Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 6: Recovery and Returning home part 1:

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Recovery and Returning Home Part 1:

Twilight did not sleep for long, and when she woke it was still the same day, just a few hours later. Twilight looked over from her guest bed to Luna who was still sleeping. She was about to get up and go find a bathroom to freshen up a bit when she heard Luna’s thoughts.

“Twilight, are you nearby?” Luna asked. Twilight quickly found her focus and responded.

“Yes Princess, what do you need?” Twilight asked stopping in her tracks near the door.

“I am waking up. I don’t know if I will be able to move around by myself and would appreciate the help if it is not too much trouble.” Luna said. Not long after that Luna did start to move around on the bed. Twilight approached the bed and sat in front of it. Luna got up from her bed, very slowly and with great effort.

“Good morning Princess Luna.” Twilight said happily, causing Luna to jump slightly. Luna looked over at her in surprise.

“You were in my room?” Princess Luna asked.

“Oh, right you were asleep when that happened. I can explain everyth-” Twilight began but got cut off by her stomach growling. Luna started giggling slightly before her own stomach started to rumble. Causing Twilight to start laughing as well.

“Maybe you could explain while we go get a bite to eat. I am famished and it looks like we are just in time for dinner.” Luna said recovering from the impromptu laughing session. Twilight nodded and stood beside Luna’s bed ready to support the Princess if she needed it. Luna got out of the bed and nearly fell over, but she quickly found her balance with Twilight’s help and they made their way out the door. Twilight starting her explanation of the events that transpired earlier that day on their way to the dining hall.

Princess Celestia, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, and Twilight’s friends from Ponyville were all gathered around the royal dining table eating dinner. Celestia had already explained most of the situation to the gathered ponies. But all the ponies assembled were surprised when both Twilight and Luna walked into the dining hall.

“And besides that, nothing else happened that I know of.” Twilight Said. However when she noticed that no one else was speaking and was staring at them. Suddenly Luna Cleared her throat.

“Are we what ponies call, fashionably late?” Luna asked. Causing the ponies in the dining hall to burst into laughter. The two new arrivals found some seats and started eating. Twilight and Luna were discussing magic, Twilight was astounded at the knowledge Luna had on the subject. Luna had known a spell to help conceal her presence in ponyville and had been able to explain the complex in terms that even Rainbow Dash could have understood. They both decided to try the spell when they were done with Dinner.

“So Luna, I must ask, When do you think you will be well enough to go to Ponyville?” Princess Celestia asked as ponies were finishing their food. Luna tapped her chin, thinking.

“If all goes well then I should be ready to go by tomorrow, would that be alright?” Luna replied, looking at both Twilight and Celestia. Celestia nodded her approval, as did Twilight who was starting to get excited for her studies to continue under Luna.

“Well then, I will arrange for a fleet of carriages to bring all of you back to ponyville after lunch tomorrow. But for now, it is getting late, we should all rest up for tomorrow.” Celestia said. Getting up from the table. The other assembled ponies got up as well, all saying goodnight to each other as they retired to bed. Twilight was supporting Luna again as they left for the night.

When they finally got back to Luna’s room, Luna was basically walking by herself. The food seeming to have done her some good. Luna got into her bed and looked ready to fall asleep when Twilight spoke up.

“Princess, are we still going to try putting the glamor spell on you?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, but I think you should be able to put the glamor on me without me doing much. You can try if you want.” Princess Luna said. “I think disguising me as a pegasus would do nicely. I could still use magic through the glamor so it won’t matter that much.” She finished.

“Alright. I’ll get right on that.” Twilight replied.

“And after you go to sleep, I would like you to try and contact me in my dreams, we should test if that will actually work.” Luna said before laying her head down on her pillow and drifting off to sleep.

Twilight got to work on the spell. Her magic reaching out toward the princess’ sleeping, it started to coil around Luna and reached a focus around her horn. When the spell was done, Twilight could no longer see Luna’s horn. Knowing her work for the day was done, Twilight went over to her bed and went to sleep.


Twilight was floating in blackness surrounded by stars. She knew this was a dream and so she tried calling out to Luna. Suddenly there was ground underneath her and Luna was in front of her.

“Looks like it works, anything you want to do?” Twilight asked.

“We could continue our conversations on magic, or we could simply talk.” Luna said thinking of things to do.

“I think talking sounds wonderful. We haven’t gotten many chances to talk in the past, so it would be great opportunity to learn more about each other.” Twilight said. To which Luna nodded. They spent the rest of the night talking about their interests and other topics of which they were both interested. Twilight knew that both of them would be fine living in Ponyville.

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