Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 7: Recovery and Returning home part 2:

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Recovery and Returning Home Part 2:

“Some pony should get in there an’ wake them two up. It’s nearly noon already.” Came a voice from outside, waking Twilight up.

“Princess Luna might need to sleep more to help recover.” Came another voice, this one softer. Twilight yawned, knowing that she would have to reply. She looked over to Luna’s bed and saw the Princess stirring.

“We’re up girls! We’ll be out in a minute.” Twilight called, stopping the conversation outside the door and causing Luna to awaken fully. Luna looked at Twilight and gave her a smile, which Twilight returned. Both Ponies got out of their respective beds and proceeded to move toward the door. Behind the door stood Twilight’s five pony friends and Spike.

The gathered ponies looked slightly surprised to see Luna without her horn, but Twilight explained the situation and everypony relaxed visibly.

“Alright, let’s go get lunch then.” Rainbow Dash exclaimed while pointing in a direction opposite of the kitchens or dining area.

“Um… Rainbow, that way doesn’t go to the dining hall, that leads to the prisons.” Twilight explained, shocking the pegasus.

“Wait, this castle actually has prisons?” Rainbow Dash asked. Twilight was holding back laughter as she saw her friend start freaking out.

“She is joking Rainbow Dash, Celestia stopped that practice a few hundred years ago, she felt that cities should have separate prisons to save on space in the castle. There were too many ponies being imprisoned.” Luna explained. The gathered ponies looked more unnerved at this than being reassured.

“Alright... Well how about getting lunch then.” Rarity said, hoping to change the topic. Everypony nodded, and walked toward the dining hall.

Lunch was uneventful, mostly just talking about the excitement they all felt about returning to Ponyville. Luna, having nothing to share on this topic remained silent and listened trying to get a grip on how life in ponyville would be different from royal life.

Twilight kept close to Luna and reassured her that everything would be fine.

“Twilight,” Rarity called, getting said unicorn’s attention. “I don’t mean to pry but, how are you going to introduce Luna to the town? Even without her horn ponies will still remember her from Nightmare Night.” This made both Twilight and Luna stop and look at each other. They hadn’t even thought of the fact that Luna had visited Ponyville before. Twilight looked down at Luna’s cutie mark, still a crescent moon surrounded by a swath of black night. She then looked back up at Luna’s face, to see her blushing. A second later, Twilight realised why and started blushing as well before looking away.

“I think we might have to put a glamor over her cutie mark, that would help a bit. As for introducing her, I have no clue.” Twilight said gathering her thoughts. She had thought of of passing her off as another student at Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns, before remembering they were trying to pass her off as a pegasus.

“Eh, just say she is your new marefriend or something.” Rainbow said without thinking about the words she was saying

“RAINBOW DASH!” nearly everypony else yelled at the same time. Twilight and Luna were both sporting new blushes of embarrassment. Rainbow Dash was fending off Rarity and Fluttershy while being berated by Applejack and having Pinkie Pie throw cupcakes at her.

“Where did Pinkie get those cupcakes?” Luna asked Twilight despite the embarrassment she felt at the moment. Twilight simply shrugged and turned to Luna slowly.

“Do you think ponies would buy it if we tried what Rainbow said?” Twilight asked, her voice low and fighting to keep herself from blushing any more. Luna was caught completely off guard.

“Are you suggesting we actually pretend to be a couple in front of Ponyville?” Luna asked making sure she hadn’t misheard Twilight. Twilight looked away slightly.

“Well it is the only thing we have so far and it could work if you think about it. We will probably be staying close to each other the entire time and you will be staying in the library with me.” Twilight explained, still looking away. Luna looked like she was contemplating what Twilight had said.

“It might work, but, are you sure it wouldn’t be really awkward?” Luna asked. Twilight nodded, and then turned to look at her friends who were still mad at Rainbow Dash.

“Girls!” Twilight called, giving Rainbow some room to breathe. With eveypony giving her their attention she began speaking again. “I think that Rainbow Dash has a fairly good idea.” She said.

The room was dead silent, her friends staring at her. Twilight quickly continued into her explanation.

“Think about it this way. Nopony besides you girls, and you too Spike, know why I came to Canterlot. We could pretend that I came here to see my marefriend from when I lived here and she decided to come back to Ponyville with me.” She said, most of her friends were looking at her in disbelief, until Luna spoke up,

“I think it could work, I am a fairly good actor, and if we are going to be staying with each other we should have a cover story that has some credence.” Luna explained.

“And if anypony asks more than a few cursory questions what will you two do?” Rarity asked.

“Then we will do whatever we can to convince them otherwise.” Twilight said with confidence. Confidence that was broken as soon as Rainbow Dash opened her mouth.

“So if ponies ask to see you two kiss you’ll just have to do it without hesitation to convince them. Right?” Again everypony was silent.

“We’ll just have to cross that bridge if we ever get to it.” Luna said looking toward the floor. An awkward silence fell over the room that nopony could shake off. Luckily they were saved by the arrival of a royal guard coming to escort them to where Celestia was waiting.

Twilight’s friends managed to move past the awkwardness incubating in the room, but the unicorn herself was still trying to shake it off. Finally Luna walked past Twilight and walked up to her and gave her a slight nudge in the direction she was supposed to walk.

“Come on Twilight, we are needed elsewhere.” Luna said. Twilight shook herself out of her daze and followed Luna out the door.


“Your Highness. Your sister Princess Luna and her Traveling companions are just outside.” A royal guard said to Princess Celestia. The Princess Dismissed the guard, who let the ponies outside of the room.

“Hello everypony, I trust you are all ready for the trip back to Ponyville.” Princess Celestia stated. The gathered ponies all turned to show their packed saddlebags and gave affirmatives.

“Good, now if you will follow me, I have a few carriages ready to take you to Ponyville, I hope you all have figured out who you wish to sit with.” Princess Celestia said walking out of the castle interior and out into a courtyard where four carriages awaited.

Pinkie hopped into one, being followed shortly by Rarity. Applejack and Rainbow Dash walked over to another carriage and sat down. Fluttershy had Spike on her back, and they took the third carriage. Princess Luna and Twilight moved toward the last carriage but were stopped by Celestia once again.

“I know you two can take care of yourselves, but please, be careful and look after eachother.” Princess Celestia said while nuzzling both ponies, having to bend down because Luna was now much shorter than her.

“We will try. But Pinkie’s parties can get crazy.” Twilight joked. Getting a laugh out of Celestia. Celestia stood back and bid her student and Sister farewell. The two ponies boarded their carriage and not long after the carriages started to take off, everypony waved goodbye to Celestia.

“Not long ‘till we get to Ponyville. Where am I going to be sleeping?” Luna asked

“Well there is a guest room that has a bed in it. Would that be okay.” Twilight replied

“That would be just fine with me.” Luna said. Smiling at Twilight.

Author's Notes:

I don't know why I decided to make this in two parts instead of just making two separately named chapters. I still feel like most of this is really rough. I can't edit it though right now, because I would try tearing it apart and get nothing done. Hope this is still enjoyable.

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