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Chapter 7: Chapter 7- Making Friends

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Ok, not feeling good. My body had attached to Rainbow Dash without my say so. I had yelled at Fluttershy, and I’m pretty sure I just blew any chance of gaining their trust. DAMN IT!

“Hey! Little loud!” I heard my host say. “Also, GET THE BUCK OFF OF ME!”

Yeeeeeah and Rainbow was supremely pissed with me right now. I would have done what she said but that spaz attack from earlier had me rattled and I didn’t want to leave my host.

“R-r-rainbow Dash...Please...I...feel wrong....Please let me stay.” I pleaded, sounding pretty pathetic.

“No way! Get off me or I’m going to yank you off!”

We were still hovering near the library window. Rainbow was shouting her responses, while I was confined to telepathy. The others were listening to a one sided conversation. I tried to beg Rainbow to let me stay when I was suddenly feeling really tired. I felt myself losing consciousness. “Rain..bow...wrong...me...help....please” I managed to squeak out that last sentence out before I blacked out.


Next thing I could remember I outside my house. My house on Earth. I..I was home? I felt a rush of excitement, I was home! I could tell my parents I wasn’t dead, I could hang with my friends, I could actually continue my life! I ran for the front door, bounding over the front lawn. I reached the front door and threw it open. “MOM, DAD!” I yelled. I looked around the house. It was the house I grew up in most of my life. I could walk it blindfolded. I didn’t see my parents. Maybe they were in their rooms. I went to check. The master bed room door was closed. In my excitement I threw the door open. My heart lept, inside were my parents and my best friends. I saw my mother, a short woman with short curly hair that was greying but still had remnants of her natural black hair. She was in her early 50’s but was still in good shape from all her running. She’d taken care of me for most of my life while my dad had been gone. She had taught me everything (Moral and educational) My dad was right next to her. He was slightly taller than my mom and had long since shaved his hair off once he had started balding. He was well built and still had the posture of a man in the military. He was in his early 50’s like my mom but he could still go kick ass if he wanted. He was a strong man but knew how to have a good time. I had always aspired to be like him. I had long since adopted his “why not” attitude. If there was something dangerous and thrill worthy, neither of us would hesitate to do it.

In the room with them were my five best friends. There was Aaron Abbott, probably the first friend I had ever made when my family had settled down after my dad’s retirement from the military. He was a bit of a ditz and was a hopeless romantic, but if you ever needed a pick-me up, he was the guy.
Next to him was Jorge Cabinillas, I met him in high school. I used to find ways to ninja my way behind him and scare the ever living crap out of him. He hated it but he’d always find a way to get back at me some how. Jorge was also an amazing artist, but he’d never admit it. He was also the one who got me into My Little Pony. I had been so resistant to it at first, but then I watched the first episode, then the second, then the third, and I was hooked. But Jorge didn’t know that...so I pretended for a week that I hadn’t watched it just to mess with him. He was so pissed when I told him I had watched the whole first season.

Next to him were the Phoenix brothers. They were near identical brothers but were two different ages. The older Phoenix brother, Myles, was an aspiring Navy candidate and was probably the most charismatic guy I’d ever met. If he had something on he’d say it with no filter. He wasn’t a brony but he was ok with the rest of us. Myles and I used to have “man offs” and who was the most “‘Merican” contests. (I’ll admit he was pretty ‘Merican, he beat me when a bald eagle started roosting outside his house. YOU CAN’T OUT ‘MERICA THAT!”

His brother, Conor, was a brony but he was a bit more reserved. He was pretty quiet at times but would make himself known if he needed. He was also a notorious shipper. He pretty much invented a new rule of the internet (If there are two people in a series, they will be shipped) He also came up with a good amount of our crazy ideas. One year he had compiled a list of “out of context” lines and put them on shirts. There were many confused people that day.

Then, there was George Lumi. George was the Barney of my friends. He had loads of girl friends. I attributed it to his good looks, blonde hair, and short stature. He was a bit more religious than the rest of us, but he was still an awesome guy. He was also a pretty impressive actor and singer. I was always jealous of that. I have a singing voice that breaks windows and makes cats screech. It didn’t matter. He was always fun to hang out with.

This was perfect! Everyone I was missing was here! “Guys! I’m here! I’m not dead!” I shouted in excitement....nothing. “Mom? Dad? Dudes? Can you hear me?” I was getting worried. Why weren’t they responding? “Come on, ya’ll. You’re freaking me out.” I walked up to each of my friends. I tried to get them to acknowledge me. Nothing was working. I couldn’t even touch them. I was a ghost. I didn’t exist. I saw them crying. I wanted to do something, anything to make them see me. Let them know I was okay. Let them know I wasn’t dead. I felt like crying. I couldn’t stand seeing my family like this, seeing my friends crying for me. It hurt so much. I just wanted to let them know I wasn’t dead. That I still existed.

I awoke to the sound of of someone eating. I had to focus to see again. There was a table in front of me along with a bowl of cereal. I could hear munching sounds in my ears..no not my ears. I was still piggy backing on somepony. I saw a cyan hoof come up and wipe her eyes. I guess I was still on Rainbow Dash. Well...maybe she was a bit calmer now.


“Huh? Oh, your awake. *Sniff* That’s good. How, uh, how ya feeling?” Why did she sound like she’d been crying?

“I feel a bit better now. Guess I pushed myself a bit too much yesterday.”

She chuckled, “Heh, yeah I know that feeling.” She took another bite of her cereal. I decided to let her finish eating before continuing. I noticed her thoughts were focusing on me for some reason. She was somewhere between wanting to hate me and feeling sorry for me. Where did that come from? Had she seen my dream?

She finished the last of her cereal and drank what was left of the milk before placing her bowl in a nearby sink. Now that I could see again, I noticed that the whole house had a very Roman style build to it. There were columns that accented the doorways and I could swear the floors were marble. The tops of the walls had some fancy accents to them as well. I had to admit was pretty swanky. I finished admiring Rainbow’s home and noticed we were heading out of the kitchen and into the foyer. She made her way to the front door and opened it. Before us was the morning sky. The sun had just broken over the horizon and was painting the sky in a fiery-red and orange. Rainbow looked down and I noted exactly how far from the ground we were. Then I got a familiar feeling. It’s that feeling you get when you are on the edge of a precarious perch and you know that all you have to do is take a single step forward. Just a single step and you’d die. I LOVED THAT FEELING! It was the same feeling I got when I went skydiving!

“Hey Rainbow, when you leave your house do you just fly off, or you dive into it?”

I felt Rainbow wanting to pull a prank. “What’s wrong scared of heights?”

“Hehe, nope. But it’d be a hell of a thrill to skydive again.”

Rainbow was a bit disappointed at not being able to prank me but she was suddenly interested, “Skydiving, huh? So, you like that sort of stuff?”

“Heh I’ll try anything stupid once. Twice, if I really like it.”

I felt Rainbow smirk and she let herself fall off the front of her porch. This was a familiar sensation. Gravity was pulling both of us down to the ground and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the wind rushing past Rainbow’s ears. “THIS IS AWESOME!”

Rainbow’s heart was perfectly calm and her mind hardly wandered. My mind on the other hand was enjoying the ride. We had fallen for about a minute, we were now under the clouds. I noticed Rainbow wasn’t making any attempt to veer off course or halt her descent in any way. I guess she was just milking it for effect. The ground was getting pretty close though. “Hey, uh Rainbow Dash. Might want to pull up now.” I thought with a bit of worry. Rainbow didn’t say anything. She was in the lounging position as we continued to plummet. She’s playing chicken with me. Hmmm, this could be interesting. Let’s see how far she’d push this.

“Ya know, I bet you’ll break off long before you come close to the ground.” I goaded her.

That got her attention. She said something, but the wind was whipping too hard for me to hear with her ears. “Think what you just said. I can’t hear you.”

“You’re gonna to lose that bet!”

With that she shot herself down towards the ground. WOOOOOO! We were mere feet from the ground when Rainbow pulled up at the last second caused a shockwave to blow underneath us. I was whooping like crazy and loving the feeling of gravitational forces pressing against us.


Damn straight! Now you owe me!”

“Ah ha ha, oooooh. Ok, that was worth it. What do I owe you?”

We regained altitude and were cruising just below the clouds.

“Hmm, I don’t know yet. I’ll just hold onto it for later.”

I would have protested but the ride was too much fun. “I’m ok with this. So, where are we heading anyway?”

“We’re heading to Twilight’s. She wanted to make sure you were okay when you woke up. That and she wanted to do some egghead stuff.”

“‘Egghead’ stuff? Like experiments?

I felt her roll her eyes. “Yeah, egghead stuff.”

After that, it was quiet for a while. I couldn’t think of anything to talk about. I decided to play a tune in my mind. It was good enough that I could put my focus into something to make time pass by faster, but I was noticing that Rainbow Dash was bob her head to the beat. I let the song play out. Could she actually hear the song?When I came to the end of the tune I heard Rainbow chime in, “What was that? It sounded like something DJ Pon3 would play.”

“It’s something I heard before.” I had to admit this was interesting. I knew when I was attached that I shared thoughts with my host, but I assumed it was how I interpreted theirs. I could get a vague idea of what they were thinking of but nothing concrete. But Rainbow made it sound like she heard the song clearly. Maybe it was because my focus was on the song. Maybe it’s similar to when I talk telepathically, I had to keep my focus on what I wanted to say for it to be heard. Hmmm, maybe I could share thoughts if I put my focus on them? Better log that away for later. But since I thought of that, I need to confirm something else.

“Rainbow, can I ask you something?”

“Don’t see why not. But if it’s to ditch out on that one you owe me, forget it.”

I chuckled at that, I had no problems owing Rainbow Dash a favor. Yeah it might come back to bite me in the ass, but with recent events I’d take it. “Nah, nothing like that.” I shifted to sounding a more serious. “Earlier before, when I woke up...were you crying?”

That got her to stop flying all together and come to a hover. I felt her wanting to avoid the question. “Look if you were, I won’t say a word to anypony. I just wanted to make sure you were ok.” That last part wasn’t entirely true. I had a feeling she was crying because of something she saw. Something I had unwittingly shared with her.

Rainbow didn’t respond at first. Instead, she opted seek out a nearby cloud and land on it. Dude clouds are like a bean bag mixed with a memory foam mattress. No wonder Rainbow sleeps on them! “Yeah, I’m fine...just I uh....I kinda..er..saw your dream or nightmare.....You really miss your friends and family, don’t you?”

Well, I was right. Felt bad that I was right, and now I felt embarrassed. I inadvertently just dumped my emotional baggage on Rainbow Dash. DAMN IT, SUBCONCIOUS! Be a little respectful! “Uh...yeah. I honestly don’t have anything I can call family or friends here. I mean I think Celestia might count. She seemed to treat me like a friend.” Wow, bold statement. Oh yeah, my only friend is the Princess of the Sun. No biggie. I really need to filter myself.

“Wow. That’s kinda cool. I mean Celestia cares for every pony. But I guess you’ve been a bit closer to her than most other ponies.”

Understatement of the century.

I can kinda understand what you’re going through. Fluttershy was like that for a while.”

What? Fluttershy was alone? The show never mentioned this. I wanted to hear more about this. “What do you mean?”

I could feel Rainbow’s mind slip into a sad corner of her mind. I caught some glimpses of a younger Fluttershy crying, a younger Rainbow Dash trying to comfort her, and the two sharing a hard cry. Whoa, what caused this?

“When Fluttershy and me were just fillies, her parents were attacked by a rogue dragon. Fluttershy saw the whole thing. She was a wreck for the longest time. I was her only friend at the time.”


I didn’t say anything, I couldn't. I was processing that new info. It explained a lot. Fluttershy’s fear of dragons. Why she was good friends with Rainbow Dash. But watching your parents die? Suddenly, the happy world of Equestria was beginning to get a bit grimmer. When I finally had the ability to say something I just asked if we could continue to Twilight’s place. Rainbow said it was fine and we moved on.

“Say uh...Dante, right?”

“Yeah, Rainbow?”

Uh..I’d be happy to...be your friend and stuff.”

“Re-really? Even after yesterday?”

“Well, you’ll need to make it up to me later, but no pony deserves to be without a few good friends.”

Confound these ponies, they drive me to feel!

“Thanks, Rainbow Dash. I-I really appreciate it.”


We arrived at Twilight’s after a while and we made our way inside. What I saw had me concerned. I saw everything that would be present at a mad scientist’s laboratory. Beakers, vial, various chemicals, and some machines I couldn’t begin to determine the functions of. To quote a famous Youtuber, “I don’t like where this is goin’”. Twilight was in the back prepping some equipment and I felt this might be my only chance to make an escape. Buuut science and knowledge does not come to those who don’t dare.

“Well, shall we do a Science?”

“Ugh, don’t go egghead on me now.”

“Hey, science can be cool. Plus I need some answers about what I am. And as a bonus, you can see what I can do.”

Rainbow was interested in that. I hadn’t shown my abilities to the others outside of Pinkie and Spike. Which gave me an idea. “Hey, Rainbow. Want to see Twilight freak out?”

Rainbow was intrigued, “What did you have in mind?”

I layed it out to Rainbow and she approved. We snuck up to Twilight and I let my tendrils come out. I gave Rainbow the go ahead and she announced our arrival.

Twilight began to turn around, “Oh, hi Rainbow! Glad you could maaaaaaAAAAAAAH!” Twilight’s eyes went to pinpricks, part of her mane stood on end, and I swear she got at least four feet of air. Rainbow Dash and I commenced with laughing our collective asses off. Rainbow Dash was holding her sides and I was using my tendrils to smack the ground. That look on Twilight’s face....Priceless.

“Rainbow Dash! That wasn’t funny! You look like a demon pony!” Twilight chided.

Neither of us cared, it was still funny. Rainbow finished laughing and I let my tendrils relax, but not retract. Rainbow took the initiative, “Hahaha, aaaah. Sorry, Twilight. But it was too perfect.” Then she paused for a second. “Wait, what do I look like?”

Twilight had recovered and levitated a same hand/hoof mirror in front of Rainbow Dash. Her magenta irises were swimming in black giving her the aforementioned “demon” look. With a slight shift of the mirror two lines could be seen running down her back from her mane. The two lines curved down and ended at two black disks that rested on her shoulders. From those disks were my tendrils.

Rainbow inspected her eyes first then began to inspect the lines from her mane to her shoulders. I felt her heart start to race. Uh oh, was she freaking out? I couldn’t get a grip on her thoughts. Then I felt something start to build in her throat. Was she about to scream?

“This. Is. So. COOOL!”

“Huh?!” I heard Twilight state, and I had to admit I shared the sentiment.

“I look like I could kick so much tail! What else can you do?” Rainbow’s mind was dancing with all sorts of possibilities. “I don’t know, but I really want to find out. Care to help?” I asked my new friend.

“ Aw yeah!”


With that we began experimenting. Twilight put me through a battery of tests. She took some samples from me, tested the capabilities of my tendrils, and hypothesised about my relationship with my hosts based on details I told her. Rainbow watched and looked to be mildly interested. She watched with her newly acquired “demon pony” eyes and seemed to be a bit curious herself. Eventually we got through most of the test and decided to take a break for lunch. I let my arms retract and Rainbow’s eyes return to normal.

Rainbow Dash and I were heading to a local restaurant along with Twilight. I was able to finally get a good look at Ponyville. It was exactly like the show. The buildings all seemed to follow a basic victorian design, but were mostly wooden with straw roofs. The only deviations I could see where the different shops we passed. The shops were differently colored and tended to have signs proclaiming their wares. What got me as giddy as a schoolgirl was all the other ponies that were going about their business. Most of them I didn’t recognize, but I saw a few that would have made me squee had I had a mouth. When we arrived at the restaurant I realized that something was a little off. Like something was missing...OH! A particular assistant was missing.

“Rainbow, can you ask Twilight where Spike is? I didn’t see him back at the library.”

“Oh yeah, sure.”

Twilight had just started to sit down when Rainbow asked, “Hey Twilight, Dante wanted to know where Spike is.”

“Oh, he’s helping Rarity at the boutique today. I don’t think I’ll need him for most of these experiments.” Twilight replied. Then she seemed to consider something, then asked, “Rainbow Dash, I’d like to talk to Dante about a few things, but I feel like it’d be better to talk to him directly rather than through somepony else. I also, want him to talk to the others about last night. Is it ok if I put you to sleep for a bit so I can talk to him?”

“What? Why do you need to put me to sleep to talk to Dante?”

“The night before he explained to me that he can only take direct control if his host is unconscious. I think it’s some kind of safety mechanism Symbios have. That way if their host is knocked out they can act to keep them safe.” Wow, that makes loads of sense. A back up personality to protect the main personality. Neat! “I’ll use a simple sleep spell, you’ll go to sleep and we’ll wake you up and do the same to Dante so you can take over again.”

Rainbow was hesitant to the idea for a bit, but gave a shrug. “Ok, fine. I could use a nap away.”

Twilight prepped the spell and hit Rainbow with it. She immediately started to doze off.

“Talk to ya when you wake up.”

“Yeah...I’ll see...ya...later.”
Rainbow went to sleep and was about to topple over but I managed to stop her body’s decent. I did a quick check to make sure I had full control. Wings-check, tail-check, Ear (fwip, fwip)- check! Alrighty, then.

I raised Rainbow’s head to look at Twilight. I began to speak with Rainbow’s voice, “Hi, Twilight. What did you want to talk about?”

Twilight looked a bit hesitant. “I’d like to...I’d like you to meet with some of my friends. I explained what happened yesterday to them, but not all of them are okay with you just yet.”

Well, after first impressions like that I’m not surprised...I really needed to apologize to Fluttershy before the bronies back home figured out how to make an inter-dimensional cannon and blasted me for my insolence.

“Yeah, I don’t blame them. I made a pretty poor impression.” I said with remorse, I felt Rainbow’s ears splay against her head. “I want to know more about myself, but I’d feel better it if I could try to make amends.”

Twilight smiled and agreed. “We’ll have some lunch and you can apologize. Rarity and Pinkie are the only ones who weren't too happy with you.”

Pinkie and Rarity I can understand. But Fluttershy wasn’t mad? Knowing her, she might be blaming herself somehow.

“Is it ok if we stop by Fluttershy’s as well? I sort of yelled at her yesterday. I’d like to apologize to her as well.”

Twilight held her smile and nodded “Of course, so what do you want to eat?”

I’d almost forgotten we had come here to eat, Twilight’s comment and an angry growl from Rainbow’s stomach reminded me. I checked the menu, albeit clumsily, but I managed to prop it up enough for me to read it. Seriously, either ponies had magic magnet hooves or there was a secret I didn't know about.

Twilight and I finished our meals. I had a dandelion sandwich, it was actually better than I had expected. It had the texture of lettuce but had this lovely flavor that I couldn’t compare to. Twilight was kind enough to pay. Our first stop was Sugar Cube Corner. It was a bit of a walk so we talked on the way. I told Twilight about what I had observed the night before regarding the auras. She seemed interested and came up with a hypothesis. She hypothesized that what I was seeing was the flow of magic and that how each flowed was how their magic was applied. She also said she’d like to find a way to replicate my aura sight some how. I said I’d help where possible so long as nothing sharp was involved. Sorry, don’t like needles or scalpels. Ain’t happenin’. She accepted my terms saying she could figure out a way to do it magically. She then went into full on lecture mode and I got left in the dirt. I was a level one noob attempting to understand level three hundred MLG pro. I ended up having to stop her because I just didn’t get it. When I explained I didn’t know a thing about magic, Twilight got this glint in her eye and I sensed a lesson/experiment in my future. Hey, I’d learn magic, I wasn’t going to complain.

We made it to Sugar Cube Corner, and I could see through the window that Pinkie was helping run the front, while talking to Applejack. I noticed an extremely pregnant mare was in the back baking. Whoa, that must be Mrs. Cake. Guess she hadn’t had the foals yet. Pinkie was just finishing up with Applejack, when she spotted Twilight and me/Rainbow outside. She immediately jumped into the air and zipped outside in just under three seconds. Lord, she made the Road Runner look slow.

“Hi Twilight! Hi Dashie! How are ya?” Pinkie greeted us. Applejack also spotted us and trotted out to meet us.

“Heya Twi, Dash. What brings ya’ll ‘round here?”

“Well, Rainbow, Dante, and I were experimenting and we decided to break for lunch. Dante is currently in control of Rainbow while she takes a nap. He’d like to talk to the both of you.” With that out of the way she motioned for me to go ahead.

Applejack’s expression looked questioning and Pinkie’s happy-go-lucky demeanor was now very stern and slightly miffed.

I stepped forward, I felt Rainbow’s ears fold again. “I uh...I wanted to apologize for last night. I did some rash things without thinking and caused ya to worry. I’m really sorry.”

Applejack was looking directly at me. Her vibrant green eyes were drilling into me looking for a hint of insincerity. Finally, she smirked and extended a hoof. “Sa’ll water under the bridge partner. Pleasure to make yer acquaintance properly. I’m Applejack.”

Rainbow’s ears unfolded and I brought her hoof to meet Applejack’s. She hooked hers around Rainbow and we shook on it. “I appreciate it, Applejack. I’m Dante Morelo. You can just call me Dante.” I couldn’t help but smile. This was going pretty good for now. Let’s see what Pinkie-

“Uh, where’s Pinkie?” I asked looking around for the party pony. Twilight and Applejack looked equally as confused. Had she not accepted my apology? Well, maybe I could try and make things better later. “Guess she’s still not okay with it.”

Applejack threw a hoof over Rainbow’s shoulder. “Don’t worry bout it, sugar cube. Pinkie’s not a pony ta hold a grudge. She’ll come ‘round eventually.”

She had a good point. I knew Pinkie would get angry but she never hated anyone...then again political assassinations were a thing, along with Batman-esque family murders. Well, I’d find a way to make it up to her.

Twilight and I parted ways with Applejack, who said she had to head back to the farm to take care of some more chores. Twilight and I made our way to Carousel Boutique to make amends with Rarity. Thankfully, it was a very short walk from Sugar Cube Corner. The boutique was much like all the other stores in Ponyville, except it was more independent from the others. It was right in the center of an opening that was pretty close to the park. It was essentially a two story spire that you couldn’t miss. It was painted with vibrant pinks and blues and was adorned with frills around the edges of the roof.

Twilight and I made our way inside. Our entrance was announced by the ringing of a bell. “Welcome to Carousel Boutique where everything is chic, sleek, and magnifique!” We heard a voice call from across the shop. The voice came from Spike while he was carrying bolts of cloth fabric. He peeked around the bolts to spot us. “Oh hey, Twilight. Hey Rainbow Dash. How’s Dante doing?”

“I’m doing okay, Spike. Rainbow let me have the reins while she takes a nap.” I replied.

Spike put the bolts down and looked at me, “So I guess you were able to apologize with Rainbow Dash?”

I nodded Rainbow’s head, “Yeah, we talked it out this morning. We pretty much cemented with a pretty good prank.”

I could feel Twilight scowling at me. Again, TOTALLY WORTH IT!

“Aw, wish I could have seen that.” Spike then turned towards a side room and called for Rarity.

“I’ll be there in just a moment, Spikey-wikey.” Sure enough within a few seconds Rarity came out from a the room Spike had turned to. She was wearing a pair of red plastic glasses and had a measuring tape draped around her neck. She saw us and seemed mildly surprised, “Oh, Twilight. Rainbow Dash. What can I do for you today?”

“Actually, that’s Dante. Rainbow is taking a nap so he’s controlling her” Spike corrected.

Rarity turned to look at me. She didn’t seem too happy with my current control of her friend. Better get going before her opinion of me gets worse. I extended Rainbow’s hoof.

“Hi, Rarity. I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I realize I didn’t make a much of a good impression. I was hoping we could try again, and start off on the right foo-hoof.”

Rarity’s expression softened slightly but she still looked displeased,“Is she aware you are controlling her?” Rarity inquired.

“Yes, Twilight made sure it was ok with her before I took over.”

Rarity looked like she was mulling over my response, her hoof taping her chin in thought. Then she leveled her gaze with me. “Have you apologized to the others?”

Twilight chimed in for this part, “He’s already apologized to Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie. We were planning to head to Fluttershy’s cottage before we continue our experiments.”

Rarity looked at Twilight, “Experiments?”

Twilight explained, “Dante, as far as anypony knows, is the only known Symbio in Equestria. Combined that with how little is recorded about them and their abilities, Princess Celestia asked me to record as much about him as we can get.”

Rarity looked from Twilight to me then back to Twilight, she looked conflicted. “The only one of his kind? Where did he come from then?”

I did my best to explain my situation,“I...well....I came from...*sigh* It’s hard to explain, to put it simply I died on my world and was told by Death that I was living the wrong life. Then he sent me here in my...new state. I know as much about my self as you.”

Rarity snapped back to me, “What?!” She shrieked. “You died? How?”

“I was squashed by a meteor.” I may have said that a little too bluntly.

Rarity, Twilight and Spike looked dumbstruck, “Yeah, that’s about how I felt. Who would have thought that’s how’d I go.” Levity is my coping mechanism, it leads to awkward moments...just like the one after I said that.

Rarity, thankfully, broke the awkward silence, “If I may be so bold. What is it you can do?”

“Well, Rainbow was okay with how she looked so, I’ll show you.” I put my focus into my tendrils and let them form. Rarity was stunned and wide eyed. Twilight got that glint in her eye again, and Spike was looking less spooked from last night.

Rarity, again, broke the silence with a single word sung over a few seconds, “IDEEEEEAAAAA!” Then with that she snagged Spike with her magic and ran off with him into what I assumed was Rarity’s idea room. I wasn’t sure how to take that. She didn’t panic and she didn’t look scared. Yet, she got a random spark of inspiration, and ran off. Guess this was another one I’d have to figure out later.

Twilight was a bit easier to read. She was excited and I got just as excited when she explained WHY she was excited. “I KNOW HOW YOU WORK!”

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WOW that was long. I could have ended the chapter a few times, but none of them felt right. I'm gonna start really kicking the story into gear. Also, thanks for all the support ya'll! See you in the next chapter!

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