Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 8: Moving in

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Author's Notes:

Just want to say something right away. Sorry for taking so long with this and for it being slightly shorter than the other chapters. Things have been very busy in my life the past week or so and I haven't had time to write. If you like this story, thanks for one, and also I hope you understand. I will try making the next chapter longer if that helps

Moving In

The flight from Canterlot was finally over, and all six carriages were sitting in front of the Golden Oaks Library.

“Thank you Sirs, Tell Princess Celestia we appreciate this when you get back.” Twilight Sparkle said giving a slight bow to the assembled guards.

“It was a pleasure to have you and your friends miss Sparkle. Princess Luna, you will be missed at the castle while you recover.” The guards responded. The guards then got into formation once again and began their return to Canterlot.

“Well, this has been fun but it has been a few days since I was at my shop, I simply must get back to designing.” Rarity said, she bid farewell and troted off toward the Carousel Boutique. Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash all agreed that they too had things that they needed to check on and had to leave as well.

“Well I guess that just leaves getting you settled in, huh?” Twilight asked Luna. Luna simply nodded and opened the door to what would be her home for the foreseeable future.

“Come on Spike, we gotta get the guest room ready.” Twilight said picking Spike up with her magic. The two of them walked past Luna, who seemed to be trying to accommodate herself to the space. Heading up the stairs Twilight stopped at the first door. Opening the door she saw a barren room with a bed and personal bookcase in the corner.

“Alright, let’s start by making sure the sheets and bed are clean, then we can start having Luna bring her stuff up.” Twilight said.

“Roger.” Spike called back after Twilight put him down. He ran over to the bed and started to gather the sheets and pillows. Twilight walked over and looked for anything that would need cleaning. She saw nothing out of place, because of the lack of things to clean no doubt.

“I hope that during Luna’s stay we can make this place feel more homey, because right now this feels barren.” Twilight said, turning toward Spike and helping him with the bed. Not long after they had all the sheets off the bed and brought them downstairs to wash. Spike took over that part of the job while Twilight went over to Luna.

“We can start bringing the stuff that you brought into the guest room Luna.” Twilight said, bringing Luna out of her thoughts.

“Oh, yes of course, lead the way.” Luna said. Once again Twilight walked up the stairs to the guest room.

“So this place is not decorated or very homey, but because you will be staying here for a while we can always go get some furniture and decorations if you want.” Twilight explained as she opened the door and walked inside. Luna looked at the room, and smiled a bit.

“I look forward to it, I didn’t actually get that much say in how my room back at the castle was designed. This would be a nice change of pace.” Luna said. Twilight smiled at that.


A few hours later, all the belongings Luna had brought were in her new room and it was about time for bed. Spike was making dinner while Twilight and Luna were discussing how they would introduce Luna tomorrow when they went into town for some extra furnishing for Luna’s room.

“So,” Twilight began looking over the list that they had just spent the last thirty minutes making. “We are going with the name Moonjumper when we are out and about then?” Twilight asked to make sure. Luna nodded, and then looked back at her cutie mark, now a full moon surrounded by blue-grey clouds due to the glamor Twilight had put on it.

“So where will be going tomorrow?” Luna asked.

“Well first I think we should go find my friends and tell them what name you will be going by while you’re here. Then we will just be going around the market, picking out some stuff and picking up a few things that I need.” Twilight said, she was about to continue when Spike called out

“Dinner's ready, come and get it!” Twilight and Luna both got up and walked over to the small dining room. They picked up plates with prepared vegetables and flowers and sat at the table.

“Looks great as usual Spike. I bet it tastes delicious.” Twilight said, seconds later she was digging into her plate. Luna took bites from her own plate at a more reserved pace. The food was delicious.

The next day Twilight was waiting downstairs for Luna, checking her saddlebags for her bit bag once again, and again she found a nicely sized bag, full of money she could use to fund this shopping trip. Not long after that, Luna came downstairs.

“Alright ‘Moonjumper’, you ready to go tour Ponyville when it isn’t celebrating Nightmare Night?” Twilight asked. Luna laughed slightly before responding.

“Of course my dearest Twilight, you have told me so much from all your letters.” Princess Luna responded sarcastically, while also bringing up their cover story once again. The two of them walked out into the streets of Ponyville, which were as busy as they ever got in such a small town. Their first destination, Sweet Apple Acres.

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