What's in a Name?

by IcarusFics

Chapter 6: Chapter Five and a Half (Cloptional)

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Author's Notes:

While this chapter is optional, it does offer insight and development to our characters, so feel free to read it if you like, even if it is just for the development.

My mind was a mess. I was completely overwhelmed by the sensations I was experiencing from everything that was happening to me. My body felt almost hypersensitive as Lily ran her hooves over my fur and mane, breathing in and out through her nose to keep the kiss going for as long as possible. She pulled down away from my mouth, but before I could protest, I felt a sharp but sensuous nip on the nape of my neck. I let of a soft coo as the wave of pleasure went down my entire body and I felt my muscles all relax in an instant.

I was in a constant state of flux between wanting to do something to please Lily and wanting to let her continue to please me, but Lily wasn’t really giving me a choice as her hoof traveled downward and placed itself between my thighs. I bucked forward, trying to get Lily to touch me, but as I did, she pulled away.

“Nuh uh, I’m in control tonight.”

I whined, but said nothing as Lily's hoof slowly moved upward. Just before it reached my loins, she removed her hoof from my thighs and placed it just above my belly.

“You know… I found something out the other day.”

I said nothing but whimpered in pleasure as she circled my stomach.

“Just below our tummy’s, we have these little… dots.” She punctuated by poking me lightly in the belly and nipping my neck. “Did you know that? We have teats.”

I shivered as her hoof traveled even further downward and rubbed just above my pubic bone. A strange, relaxing sensation spread through me as I noticed that she was rubbing my newly discovered teats.

“They’re not very big normally, but since you’re pregnant… In a few weeks, those teats are gonna swell and fill up. I can’t wait to touch them.”

Somehow, she managed to grasp one of my nipples and twisted softly, eliciting a quiet moan from me as I tried to kiss her, only for her to pull away and move her head downward, biting her lip as she went.

“I bet that they’re already growing warm… and sensitive… and tender.”

Her hoof traced circles around one of the mounds that I could now see, a tiny dot peeking out from the fur. She moved her head even further down and placed her lips on my nipple, pecking it with a soft kiss that made my whole body feel incredible.

“You like that?”

I nodded jerkily and tried to move down to kiss her, but she placed a hoof on my chest and pushed me back.

“I’m in control. You’ll get to make me cum, but… not yet.”

I groaned in frustration and she sighed coyly before placing her lips on my teats again and licking intensely. My back arched upward as pleasure shot through my body, making my mind even more messy and my eyes rolled back in my head.

“H-holy fuck.” I whispered to the dark of the room and I heard a quiet giggle as Lily continued to lick me softly. After a short while, she pulled herself up and pressed her lips into mine again, kissing me softly yet intensely before separating us again, leaving a short trail of saliva between our mouths.

And that’s when I felt her hoof.

She grinned as the tip of her hoof stroked the side of my unfamiliar opening, causing me to close my eyes and thrust my hips even more to try and get her hoof to move even closer. As I did so, she jerked away.

“What did I say, Rose? I’m in charge. I decide when, and how, you cum tonight.”

This side of Lily… I had never ever seen her so dominant before. I loved it.

I nodded and she slowly brought her hoof back down to my burning folds, tracing the edge slowly as I sank back into the feeling. It took all of mental power not to thrust forward, and I ended up trembling in frustration, silently begging for her to continue with my whines.

Lily laughed silently and pushed the very tip of her hoof between my lower lips, the sensation of an object intruding inside of me, even if it was a little, causing immense pleasure and making my mouth open for a silent scream.

She kept her hoof still for a short while until she saw that I had gotten over the initial shock of her hooves insertion before beginning to move again, in an up and down motion, sliding further and further in as she did so. I was tempted to buck against it again, to force it deeper inside me, but I both didn’t want to hurt myself and didn’t want her to stop.

“Do you want it?” Lily slowed her hooves movement, placed her face close to my ear, and whispered quietly.

I nodded enthusiastically.

“Hmm… I don’t believe you.”

“Wh-what? P-please! I really n-need it!”

“I’m not convinced.”

I began to move my hips only for her to start to remove her hoof.

“N-no!” I stopped moving my waist and she began her ministrations again.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“S-say what?”

“What you want.”

I moaned and tried to kiss her only for her to move her face further away and stare cheekily at me.

“Say it.” She said seductively, staring me directly in the eyes.

F-f-fuck me…”

“What? I didn’t hear you.”

F-fuck me.

“Louder, please.”


Lily grinned and began to push her hoof in as far as it could go without hurting me. I immediately moaned loudly from the extra intrusion and bucked my hips along with the thrusts of her hoof. I could feel every bump, every ridge, every millimeter of her amazingly soft hoof inside of me, filling me up. I stared down and… WHAT? She had only only pushed in a tiny proportion of her hoof inside of me! I wanted more!

I pushed myself down further, eager to receive more and more of her beautiful hoof, but Lily had other plans and removed her hoof from me entirely.

“No! Wh-why!?” I closed my eyes and whined, the space inside my crotch suddenly feeling incredible empty.

“So I can do this.”

I opened my eyes and looked downward only to see her place her mouth over the entrance to my vagina and thrust out her tongue. I screamed out in pleasure, for real this time, and put a hoof on the back of Lily's head, trying as hard as possible to force her muzzle and her tongue deeper.

“Lily! I l-love you!”

She began to lick at the inside of my now clearly dripping hole, tasting and lapping up all of my juices before they fell to the bed. I felt a pressure building up in my belly that came in waves, lowering one second before coming back the next, but even more intense.

I started to become louder and louder, higher and higher in pitch, forcing me to muffle the noise I was making with a pillow. I felt myself grow closer to climax with every second, my face and groin now burning hot with desire.

Lily looked up towards me and smiled, her muzzled absolutely covered in my mare juice. It was extremely arousing to look at and I thrust my hips towards her again, begging for her to continue.

“Tell me what you want, Rose.”


“I’m not gonna let you cum until you beg for it.”

“Oh god, please! Please, Lily, Let me cum! I want it so bad, I love you so much. PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!”

“Oh wow, that didn’t take long.”

Lily plunged down again and took ahold of my clit in her mouth, immediately sucking on it like it was a tiny little lollipop. I felt the pressure build to unimaginable levels before an earth shaking orgasm spread throughout my body. I moaned loudly as I felt my muscles tense and contract, forcing my legs to tighten around Lily's head as she sucked on my clit all throughout the orgasm.

I could feel as a large amount of my mare cum hit the sheets beneath me and I groaned in immense satisfaction. I relaxed all my muscles at once and dropped to the bed, releasing Lily from my hold as she pulled away and gasped for air.

“H-holy crap.” Lily said as she lifted herself up and flopped down next to me. I could do nothing in response except lie there, basking in the glow of my incredible first orgasm. I tried to nod, but ended up just spasming a little as another mini wave of pleasure washed over me.

“That good, huh?”

This time, I managed to mutter out a breathy “Yeah” through trembling lips. Lily rolled over and I opened my eyes just in time to see her face drop down into mine, locking me in a kiss. I tried my hardest to return the kiss with just as much fervor, but I was absolutely wiped out from my recent climax that I ended up just letting Lily do most of the work.

I felt a lot more energized after letting myself relax into the kiss for a while and began to push back, sitting up in the bed as Lily held onto me. Once we were on equal ground, I began to lean forward, pushing her downward until I was on top of her. I looked down at her, golden mane drooping over her eyes. I brushed it away before placing a hoof on the side of her face.

“Lily, the way you make me feel…” I smiled uncontrollably, so incredibly infatuated that I found it impossible not to smile. “I’ve never felt this in my entire life. I love you so much, Lily.”

“I love you too, Rose.”

I placed my forehead to hers and breathed in heavily before kissing her lightly on the lips. I then began trailing downward, peppering her with kisses. I heard a gasp come from above me as I kissed her lightly on one of her barely showing nipples.

I dropped lower and stopped a short while, taking in the beautiful sight before me. I had no idea why, as I hadn’t found them particularly appealing before, but I was absolutely amazed by how she looked down here. All that imagining I did a few days ago was not justice for this sight at all.

I reached forward with two hooves and spread her lips apart, eliciting a gasp and a low coo from my lover. I placed my tongue at the bottom of her cunt and licked all the way up, flicking her clit with the end of my tongue, and causing Lily to clench my head with her legs.

“Ro… Rose! That felt amazing!”

I smiled and dipped forward again, attacking her vagina with my tongue rapidly, licking all over as fast as I possibly could. I didn't get much of an inkling of her taste with my first lick, but now? I couldn't get enough of the amazing fluids and I sped up, licking every drop up as fast as it appeared.

It was such a strange, yet incredibly arousing taste, almost like a mix between her saliva and flowers, with a tangy undertone. Above me, Lily bucked her hips, forcing my muzzle deeper and allowing me to get every single drop.

As I ate her out, I reached my hoof down to my own crotch and began idly rubbing myself, moaning into her cunt as the soft pleasure wracked my body.

“Oh god! I'm so close Rose, please! Please, please, please!”

Lily's gasps and moans began to raise in pitch and volume, just as mine had when I began to crest over the edge of climax, and so I decided to give Lily exactly what she wanted, latching onto her clit with my lips and licking the tip rapidly.

That was it for Lily and she practically exploded in orgasm, her entire body shaking and spasming as I continued to lick her as she had done for me. I managed to drive myself to a mini orgasm with my own hoof and moaned quietly into her cunt as she did so loudly above.

Just as Lily released me from her hind legs grip, she reached down and pulled me up by the underneath of my arms. I found myself face to face with an incredibly red cheeked Lily.

“Oh… my… god…” She gasped out, breath almost steaming with how hot she was.

“I know, right?”

“I… I love you, Rose.” She pulled me in for a kiss and moaned sensually. I let her dominate the kiss again as her tongue searched through my mouth, no doubt tasting her own cum as she did so. She pulled away and gazed into my eyes.



“Thank you.”

I giggled and pecked her on the face a few times.

“You don’t have to thank me, Lily.”

I pecked her again and she scrunched her eyes up with a smile.

“R-Rose, stop!”

I kissed her over and over again, faster and faster, all over her face.


She began to laugh hysterically and fell backwards, taking me with her, laughing the whole way down. I lay beside her and sighed, closing my eyes happily and reflecting on what had been the best night of my life.

“Lily?” I whispered to my incredible marefriend.

“Yeah?” Lily rolled over to face me.

“That was literally the most amazing I have ever felt.”

She smiled and nuzzled up against my cheek, brushing her incredibly soft fur against mine.

“I could not agree more.”

I closed my eyes, enjoying the calming afterglow of our intimacy with each other.

“Uh, might not want to go to sleep just yet.”

“What?” I opened my eyes and looked at her. “Why?”

She pointed with down to both of our legs, which I only just noticed were completely soaked with mare cum and saliva.

“Heheh…” I rubbed the back of my neck with a hoof and smiled at Lily. “I’ll go get a towel.”


After a little bit of cleaning and a quick shower, I lay in bed with a sleeping Lily, watching the moon travel through the clear sky. The stars were particularly bright tonight, especially since they were usually drowned out by light pollution and clouds.

There was definitely a prettier sight than the clouds though, and she was holding me tightly as my head rested on her chest. I listened peacefully as her chest rose up and down, heart beating steadily while she slept. I looked up at her beautiful face, a small smile forming on my lips as I took in her features in the moonlight.

How could I have gotten this lucky? It almost seemed impossible that I would not only be having a child, but be in love a week ago, but now, it was my reality. My life was Lily's. My life was Brisk Breeze’s. I lived for them as much as I knew they lived for me.

There was one thing that I knew was not right. Something that we did not belong to, and I had no idea how to fix it.

We did not belong to this world.

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