What's in a Name?

by IcarusFics

Chapter 7: Chapter Six

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I lay in a field of flowers, staring out at an orange sky. The wind almost seemed to be completely still, yet above, the clouds traveled fast. A pink hoof pointed up to the sky next to me and a voice spoke out.

“See that one? Looks a bit like a bush.”

I giggled and turned to my side, now realizing that Lily was next to me, holding me tightly and smiling.

“It’s just a blob, though.” I laughed as I sunk deeper into her hug.

“Oh, see that one? That one also looks like a bush.”

“They all look the same!” I lifted my head up and smiled at her, confused.

“Yeah, exactly. They all look like bushes.”

“You’re so silly.” I chuckled lightly and lay my head down on her chest.

The evening sky turned to night and we watched the stars together. I tried to look for familiar constellations as I had done when I was younger, but this sky looked different. I could see some possibly similar shapes, but no constellations that I recognized were there.

“Welp.” Lily pushed herself up and cracked her neck a few times, stretching out. “Should probably head back home. You gotta get some food in you before bed, especially now that you’re eating for two.”

I smiled warmly and lifted myself to my hooves, ready to follow Lily. Just as she walked over the crest of the hill, I noticed that the stars began to move slowly out of the corner of my eye. I spun around to watch them only for a tall, starry maned pony to appear in front of me.

“Princess Luna!” I bowed to my hooves, dipping my head down in respect.

“Please, rise, Rose.” Luna spoke, her voice filled with a sense of worry.

“I-is something wrong?”

“Do you… Do you remember now?”

“Remember what?”

“This day. This is the day you died.”

“Wh-what!?” I stepped backward, my hooves tripping a little as I fell to my rump, staring dumbfounded at the princess.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t. This dream… It’s a memory.”

“Dream…” I only just realized how cloudy my mind was now that the fog was dissipating. I was dreaming. “I’m dreaming right now?”

“Yes.” Luna smiled, the look of worry still present. “But we have yet to find whether it is a nightmare, or a pleasant dream.”

“Wait, you said that… This dream is a memory?”

Luna grimaced and closed her eyes.

“Yes. I tried to tell you all about what had happened to you when I visited you during your dream last, but I'm afraid that in my rush to tell you what happened, you woke from the shock. Please try to remain calm as I tell you what has happened and I will be able to tell you everything.”

I nodded shakily, then spun around as I heard my name called from behind me.

“Please, ignore her. This version of her is only a memory. Part of the dream.”

Her calls ceased and I nervously turned back to Princess Luna.

“Now, Rose… What I have to say will shock you, but you must understand that you need to know this.”

She sighed and closed her eyes before continuing.

“You and Lily… Have always been yourselves. You always were Lily and Rose.”

“Wh-what? What do you mean?”

“The human version of yourselves… That was a trick. An evil trick played by the god of chaos.”


“Discord. Before he was reformed, he presented himself to a large amount of ponies and offered to grant them wishes. But to hear that part of the story, you must hear the start.”

I nodded nervously and listened intently.

“Lily and Rose… You and your lover, were normal citizens of ponyville. They lived their lives in relative peace, and grew together as most ponies did. Your relationship matured over the years, and eventually, you decided together that you would have a child.”

My heart warmed at the mention of our foal but was turned to ice when I remembered what Luna had said before.

“This is the day you died.”

“Obviously, being two mares, you could not conceive a child naturally, so you decided to use a donor. Lily had two siblings, a sister named Daisy and a brother named Posey Wind. Posey was delighted to have the chance to help you conceive a child, and since he was the closest to Lily genetically, you all agreed that he was the perfect candidate. In a few months, you were pregnant with your foal.”

I smiled, but my mind was still locked on what could have happened this day.

“Then… today, or, well, the day that this dream is a memory of, something happened that no pony could have ever stopped. A dreadful, one in a million chance thing that stopped you in your tracks and tragically ended your life. Have you… Have you ever heard of an aneurysm?”

My body froze.

“It’s extremely rare, and treatable if discovered, but yours… was not. In an instant, you had passed away. You didn’t even stand up to follow Lily back to Ponyville, you just… stayed here.”

I felt the tears fill my eyes and my stomach threaten to jump out through my throat.

“Lily was hysterical. She began doing… horrible things to herself. Drinking, self harm, she even attempted…” Luna raised a hoof to clear her own eyes. “She attempted to take her life.”

“N-no!” I shook my head, flinging tears from my face. “Not her too!”

“Fortunately, she was not successful, and I assure you that the ending to this story, while not here just yet, is no doubt a happy one.” She smiled through her tears and sat down next to me. I looked up at her as she sat, a sensation of warmth and calm spreading through me. I reached out to her apprehensively and she took me into her forehooves, hugging me as I cried.

“Shhh, it will be okay Rose. Lily is alive now, and so are you.”

I pulled away and nodded at her to continue.

“A few weeks later, a being known as Discord was freed from his imprisonment. He went around, causing chaos and mayhem for all of equestria. Eventually, he was stopped, but first… He found Lily.”

“He better not have hurt her!”

“No, he did not. While his original intentions were malicious, he may have, in fact, saved your life. Discord offered a wish to Lily, and she accepted, wishing that you, and your child, were alive again and that she could see you again. Discord, at this time, was a malicious trickster, and gave her this wish, while taking a few… liberties on how the wish was granted. He transported your soul to Earth and you were born without any of your memories. He granted the next part of Lily’s wish by doing the exact same thing for her. He assured that Lily would see you again… but that didn’t mean you had to ever be together again.”

“So… We’re not copies?”

“No.” Luna smiled at me, this time, her smile unmarred by sadness. “You are your true self now. Your human lives were just as real as your pony lives, but this form is what you were meant to be.”

I felt my own smile begin to grow on my face and I wiped away my tears.

“A short while after this happened, Discord went through a “reformation” of sorts and expressed deep regret for his actions. Part of his redemption was him going through and reversing the negative effects of a lot of these wishes. While his intentions were now kind hearted, he still has a lot to learn and made quite a few mistakes while reversing some of these wishes. One being that you and Lily, while still reverted to your previous forms, were still stuck in this unforgiving and dangerous world. Another being that your memories and personality were not able to be properly restored to you. You will probably experience more dreams like this one that are actually memories of your previous life, but your personality will become a hybrid of your human self and your old one. It is up to you how much of that personality is pulled over.”

“So… does that mean you can take me and Lily home!? To this “Equestria” place?” I said excitedly, only to see the smile drop from Luna’s face.

“I would love to say “Yes”, Rose, but the truth is… I don’t know. My sister and I have been working with Discord on finding a way to bring you home, but it could take weeks, even months to find a solution. For now, you must stay safe.”

I nodded as confidently as possible and hugged Luna again.

“Thank you, Luna. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for us.”


I sat up, calmly this time, remembering the events of the dream vividly and clearly, as if they had happened in reality. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon of the mostly overcast sky. I looked down to see a sleeping Lily, mouth open and chest rising up and down. A few subtle snorts came from her as she snored quietly and rolled over in her sleep. I smiled at the sight before pulling myself to my hooves and out of bed carefully, as to not wake up Lily.

I walked into the kitchen, jumping up on the stool and pulled out a loaf of bread. I placed two pieces into the toaster and pushed down the handle. I sat there as the toast cooked and I thought of Lily.

How would she react to all this? I knew she had worries of being a copy, but would that mean that she would react even worse to this news? Would she now think that her life as a human was fake? A lie?

A better question to ask right now was… Did I? I had no idea really what to think. I remembered my life as Alex, but as I had said before, Alex didn’t feel like the same person. We were similar, but I wasn’t him.

I was Rose. I was Rose. I wasn’t some sort of copy of her, I was her, and she was me. Was… was that why we had so readily accepted this? Not just the turning into a pony part, but literally all of it. Not to mention we had decided on these names without even knowing that they were what we were called in a previous life.

It takes years to learn how to walk as a child, but I had gotten the hang of it in under a day. Sure, my brain is more advanced than that of a babies, but in the first day of being a pony, I felt just as agile as I was while human.

I definitely got used to the idea of having a foal much easier than I thought I would. I thought I would I hate it. I thought it would ruin my life. I never wanted a kid before, but now that I was actually expecting one? It felt like the one thing my whole life was building up to.

The toast popping out of the toaster shocked me out of my train of thought and I went about spreading the pieces with spreads. Peanut butter and jam for Lily, jam and margarine for me. As I finished lathering up the pieces, I heard the door to our room open and shut as Lily walked out, her eyes half open.

I placed the pieces of toast before walking over to Lily and pecking her on the lips, surprising her a bit.

“Ech, Rose. Thanks for the kiss and all, but your breath stinks like death.”

I raised a hoof to my hoof, breathing out into it before sniffing in and recoiling.

“Fuck. I’ll be back, gonna go wash out my mouth.”

I went to the bathroom and jumped up on the stool we had set up there, similar to the one in the kitchen, before gargling with mouthwash and spitting out into the sink. Satisfied, I jumped back down and walked out to see Lily happily munching away on her piece of toast.

“Mmm, fanksh, Roshe!” She said, spitting crumbs out as she spoke.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“What are you, my mum?” Lily swallowed and giggled. “At least you’re playing the part, even if you are a few months too early.” She winked playfully at me and I jumped up to eat my own piece of toast.

I was about to place the toast in my mouth when I remembered last night’s dream. I looked over to Lily, happily eating, oblivious to what I was about to say.


“Yeash?” She faced towards me, more crumbs dropping from her mouth.

“I… I had a dream last night.” Lily stared at me and chewed. “Luna was there.”

She swallowed.

“L-Luna? You mean that princess pony you saw in your dreams?”

“Yeah… she… she told me some pretty… insane sounding stuff.”


“Holy fuck.” Lily, said, her eyes darting back and forth as she processed what I had just told her. “You… died.”

She looked toward me, her face contorting as she began to cry. I leant forward at pulled her into a hug.

“Shhh, It’s fine. I'm not dead.”

“B-but you j-just said that you-”

“That was… yes, okay, I was dead, but you saved me. You saved… both of us.” I held a hoof to my belly.

“So… the human versions of us… they weren't real? Did we, like, imagine it?”

“Not exactly. While our “Souls” were originally ponies, the human part of our lives is just as real as our pony lives.”

“I wish it wasn't real.” Lily mumbled with a scowl.


Lily frowned and looked away from me.


“That was not nothing, Lily. Tell me what you meant or… or no kisses tonight.”

She glared at me.

“You wouldn't…”

“Try me.” I tried to repress a giggle, but failed completely and Lily laughed along with me. We soon calmed down and Lily’s face dropped from a smile back to a worried frown.

“I'm… I'm sorry, Rose, it's just… my human life was shit. Utter fucking shit. The only upside I seemed to have was being friends with you. I just… I wish I had my memories back. I want to be Lily, completely.”

I held Lily by the shoulders and stared into her eyes.

“You are Lily. Your body, mind, spirit, everything. Just because you might have trouble remembering some stuff doesn't mean you are any less you. Remember what I said? Your memories aren't completely lost either.”

“You mean the dreams?”

“Exactly. It might take a while, but all the memories that matter will come back to you. Even if they don't, we'll make new ones. Together.”

She smiled nervously at me.

“Do you… think I'm weak?”

“For what?”

“For… not wanting my human life.”

“Of course not. We've discovered who we truly are. We are truly Lily and Rose, and we are truly in love. As much as I believe my human life will always be a part of me, I'm willing to move on. To make being Rose my life. I am Rose. Not Alex.”

She wiped her eyes with a hoof and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I whispered back.

I was about to pull her in for a deeper kiss when I remembered something very important that I had forgot to tell her.

“Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you!”

Lily was a bit taken aback as I had shouted it two millimeters away from kissing her.


“Princess Luna said she might be able to take us back to Equestria!”

Lily’s eyes opened in shock.


“Yeah!” I nodded enthusiastically. “She said it might take a while, and she couldn’t promise anything, but it's a chance that I'm willing to take..”

“Oh my gosh…” Lily began to cry from happiness and hugged me tightly. “I… I can't wait! Y-you do want to go there, right?”

“Of course I do.”

She pulled away, her smile beaming brightly.

“I wonder what it's like? There's other ponies there, right? Like us? Breeze will have friends to play with, and a school to go to! Ooh, I bet there's so many different new places to see!”

I couldn't help but grin widely as Lily kept going, talking about all the different things we would do once we were there. Once we were home.


“Are you sure we'll even need one?”

“We’ve already been through this, Lily. I have no idea if we need one, but there's nothing wrong with planning for the future.”

“She's not gonna be here for another ten and a bit months! You don't even know if we're gonna be on earth in ten months!”

“Who's to say that it won't be able to be brought with us to Equestria?” I said as I opened up the flat pack box that contained the pieces of the new crib we ordered online a few days ago.

“Who's to say that it will?” Lily said, a frustrated tone to her voice. “Not to mention that the thing you ordered will be huge! It's more suited for us than a foal.”

“That's even better, then. We’ll be able to sleep in the crib with her if she has nightmares or can't sleep.”

Lily rolled her eyes and walked out of the room.

“I need a drink.”

“Not too much! You know what happened last time.”

“Of water, Rose. I'm never drinking alcohol again.” Lily cringed.

The last few weeks had been relatively peaceful, I reflected as I worked. Lily and I had fallen into a routine, which was both a good and a bad thing. Good in the way that it helped pass the time, but bad in the way that it felt like we were doing nothing.

I guess that's probably why I'd been on a bit of a “mothering” frenzy as of late. I ordered a whole bunch of toys including rattles, a large (compared to our size) plush Peter Rabbit doll, and a plush horse.

I'd also gone on a little bit of a binge with supplies for the foal. I bought some small towels for diapers as I knew that normal human diapers would be way too big. I had bought a few blankets and pillows as well as the crib that I was putting together now. I intended on breastfeeding Breeze for as long as possible, so bottles weren't necessary.

Coming to the conclusion of feeding Breeze like that was… strange. One night, I had begun to talk with Lily about buying food for Breeze closer to when she was due to be born when Lily had offhandedly suggested that I just breastfeed her. I was a bit taken aback by this, not even contemplating the possibility of doing it before, but my instincts seemed to defeat me and I had immediately replied, saying that it was a great idea.

Speaking of breastfeeding, my teats had been growing incredibly tender as of late. I didn't really look down there too often, but I could feel the weight slowly increase and the almost invisible mounds grow slightly larger, day by day. My nipples also seemed to be growing in preparation for suckling once the foal was born. We hadn't had sex since the first time we were together, but I couldn't wait to try them out when we did.

After that first night, I hadn't become immediately used to having female genitals, although it did help and I found myself growing more and more used to them as time went on, even taking time to “inspect” it when I was alone. It felt awkward, almost naughty, to be looking at my own parts like this, but I reminded myself that this was me now. I was a mare. I would be for the rest of my life.

Lily and I had grown closer together as the days had gone by, and while we had disagreements every once and a while, it didn't feel like there was any resentment or malicious intent between us at all. It felt rather cathartic to let out my worries on Lily, and for her to do the same to me, then console in each other and apologize if we had done anything to hurt each other. If anything, it felt healthy rather than detrimental to have these mini disagreements.

Lily had received a call from her boss a few days ago, turns out that bosses don’t generally like it when you take three weeks sick leave without updating them. Luckily, she had gotten a little bit of severance pay for being fired, which would keep us going for a little while longer.


I was having trouble piecing together this crib and threw down my screwdriver in frustration. I stood up and walked over to Lily who was sitting on the couch, watching something on her laptop. I jumped up next to her with a frown on my face and rested my head on her lap.

“What's wrong, grumpy bum?” Lily stroked my hair and I relaxed my frown a bit.

“Nothing. Just annoyed at my lack of hands.”

Lily giggled and leant down, kissing me on the forehead.

“Told you we shouldn't have bought it.”

“I'll get it made eventually, it's just gonna have to sit half done in our bedroom for now.”

Lily nuzzled me and laughed. We sat there and watched TV for a while, as Lily stroked my mane. We had gotten up to the episode of Pokemon where Ash had returned home for a while and contemplated giving up his dream to stay home.

What would my parents think about this? About me, not only magically changing genders and species, but having a child? They would freak. Last I saw of mum and dad was when they had called me on Skype a few months ago. I had left home last year in search of independence and had ended up getting exactly what I wished for. When I talked to them about my financial troubles, they offered to send me some money, but I had refused, adamant to remain completely independent.

“Hey, Lily?” I rolled onto my back and stared up at her. She paused the episode before looking down at me and smiling.

“Yes, hon?”

“What do you think your parents would say if they saw us like this?”

Lily grimaced shook her head.

“Probably call me a freak. Wasn't the first time they said that to me.”

“What? That's horrible!”

“Yeah, well it's their loss. I'm not worried, I cut contact with them a long time ago. What about yours?”

“I honestly don't know. I'm sure they would be shocked, but I have literally no idea how they would react.”

“Why don’t you call them up?”

I laughed at her and watched for her to laugh back, but her face remained mostly blank.

“Wait, you're serious?”

“Yeah. I mean, you don't hate them or anything, and what's happening to us now is pretty big, Rose. Not to mention we agreed to go to Equestria if the opportunity comes along, don't you want them to know what's going on?”

“Oh jeez, you're right, Lily. I'm so dumb, of course they'd want to know.”

“I understand your worries, but even in the off chance that something goes wrong, I'll be here to protect my perfect Rose.”

She placed a hoof on my cheek and kissed my nose.

“Thank you, Lily.”


I sat on the couch with Lily, nervously staring at the computer screen. I saw the Skype conversation I had with my parents before me and I felt my hooves jitter slightly from the nerves.

“Hey, It'll be fine, okay?” Lily placed a hoof on mine and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “They love you. It'll be fine.”

I had messaged my parents last night after Lily and I were finished talking and had a short conversation via the messages. I pretty much said that something extremely big and shocking had happened and I needed to talk to them. They had messaged me back asking what it was, but I said that it was impossible to believe without seeing me.

Now, I sat with my hoof hovering over the mouse, hesitating to press the call button. I loved my parents, and although we might have our differences, they loved me too.

I breathed in and out slowly before taking to plunge and pressing down on the “call” button. My heart raced as I heard the dial tone beep a few times before they answered, the webcam from both of our computers showing on the call screen.

“H-hi, mum. Hi, d-dad.”

My parents confused faces looked back at me for a few seconds.

“Alex?” My dad said, leaning closer to the screen. “What's with your voice? And what's with the toy horses?”

“D-dad, they're… they're not toys. This is… me.”

Lily waved a hoof and I nervously followed. My mum brought her hands to her mouth while my Dad looked even more confused.

“Son, I'm usually fine with your jokes, but this one's just a little bit too strange. And why do you sound like a girl? You got one of them voice changer things?”

“Dad, it's n-not a joke.”

“Stephen, I think he's… telling the truth.” My mum said, holding onto her husband's arm.

“What, you mean to tell me that this horse thing is our son?” He motioned to the screen.

“Dad, I promise you. I'm telling the truth. Remember… when I was eight?”

“What about it?”

“When I was eight, I told my friends who I had a crush on. They told my crush and she told me that my friends told her. I ran away from school and you had to go searching for me. It wasn't until around the end of school that you found me.”

My dad looked at me, eyes wide open and mouth agape.


“Y-yeah. It's me.”

“What… What happened to you?”

“It's… complicated. Just know that one day, me and Jack woke up like this. We didn't ask for it to happen, it just did.”

“Jack?” My mother's eyes looked between Lily and I. “Is that the other horse next to you?”

“We’re actually ponies, but yeah. That's Jack.” I said and Lily shot me a strange look. Oh yeah. The names.

“Well, she's not exactly Jack anymore. We've decided to go by different names now. She's Lily and I'm… Rose.”

My mother's eyes closed and she brought her hands to her face. My dad just stared on in disbelief.

“Jesus, kid.”

“I know… that's not even the half of it. First, I guess you should know that… we're kinda… Uh, how should I put this…”

Lily put a hoof around my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek.

“We're seeing each other.”

My mother continued to cover her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh while my Dad looked at his feet and nodded.

“Son… that's… really fucking gay.”

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or to be shocked at this, so I just sat in silence.

“I'm proud of you for finding someone, especially someone who's the same… species as you. But this whole situation is just really, really gay.” He looked up and laughed towards the end of his sentence. I giggled along and Lily smiled, still holding onto me.

“It's… It's not over yet.”

My mother looked up from her hands with a look of worry on her face.

“What else could have possibly happen in the two months since we talked last!?” She said, clearly overwhelmed.

“Well…” I put a hoof on my belly. “I'm pregnant…?”

My mother tipped backward In her chair and fainted.


I sat silently as my dad picked up my mum and brought her to another room. After a few minutes, he came back into view and sat down, scowling slightly.

“Jesus, Alex. Have you ever heard of subtlety?” My dad shook his head.

“S-sorry. I wasn't exactly sure how to say “I'm pregnant.” without saying “I'm pregnant”.”

“Nevermind, just… how did this all happen? How are you… pregnant?”

“Uh, it's a bit of a long story…”

“Go ahead, Ale- Uh… Rose. I’ll relay it as best as possible to your mother when she wakes up.”

I relayed the story of what had happened to my dad, starting from the beginning. I explained how I had started having these strange recurring dreams, and not long after they started, Lily called me and asked for my help. When I got there, she was already like this and I took her home. The next day, the same thing had happened to me and she helped me get used to it. I then noticed that I was getting sick in the mornings and having strange cravings, then after doing plenty of tests, discovered I was pregnant. I explained to him most of what Princess Luna had told me, besides the fact that we might be going to Equestria eventually. I definitely needed to take my dad's advice and tell them that a little bit more carefully, preferably when they had come to terms with what had already happened.

“H-holy shit.” My dad put his head in his hands and breathed out.

“A-are you okay, dad?”

“Yeah, it’s just… a lot to process.”

I sat silently for a while as my dad thought of what I had told him. I felt Lily tighten her hold on me and kiss me on the cheek as we waited.

“So… You’re saying that… you never really were our son? You’re some horse thing from another universe?”

“N-no! I was your son, but… You just weren’t my first parents, I guess. You’re just as important, if not more important than whoever my pony parents are, but I just don’t remember them.”

“This is so crazy.” He shook his head and folded his arms. “I mean, I'm happy that this has happened to you if this is what makes you happy, it’s just… So, so insane.”

“Thanks for being so supportive, and I-I know how crazy this is. I didn’t think I’d be okay with it, and at first, I wasn’t, but now that it’s happening… I am.”

“Well, you’re happy, so I'm happy.” He smiled apprehensively and nodded.

“So…” I rubbed the back of my head nervously. “How do you think mum will react when she wakes up?”

“Knowing your mum? She’ll freak out for a while, then try and convince you to let her send you loads of baby supplies.”

“Rose has already gone on a bit of a bender with that kind of stuff, but I dunno how useful they’ll be.” Lily explained. “We’re like, slightly larger than Simon.”

“I thought you two looked a little small on that couch, but that is tiny. You’re not having too many problems getting around, are you?”

“Nah, not now that I'm used to it. It would be faster with hands, but it’s not too bad. We leave a lot of the doors open and have chairs set up to reach benches.”

My dad nodded along, searching for something to say.

“You okay, dad?”

“Yeah, yeah, I'm just still thinking about this. So you… you really want to have this kid?”

“Yep.” I nodded happily. “Her name is Brisk Breeze.”

“That’s a kinda strange name.”

“It feels natural though. Like it really is her name. It was the name that I decided on from the naming dreams, so it must be hers.”

“It’s a her?”

“I’m pretty sure it is.”

“I see. You do know I'm gonna be sending you some money, right?”

“Dad, no!” I frowned. “I-I told you before, I don’t need handouts.”

“This is completely different. Not only do you not have a job, but you have a child on the way. What’s gonna happen if you run out of money? You’ll be kicked out of your apartment. You won’t be able to afford food.”

Lily held my foreleg and pursed her lips.

“I think we should take his offer, Rose. I don’t really like taking handouts either, but I’d rather accept charity than be living on the streets, especially now that we’re… y’know. Ponies.”

“Okay then, dad. I guess you can send me some, but no more than we need for food and rent. We’re not homeless yet.”

“Thanks, Al- er, Rose.”

We sat there, saying nothing for a few short moments before I decided to break the silence.

“So…” I trailed off. “I guess we should say goodbye? Unless you have any more questions.”

“No, I think… I think I'm good for the moment. Call again soon, okay? I’ll let your mother know what we talked about when she wakes up.”

“Thanks dad. I love you both.”

“We love you too, Rose.”

I pressed the hang up button on the laptop and let out a huge breath that I didn’t even know I had been holding in. I felt Lily hug me again and kiss me on the cheek.

“You did good, Rose. I know it was hard… I couldn’t imagine what it would be like trying to talk to my own parents again, let alone as a pony. You were amazing.”

“I made my mum faint.”

“I know, right? Must run in the family.” She giggled and nudged me playfully. I laughed a little as well before stretching my forelegs out and yawning.

“Gah. Pretty tired. You ready to head to bed?” I asked.

“Sure.” She said sleepily and we made our way to the bedroom together.

Author's Notes:

A much longer chapters than my last few. Hopefully it's not too shit, but I'm not too happy with this chapter.

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