. Before she could question this, Twilight was pulling her away.

“I don’t know if this is your game Moonjumper, how about we get some food instead?” Twilight said while trying to suppress her wild laughter.


A few hours had passed since the first ill fated game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Pony’ and the party had started to quiet down. Many ponies had already started leaving for their own homes leaving Twilight, Moonjumper and their friends as well as a few Ponies the group was sure were just seeing who could last the longest before they left. Twilight and friends resolved to ignore those ponies as they only served to make things uncomfortable for the group.

“So how was your first day in Ponyville Moonjumper.” Twilight asked.

“Eventful to say the least, I can’t believe I just got here yesterday night. I already feel like I’ve had a week’s worth of experiences.” Moonjumper replied, looking back on her first day and marveling at all she had been through.

“Well it certainly was nice to meet you, Moonjumper. It is not every day we get a new pony to add to our little circle of friends.” Rarity said, “I hope we get to know eatchother very well, maybe i could get you even interest you in a dress for any special ocassions.” She finished flashing her eyes obviously over to Twilight before giving a big wink.

“I’ll keep that in mind Rarity.” Moonjumper said before she let out a long yawn.

“Well I think somepony needs to go get some sleep, you can go on up to your room whenever. We can clean this stuff up.” Twilight said.

“I think I will do that, thank you again for the warm welcome.” Moonjumper said before going up the stairs to her bedroom.

Author's Notes:

Well here is the next chapter. In this one I definitely started changing around what Luna was called. Some times Luna, other times Moonjumper. I hope it is not that confusing to read. If you think I need to change anything, feel free to tell me. especially if it has to do with when and how I should signal Luna is being called by her alias.

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