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Chapter 6: Chapter 6- First Impressions are Important.

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Having control of a body again felt like a double edge sword. On one hand (or now hoof) I felt like I existed. I wasn't just a thing anymore. I was physical, solid, alive. Then on the other hand/hoof, I was suddenly an intruder again. That trumped all the good that came with being in control again.

Spike was looking at me with contempt in his eyes. He was not happy with me. Well...he had a good reason. I still had Twilight’s hoof out, I decided to put it down. Twilight’s ears were splayed back against her head. The ground was looking mighty interesting right now. Anywhere that wasn't in Spike’s direction seemed pretty good right now.

“What do you want?” I heard Spike asked the hate in his voice was intense.

I felt Twilight’s ears snap to attention and my gaze shifted back to Spike, “What?”

“What. Do. You. Want?” he repeated deliberately.

They felt like a blade to the heart with each word. “I’m sorry, Spike. Really. Twilight will be back in control the second I fall asleep. I acted rashly and it scared Twilight and you. I am truly sorry.” I replied with Twilight’s voice. I was being honest, even if it wasn't on purpose, I was still at fault.

The room was quiet for a bit, you could hear a pin drop...from two miles away. Then I heard Spike let out a long sigh, “Ok, I forgive you, just so long as nothing bad happens to Twilight.”

I finally met Spikes gaze. I was dumbfounded. I mean yeah they were understanding and compassionate on the show, but this took it to another level. I just took over his surrogate sister and he forgave me. I couldn't help it. I hugged him, “Dude! Thank you! I promise I’ll make this up to you.”

Spike was resistant at first but just let the hug happen before adding, “Yeah, no problem. Can I mention how weird it is to hear Twilight say ‘dude’?”

I put the baby dragon down while letting out a chuckle. “Yeah, it is a bit weird.”

So yeah a bit of forgiveness. Feeling a bit better. I was preparing to ask Spike a question about Twilight’s research when I heard somepony yelling at the top of their lungs.



A bright pink pony with equally pink poofy mane and tail had just slammed the library door open. She was looking around the room until she set her focus on me. This was none other than the Party Princess Pony, Pinkamena Diane Pie. Pinkie was shifting her gaze between me and different locations around the library. “Twilight, I need your help! There’s a new pony here somewhere and my Pinkie Sense is telling me that that somepony is here! Have you seen him?” She asked. Wow, the Pinkie sense has some amazing reaction times. I’ve barely been here ten minutes and Pinkie has already pinpointed my location. Regardless of the almighty power of the Pinkie Location System, this could be bad. Pinkie’s abilities are a rogue element. If she found out what I did she might get mad....and I did not want a pissed off Pinkie Pie after me...Nuewp! Do not want!

Ok I need information on how best to deal with this. I looked at Pinkie and spoke in my best Twilight voice, “I think I might Pinkie, but can I talk to Spike about something first? It’s kind of important.”

Pinkie sat down on her haunches and gave a smile and a nod, “Sure, Twilight! I’ll keep looking! I know that new pony is ‘round here somewhere!” Her head was swiveling to different parts of the library and she was checking under errant objects.

I smiled and turned to Spike and motioned him to follow me to the kitchen. The kitchen was fairly simple and had all the amenities one could want. I had a simple stove with oven attached. There was a decent sized refrigerator and a simple sink with in the middle. Oddly enough, the cabinets looked like they were more a part of the library rather than objects that were brought in and attached. I held the kitchen door open for him and let it close behind him. Pinkie was checking inside books looking for me. I looked to Spike, he still had an unamused face but it wasn’t as bad as before. “What did you want to talk about?” Spike inquired with his arms crossed.

I leveled with him, “I need to know how to break this to Pinkie.”

Spike arched a brow. “Just tell her.” ...Blunt, Spike, very blunt.

“Well, yeah, but what if she reacts badly to all this? What if she doesn't even believe me? I really don’t want Twilight’s friends to hate me.”

Spike’s brow furrowed this time, “How do you know Pinkie is Twilight’s friend? Better yet, how’d you know my name before?”

Ok, I actually have a valid excuse this time and a way to avoid exposing they were characters in a TV show. “Celestia gave me the rundown of Twilight, you, and her friends. I’m...kinda alone here. I think she figured if I knew about you, Twilight, and her friends ya’ll might...help.” I was half lying. Celestia hadn’t told me about them, I already knew about them. The being alone part was all truth. I could use some friends.

Spike’s expression softened a bit. “You..don’t have anyone? You don’t have any friends?”
I shook Twilight’s head.


I shook Twilight’s head again.

“Wow...” was all Spike said.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for taking over Twilight but-”

“WHAT!?”, a new but not unfamiliar said from nowhere.

Suddenly, Pinkie exploded out of the oven. Ok, I knew she was random...but seriously? How did she go from the main library to the oven without Spike or me noticing?

“What did you just say?” Pinkie said near inches from Twilight’s face.

Spike and I were both equally startled. I had felt Twilight’s ears shoot to full attention. I was still dumbfounded by Pinkie’s spontaneous teleportation. “Uh...duh...what?”, was about all I got out.

Pinkie was eyeing me with suspicion. I mentally snapped myself out of it and decided that there was no way to predict where this would go. Best keep it short, sweet, and truthful (to a degree). “Pinkie, you know that new pony you were looking for?”

Pinkie nodded still holding a suspicious look.

I took Twilight’s hoof and I used it to pull away part of her mane on the back of her neck, where I was. “Do you see that spot? That’s me. My name is Dante.”

I watched Pinkie out of Twilight’s peripheral, she was staring at me. Then she raised a hoof and...oh no.


I giggled. Twilight’s hooves shot to her mouth. Oh God, tell me she didn’t hear that.

She looked to me again. Her eyes narrowed and she moved to poke me again.

I whipped around and backed away.

“Twilight isn't ticklish there.” Pinkie stated.

“I am. Please don’t do that.” I requested.

*GASP* “You ARE the new pony. But not a pony! You’re some kind of black Gak thingie! Oh, Oh I should throw a welcome party after we get you off of Twilight. *Gasp* I should get the girls!” She said out loud, before she was moving toward the kitchen door. Uh oh, going down hill fast. She was about to zip out of the kitchen when I reached out and grabbed Pinkie by the tail with a tendril. I heard Spike gasp, and Pinkie soon shared the sentiment when she investigated what had stopped her.

“I know it’s freaky. I know both you are concerned for Twilight. I know I’m making her look kind of evil right now. Just please, hear me out before you go for the cavalry.” I begged of Pinkie. Her eyes were glued to Twilight’s. I let my hand tendril retract and Twilight’s eyes return to normal. Pinkie still looked surprised and Spike was sharing the expression. I couldn't read past the surprise, I need to humble myself a bit more. “Look if you don’t believe me when I’m done. You can take me off of Twilight. I won’t resist.” I meant it...it was gonna suck, but it would show my sincerity.

Pinkie looked at Spike and he looked at her. Spike made his way next to Pinkie and took a seat, Pinkie mirrored him. “Okie-doki-loki, but I’m still going to get the girls after this. They deserve to know.” Pinkie informed me still suspicious. I didn't protest. I spent the next few minutes going through the events of the last day. I told Pinkie and Spike about my death, my entry into Equestia, and what happened after I linked with Celestia. I left out the part about the assassination attempt. Of all things, to make them worry about that wasn't one they needed. Celestia had it under control....I hoped.

Neither one of them interrupted me. I finished and awaited judgement. It was silent for a moment. I looked up to gauge their reactions. Pinkie looked pensive like she was trying to determine how to feel. Spike was looking empathetic. Guess he felt sorry for me, I had told him about me being alone, but I never told him I had died. Pinkie chimed in, the bubbliness of her voice had given way to a sort of monotone pitch. “I’m...I’m going to go get the girls. I’ll be back in a bit.” I just nodded and walked Pinkie to the door. She made her way into Ponyville. She didn't say a word as she left. As she was leaving I could see several ponies going about their business. Some stopped and waved at Twilight wishing her a good day. I gave them a courteous wave and closed the door. I turned to see Spike in the center of the library, waiting for me. I let out a sigh and I approached Spike. I had to make this right. “Spike, we need to wake up Twilight.”

Spike looked at me with a confused look. “How do we do that?”

I had to think on it. I could just slap her face until she woke up, but that might not be enough. I needed something that would shock her straight to consciousness. Hmmmmmm. OH! Time for another cliche!!

“Spike, do you have any ice?”

“In the freezer. But why do you need ice?”

I gave a bit of a devious smile. “I’m gonna add water and apply to it directly to Twilight.”

Spike lit up like a Christmas tree. “YES! I’ve always wanted to do this!” He was a giddy as a kid in a candy store. I couldn't help by chuckle. It didn't take long to find a bucket and fill it with ice and water. Spike led me to the bathroom, and I made my way into the tub. Hi, I’m Donte Morelo and this is my contribution to the Ice Bucket Challenge! I gave Spike a nod and with gusto he dumped the contents onto Twilight’s head. The reaction was instantaneous, Twilight’s body tensed up and I heard a voice screech in the back of Twilight’s head. “KYAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Well, what do you know. Cliches work! We were both drenched and cold, but the desired effect was obtained. I informed Spike of Twilight’s regained consciousness. “Welcome back” I said mentally. I felt Twilight’s mind attempting to recap what had happened. She seemed to have gotten as far as when I had arrived and when she fell, then reached a blank. “What happened?...Why can’t I move!?” Deja freaking Vu. “You tripped and knocked yourself out. Spike helped wake you up. We’re going to disconnect me from you before your friends get here.”

Twilight’s mind did a back flip. She was must have thought I was just taking over. The fact I was willingly removing myself seemed to put her at ease.

“Spike, I’m gonna need a towel and something to grab onto.” I said out loud. Spike gave a salute and took off to get the requested items. Twilight was balking at her voice being used without her say so. “How are you doing that?” She asked.

“When you are asleep or unconscious I can take over. Once I’m removed or I lose consciousness you will take over. I was overzealous to try and do something without letting you know first. I hope you can forgive me.” Twilight was processing what I had told her. I let her think. Spike returned with a towel and a broom stick.. I used Twilight’s hooves to cradle the towel and rub it against her magenta fur and purple mane until both were no longer drenched. The cold we had been feeling before was subsiding and a natural warmth was beginning to take over.I gave the towel back to Spike and I motioned for him to follow me again. We made our way back to the center of the library. I explained what I wanted Spike to do with the broom stick and he nodded that he understood. Twilight finally came off her train of thought. “You said your name was Dante, right?”She asked mentally. I nodded.

“I’m not sure if I can trust you completely, but I want you to explain everything to my friends. If they are willing to trust and forgive you. I will do the same.”

“I understand. I’ll need to be in contact with you or somepony else so that I can communicate. Is it okay if I just stay on your back so you can relay my words for me?”

“Yes, that will be fine....also, I keep getting these thoughts. They’re not not mine, are they coming from you?”

“They’re probably mine. Celestia and I figured that when I’m attached everything must be shared. So, I can feel what you feel and I can understand your thoughts. We’re essentially synced.”

Twilight’s mind went to determining how that was possible but ended up filing it away for study later. Twilight gave me the go ahead to remove myself. I told Spike to ready the broom and get ready to pull. He readied the stick and I used my tendril hand to grab on. Spike began pulling and I tried to relax myself in the hopes that I’ve come off a little easier than before. It seemed to help out a bit. Poor Spike was straining himself to yank me off. He gave a final yank and I came loose...right into Spike’s face. I heard him yell out loud and mentally. I on the other hand was plastered all over his face and was feeling that numbness from before. Eventually, I felt a purple aura wrap around me and I was removed from Spike’s face and placed on the back of the glowing purple aura that was Twilight. “Uugh, that still sucks.”

I was able to link with Twilight a little. I felt a part of me wanting to connect with her completely but I was able to resist. “Are you okay?” Twilight asked mentally. “Yeah, just I think getting disconnected drains me a bit. That and of the two times I’ve been pull off somepony and immediately hit something.”

What did you hit last time?

“A wall.”

I wasn’t fully connected but I was still able to see her stifle a giggle. “Not cool, Twilight.”

She didn’t say anything, she just rolled her eyes. Um, rude!

“Well, I’m not sure how long until Pinkie gets back with the others. So, I’ll tell you what I told Spike and Pinkie in the mean time.”

It was a few minutes before Pinkie returned with the remainder of the Main Six.Thankfully, I was able to get through what had happened in the last day up until today.They were all wearing looks of concern and asking if Twilight was ok. Apparently, Pinkie hadn’t given many details; only that they needed to come to the library. Twilight explained what had happened going over the assignment Celestia had tasked her with in regards to a strange condition and how it had lead to something called Symbios who might be the cause of the condition. Rainbow Dash was the first to make a comment. “Whoa, whoa, wait a second. You’re telling me there might be a thing out there that can make a pony into some kind of awesome warrior?”

“If what I’ve found is to be believed then, yes.” Twilight responded.

“That’s. so. AWESOME!” Should have seen that one coming.

Fluttershy didn’t seem to think so and Rarity shared her sentiments. “Well, surely a creature such of that must be truly quiet the brute.” Gee, want to check your privilege there, Rarity?

Twilight caught that last thought. “Relax, they don’t know you yet. Let me finish and you can voice your concerns.”

I wasn’t happy with that. Not having a mouth sucked! I resigned myself to staying on Twilight’s back as she continued. She went on to explain how Celestia had sent her a box that contained something to assist with her research of the Symbios. She then went through what had transpired that led up to Pinkie going to collect them. There were mixed reactions from each pony: Rarity looked abashed, Rainbow Dash looked angry, Fluttershy was covering her mouth with her hooves, Applejack was probably the most stoic seeming to just let the information sink in and mull it over. Pinkie was looking over Twilight’s shoulder at me and back to her friends. I still couldn’t tell what she thought of me.

Rainbow was again the first to speak up, “Well, what happened to that ungrateful little freak!? I’ll make it pay for taking over your body when you were just trying to help!” I shrank...not liking where this was going. I saw Fluttershy trying to say something but I couldn’t hear it. Applejack moved toward Rainbow Dash who was hovering in the air. “Take it easy there, Sugar Cube. We ain’t heard its side of the yet. It may have had a good reason doing what it did.” Her down to Earth country accent gave a calming tone to her words. Gotta love the voice of reason.

Applejack’s statement seemed to quell Rainbow’s anger a bit, “Ok, fine. But if it’s not, that thing is in a world of hurt!” Ok, that’s four times I’ve been referred to an “it”. I happen to have a...wait...do I?....DAMN IT!! I don’t know if I even have a gender anymore!

Twilight turned and nudged me. It got my attention and snapped me out of the thought I probably was going to be getting any for a long while. I looked up at her and she motioned to her friends, guess it was time for introductions.

“Girls, I know that this might be odd, but I want to introduce you to someone” said Twilight.

All the ponies present looked at Twilight as I craned my body around her side so I could be seen. Rarity and Fluttershy gasped, while Rainbow and AJ just looked stunned.

“This is Dante, he’s the Symbio I mentioned before.” Twilight held her hoof under me and I let myself fall onto it. She took the extended hoof and presented me to the others...and suddenly it was really quiet.

“Uuuh, Twilight...this is a new level of awkward silence.”

“Just give them a second. Remember, as far as anypony knows you’re the only one of your kind.”

“Somehow that doesn’t help much.” I thought solemnly. I was going to say something else when I felt warm air touching Twilight and me. Twilight looked up from me and saw Fluttershy was a few inches away from me. When had she approached? Fluttershy was just staring at me. Her light green eyes were looking over every inch of me. Twilight looked at the others who hadn't moved an inch.

“Can...can he talk?” Fluttershy inquired. She didn’t seem as timid as she was in the show, but it could be she saw me as more as an animal than a thinking creature.

Twilight nodded, “He can but you have to make physical contact. He communicates telepathically”

Fluttershy was hesitant for a second, but eventually she raised a hoof and make contact with me. I felt the connection with her and with Twilight. Ok, this was weird. I could hear both of their thoughts. Too weird.

“Uh, Twilight, can you put me down? I’m hearing two sets of thoughts at once. It’s weirding me out.”

Fluttershy must have heard that as she retracted her hoof. Twilight seemed to understand and put me on the ground. I lost her sight and swapped to aura sight. I still saw her aura but when I turned around I could see the auras of the other five. Fluttershy’s aura was a light yellow that seemed to flow off her like a waterfall. Rainbow’s aura was cyan but her aura looked buffeted. Each time she beat her wings her aura was forced down to the ground. Rarity’s aura was more of of a vibrant white with a blue underlay that started from her center and radiated out. Then there was Applejack and Pinkie’s aura. Their auras were different, it was like their auras were flowing out of the ground and building within them. I think I should remember this, Twilight might be able to make something out of this.

I saw Fluttershy approach me again. Her hoof was extended again. I moved up and made contact. “Hello, Fluttershy.”

The small amount of contact was enough for me to see through her eyes...wow, I was small. Fluttershy was surprised but also interested,“Oh um, hello. My, this is different. I’ve always been able to understand animals, but never like this!” She stated out loud. I felt her getting more excited, she put both hooves on my and I felt myself being lifted. I wasn’t expecting this and I freaked out a bit. My body reacted before my mind and it started to curl around her leg. I wasn’t linked with her yet, but the urge was getting really strong.

“Fluttershy..I-I need you to put me down, please.” I pleaded. It was starting to get harder to resist linking with her, and if I did I might freak her out. Good Lord, I could only imagine the rage of the bronies back on Earth if I traumatized Fluttershy.

Fluttershy was too enthralled by the prospect of a new creature to learn about that my thoughts didn’t reach her. The urge was getting unbearable. I just...needed to...not....
I saw myself in Fluttershy’s eyes. My whole body was spazzing! I had to act or the urge was going to overtake me. Then I did something that I still regret...don’t hate me....I yelled at Fluttershy.


That got her attention. She immediately relinquished me and I was airborne for a few seconds. I saw myself before she let me go. I felt that I had spooked her. Boy, my guilt was done crushing me. Now it was just content putting me in front of the firing squad and just shooting me until I was torn apart. Then I felt something new grab me. The connection let me see myself again but I was still in the air. I felt a strong urge to protect and anger that was directed at me. Who ever had me was about to toss me out the window, when the urge took over. I snaked up the arm of my soon to be host and found myself nestled in their mane.

“What the!?” I heard my host yell as I fully linked with them. Heart rate was up, muscles were tense, and wings were beating hard. Ok, Fluttershy tossed me, and there was only one other pegasus present. I was linked to Rainbow Dash.

Author's Notes:

Decided to try something new with the mental talking. Might keep it might not. Let me know what ya'll think. May or may not post another chapter tomorrow. There will definitely be one Monday. Ya'll are awesome. Later!

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