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Chapter 5: Chapter 5- Meeting the Student

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So, I learned something new about myself. I have the tenacity of bubble gum stuck to the pavement and the elasticity of a rubber band. Celestia had explain, she wanted to send me to Twilight for in-depth observation. She said she'd had wanted to assist with helping me understand my current form, but with the assassination attempt she had to shift her priorities. She apologized, but asked that I collaborate with Twilight as much as possible. She also said she had a side project she had to work on. When she mentioned the side project she had this smirk on like she was planning something.

So back to the Dante-ectomy. The first initial moments weren't so bad. I was able to practice a bit more with forming my newly dubbed "tendrils". Yeah they looked like hands but tendrils has that sort of evil sound that gave it more appeal. So I used my tendrils to grab onto a bar that Celestia had magically formed and she began to pull. The first thing we learned was my tendrils had some serious stretch to them. I managed to stretched to nearly the other end of the room before I started getting a strange sensation. It felt like when you have a band aid on your arm and you start to remove it. It that that sensation of the adhesive slowly relinquishing its grasp on on your skin. Then I felt the last piece of resistance give, and I learned another new thing. The thing I learned was what its like to hit a wall at high speed. Now this would have been a painful experience, except I was Gak. The minute I made contact with the wall my entire form spread out and distributed the force. I still felt the impact (damn you physics!) but I wasn't in pain...I was definitely seeing stars though. This was immediately made worse when gravity decided to be a dick (FAKA YOU, NEWTON!) and force me to the ground, further deafening my senses.

I heard a voice call to me, “Dante?”

I just shuddered, this was a bad idea. I couldn’t feel anything. I had no concept of self. I wasn't sure what was my head, body, or anything.

“Dante,are you okay?” the voice was full of concern. I knew who it was, I just couldn’t respond. Not like, “Oh, I’m in such pain. So I won’t speak” No, I had no mouth and I could not speak. I could see...kinda. Things were really trippy. Everything had this sort of ethereal flow. It was like seeing the wind (if the wind was this whitish-blue). I could see Celestia looking at me, but It was like I could only see this aura that was her. To me she was just this glowing outline of golden energy. She was practically a walking sun with a pony shape!

“Can you hear me?” She was sounding more concerned now. I’d better try to respond somehow. I did some experimenting and tried to find some sort of sensation of an appendage or something that would respond to commands. I looked up at Celestia and I tried to will myself to move towards her with little success. Ugh, I need to think of something. Ok, Celestia said the tendrils appeared when I reacted out of instinct. Hmmm, you don’t walk out of instinct, you had to send a signal to your legs to get the muscles to move. Except, I don’t have legs...so maybe my body was just one large amorphous being. Wait, that might be it. I adapted my thinking and shifted to moving more like a snake. I was moving. BOO-YA! Oddly, enough my body seemed to apply itself to my new form of locomotion. I felt myself elongate to allow for my slithering movements to work. I was able to make it to what I assumed was Celestia’s right foreleg and I craned what I assumed was now my head up at her. I was starting to realize I was now very, very small. I did not like it.

Celestia took pity on my new diminutive size and lowered her body until she was laying flat on the ground. She was now at eye level with me. Did I even have eyes? “Dante, I want to make sure you are alright before I send you to Twilight. Can you answer a few questions for me? They’ll be ‘yes or no’ questions.”

I felt compelled to try and answer verbally, but all that was audible was this high pitch squeak sound. I couldn’t make out Celestia’s expression but based on how fast her hooves reached her muzzle, she was either holding back laughter or containing a squee.

She regained herself and apologized. “Sorry, but...that was adorable.” Adorable? Ow...my man pride. I attempted to give an annoyed look, but again I couldn’t gauge her reaction due to how I saw things now. “Anyway, are you feeling, okay?” Well, I had regained some feeling in my body. I felt some soreness from my recent encounter with Newton’s law of physics; otherwise, not bad. I nodded in response.

Celestia nodded, “Good, are you able to see?” Considering I was looking at a talking sun aura, that had to count. I nodded. “Ok, last question. I have to put you into a container in order to get you to Twilight via dragon fire. Are you claustrophobic?” I thought back to many of my trips on airplanes due to my dad’s military career, and that one time I got to try out a g-force centrifuge. Both had their own variation of cramped but it never scared me. I shake my head.

With a nod, I saw her aura start to glow brighter around her horn and I saw the aura shoot across the room and grab a square shaped object. If I had to take a guess this was my “carriage” for this evening. Celesia took the box and placed it in front of me. Based on its size it could be a jewelry box. I looked at the box then up at Celestia. She motioned for me to get in the box. I was never sure how snakes climbed things, and this was shown no better than my many failed attempts to slither into this box. Celestia didn’t notice (thankfully), as she was at her desk writing something down. I ended up hooking my head on to the side of the box and just hefting my body into the box. The inside was cushioned and was actually pretty comfy. Oooh. Was that velvet I felt? Swanky. I felt my body adjust to the box. I think I was spherical now. Hmmmm, I got all the right curves in all the right places.

Celestia finished her letter and grabbed a bottle of swirling green from a nearby rack. Her aura glowed again and her aura shot to the box I was resting in. The box rose from the ground and came to rest on Celestia’s desk. I looked to her, she was looking down on me. “I’ve written a letter for Twilight. I’m going to send it through with you. I’m not sure what the journey will be like for you, but I wish you luck.” She put the letter down next to the box. “And one last thing.” I shifted my view back to Celestia. “I realize that you know a lot about our world as far as recent events. I would appreciate it if you did not mention these events to my student or my subjects.” I could see the logic in that. Too many questions and problems. Best to keep the inner fanboy in the closet. I gave her a final nod, and Celestia closed the lid of the box. I heard a latch click on the box. Whelp, best buckle up. God knows what this is going to feel like.

Dragon fire teleportation is AWESOME! It’s like being spun in a centrifuge before being hucked like a rock in a sling shot! My entry into Equestia was more like me speeding out of control to where ever I might land. This felt was more controlled and directed. I felt some slight shifts in direction along the way. Then suddenly, someone hit the air brakes...hard. I went from lightspeed to deadstop in a second. I felt myself splat to the front of the box but like before gravity pulled me to the bottom of the box.

I heard sound of a least a 7.7 belch (out of the 10 point scale) followed by my container hitting the ground. Thanks to the cushions in the box I hardly felt anything. I was regaining my senses when I noticed that there were two new auras outside of the box. One of the aura was a swirling green and the other was a vibrant violet.

“Whoa! That was way deeper than I expected” I heard a young voice say. “What’s the letter say, Twilight?”

“Hmmm, apparently Princess Celestia has sent us something to help with our research. I wonder what it is.” I heard a feminine voice say.

I’d heard enough to know who these two auras belonged to. This could be none other than Twilight Sparkle and her faithful assistant Spike the dragon. Hmmm, they want to know what’s in the box....my inner troll demands homage. A little shimmy, shimmy and the box gave a satisfyingly curious shake.

I saw both the auras flinch. Yes, minions. Right where I want you.

“Did...did that just move?” I heard Spike ask.

“I..I’m not sure.” Twilight replied.

The purple aura of Twilight was the first to approach. I saw her lower her head in front of the box. I suspected she was inspecting my container, and she was mighty close. I think it’s time for a little forward shove. Twilight backed off pretty fast. Hehehe, ok I’ve had my fun. I want out. Time to pull out the universal greeting.

Knock, knock-knock-knock, knock.

Twilight looked at Spike and he returned the look. Then he looked to my box and I saw Spike reach a claw toward the ground and he replied.

Knock, knock.

Mah dragon! With pleasantries out of the way, I guessed the two were a bit more at ease. Spike started approaching the box but Twilight cut him off, “Wait, Spike. Let me open it. We don’t know what this is.” Ooooh you do. You’ve just haven’t seen it yet.

I saw her aura reach out to the latch and unlock it. The box top flew open and I was there presented in my ....gaky glory. I wasn’t sure but from Twilight and Spike’s cocked heads they were confused.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, Spike. I can’t tell what it is.”

I decide now is a good time to get another reaction. I reach my head out of the box and slither out. Twilight screamed and immediately started backpedaling. “SNAKE!!!

I started laughing my ass off at this. Well, squeaking my ass off, but you get the point. Twilight was not assumed. She already had her back to the wall and was not happy with my current shape. So I relaxed and let my form turn more blob like. I saw Spike was approaching and I shifted my body to face him.

“Hey, it’s kinda cute.” Spike said as he reached out to touch me.

Twilight tried to protest but he already had his hand on me. I felt myself attach to him slightly and for a second I heard his thoughts, “Huh, slimey.” Well, that was news to me. Better take advantage of this momentary link. “Hi, Spike!”

His claw immediately retracted and my connection with Spike snapped. He pointed an accusing talon at me and said,“T-T-T-Twilight! It spoke to me!!!”

Twilight’s fear must have subsided as her aura was approaching me now. I turned to her and she stopped for a moment before hesitantly taking a few more steps toward me. She extended a hoof toward me and held it there “Hu-Hu-Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle. Who are you?”

I slipped forward until I made contact with her hoof, “Hello, Twilight Sparkle. I’m Dante Morelo, and I’m a Symbio.”

I don’t know what her face looked like, but based on how she was prancing about screeching “Omigosh” over and over again, she was over the hill. Spike on the other hand, was standing to the side with his head cocked to the side again. “What did it say? How does it know my name?”

Best thing about mental conversations? They’re two-way with no possibility of eavesdropping.

After Twilight finished proclaiming her happiness to Gosh, Twilight zipped back in front of me and started releasing rapid fire questions about what I could do, where I was from, and how I was able to communicate telepathically. I could hardly keep up so I decided to do the one thing I could think of that would answer most of her questions. I motioned for her to come closer. She seemed to get the idea. With her hoof extended I decided to make my move. I spiraled my way up her forehoof and nestled myself between the follicles of her mane. She freaked out and started yelling.

I was already nestled in and I started connecting to her nervous system. I felt her heart beating away at a rapid pace. Her eyes were checking herself for me. Her mind was racing trying to determine what I had just done, and her legs were shaking like mad. She was scared, probably best to try and calm her.
“Twilight, I need you to calm down. I’m currently on the back of your neck. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“What did you do?! How are you doing that?” she replied out loud still scared out of her mind.

“See what you’re doing right now? That’s not calming down. I can tell. I’m connected to your nervous system, I can feel what you feel and hear your thoughts. Now, seriously, calm down!”

Twilight was still hysterical. “You’re connected to my nervous system?! What? How?! That doesn’t make sense!”

I could see Spike was starting to look concerned. I decided it was going to have to get drastic, “Twilight” I mentally told her in my most serious tone. “I need you to calm down or I’m going to have to do something that’s really going to spook Spike.”

That got her to stop. She was still breathing heavily, but her heart rate was beginning to come back to normal range. “Ok, now we are getting somewhere. Sorry for springing that on you but it’s a bit easier to get information across when I’m attached.” Her eyes were starting to focus more, I could actually see the Golden Oaks Library now. Aura vision is cool and all but it leaves out a lot of details. The library was just as big as depicted in the show. Wall to wall was lined with books of every genre and every topic one could imagine. Twilight and I seemed to be at the central table in the middle of the room while Spike was standing near the staircase that lead to their rooms. Spike still looked worried.

“Just a suggestion, but Spike looks a bit concerned. You might want to let him know you’re ok.”

Twilight finally came back to Equestia and shook herself back to focus. She looked to Spike to confirm what I said. Guilt crept into her mind before it shifted to mild anger. “He wouldn’t be worried if you hadn’t startled me.” She scolded mentally.

“Yes, I know. I’m sorry, but it’s kind of hard to explain things when you don’t have a mouth. Take care of Spike and I’ll answer as much as I can. Promise.”

Twilight seemed to accept this and began to move towards Spike. “Spike, I’m ok I just-” She didn’t finish that sentence. Her legs were still shaken up from my performance a second ago and tripped over them. She fell face forward and connected with the ground pretty hard. It must have knocked her out, because she went limp. Shit. I remembered what Celestia had told me about control in the absence of consciousness. I was still up and running, although I felt the start of a wicked headache. I gave an experimental twitch of the front foreleg. I got a reaction. Whelp, better finished what was started. I opened Twilight’s eyes to see Spike kneeled next to me calling for Twilight. I slowly got onto all fours and nursed the sore spot on Twilight’s head. That should probably be a knot from the swelling alone. Guess that's the healing ability at work.

I turned to look at Spike who was still worried. Well, here we go!

“Hey, Spike...uh, Twilight kinda got knocked out. So I’m going to be in control for a while....Name’s Dante.” I held out Twilight’s hoof. “No hard feelings?”

Author's Notes:

Well, this just got interesting.

Also! Wanted to thank everyone for reading my story. I've been reading the comment and suggestions ya'll have been giving me. I'm extremely grateful and I appreciate it. I hope to keep this running for a bit. I hope you continue to enjoy!

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