Blind Chance - A Blind Date story

by Blind Writer
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Sometimes it's just an impressive clash of luck that causes certain events to take place. Trying something new can have both rewards and consequences at the same time. Two siblings never expected they would meet each other by blind chance like this.
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(Reading The Blind Date Company is not required to understand anything. Additional details found below the More button. This begins as mostly clop and turns more to story over time.)

8/28/16 On hiatus due to schedule. Blog

Before things like a student being sent to Ponyville, or a talented officer earning the rank of Captain of the Guard, two ponies independently decided to take a chance. If the very idea had ever even entered their minds of the other doing the same, it would've been dismissed as impossible in the next breath. And sometimes, what seems like an impossible connection can happen under the perfect conditions to let things blossom.

For two unknowing siblings, the impossible gets started, and they must decide what to do with it.

All because of blind chance.

Story contains: Sex. Lots of sex. The acts in each chapter are listed in the A/N at the top with a spoiler bar, but all acts will be reasonably plausible and nothing extreme or nasty. Putting the exact stuff here would spoil some of the fun in the discovery. If the cover image and description doesn't give you an obvious clue to what kind of story this is, you need better exposure to the world to corrupt your innocence (try 4chan). Even then, it is listed like the other kinks. :trollestia:

Decided to change the cover image since I'm a whore for attention and people are highly visual. Image is a cropped version of #1136135 on Derpibooru and NSFW, so I can't give a link to it or the artist page. Artist is Dimwitdog, whose art page is also NSFW.

And on posting Ch 5, I achieved a ratings-driven appearance at the bottom of the vaunted Feature Box. :yay:

On Hiatus

59,452 words: Estimated 3 Hours, 58 Minutes to read: [Cache]

9 Chapters:

  1. Ch 1 - Trying Something New [Cache] Jun 18th, 2016
  2. Ch 2 - Penetration Preparation [Cache] May 12th, 2016
  3. Ch 3 - Perfect First Timing [Cache] May 15th, 2016
  4. Ch 4 - Taking Today By Risking Tomorrow [Cache] May 18th, 2016
  5. Ch 5 - Facing Reality [Cache] May 28th, 2016
  6. Ch 6 - Troubled Talk On A Touchy Topic [Cache] Jun 1st, 2016
  7. Ch 7 - Different Strokes For Different Folks [Cache] Jun 10th, 2016
  8. Ch 8 - Certain In Uncertainty [Cache] Jun 18th, 2016
  9. Ch 9 - Hearth's Warming Headaches [Cache] Jul 31st, 2016
Published May 11th, 2016
Last Update Jul 31st, 2016
Blind Chance - A Blind Date story

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