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Chapter 2: Chapter 2- Meeting the Sister

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So, wanna know what is really, really difficult to do? Trying to convince the owner of a body that you, an invader and subsequent temporary controller of said body, are not enacting some kind of plot to take over the throne. Want to know why it’s hard? Because no matter what you say or how much you try to convince the person you mean no ill will, all present evidence likes to say otherwise. My experience in this particular situation went as follows. Also, keep in mind this happens inside Celestia’s head (which is under temporary ownership of yours truly).

"Princess Celestia, please calm down. I know this seems bad-" I attempted to calm down Celestia but given the circumstances, she was less than willing to listen.

"What did you do?! Why can’t I move my body?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" I heard Celestia yell in my thoughts

"I...I don’t know I swear! I didn’t want this! I didn’t ask for this!" I retorted aloud.

"Why should I trust you? You’re in my body and as far as I know you threw me into the wall!" She returned with a hard to debate comeback.

"Uh....ok, that last part, yes. That was my fault. I will accept any punishment you deem worthy, but believe me I did not intend to crash into you! I was falling and I was just...it was just my trajectory I couldn’t stop or shift or anything!" I pleaded. Yeah, I was being stupidly submissive, but I wasn't going to pull anything either.

Celestia was silent for a bit, and for some reason the back of my head was really itchy.

"I believe you, for now," she said in a cool manner that calmed me a bit.

"Really? Can I ask what changed your mind?" I inquired.

"Your memories," she replied with a bluntness that could knock anyone out cold.

"Uh...m-m-my memories? You read my mind?" Suddenly, feeling the privacy of my mind was not so private.

"Technically, it’s my mind and you are occupying it. It makes it a lot easier to get information when the information you are seeking is already within your head. Also, what are you?"Fair question. Also, kinda weird.

"Oh, that...makes sense, I guess. I’m human... was human. Not sure what I am now. How much did you see?" I asked a bit worried she may have seen a bit too much of my past.

"Mostly your recent memories... I’m very sorry." I could feel the remorse in her non-audible words.

"Sorry? You haven’t done anything. I’ve thrown you into a wall and taken over your body. I should be prostrating myself for your forgiveness...by the way have I mentioned how sorry I am for that?" Yeah I’m overly apologetic, but you’d be on your hands and knees too if a deity with the power of the sun was judging you

"Yes, you have, but I’m sorry for your death. The reason you are here is because you died according to your memories," Celestia was very sincere with her response and I could almost feel the empathy in her words.

Honestly, with everything happening, I had completely forgotten that... I’m...I died. My parents, my friends, my family. I can’t go back. You can’t come back from a meteor crushing you! Oh God no. No no no no no!


Even if Celestia has incredible power, I can’t go back to something that’s impossible to salvage! Mom’s going to be distraught! I was all she had! Now, I probably look like mangled road kill! I don’t want her to see me like that! OH GOD, DAD! He won’t even be able to comfort her until he gets stateside. They’re going to bury me. They get to say their goodbyes......I..I can’t even-


I let out a shallow gasp, as I caught a glimpse at the mirror on the vanity desk. I was crying and shaking involuntarily. I'd never seen Celestia look like this, but in truth, this was me crying, not her.

"T-t-thank you. I’m sorry."

'Why are you apologizing?' Celestia inquired in concern.

"I don’t know. Felt like I should."

"I saw your family. When you were remembering, I saw their faces. You held them very dear to you. I can understand wanting closure. I’ve had to say goodbye to many, many friends. Your emotions match your memories. Again, I’m very sorry, Dante," she sounded like a mother comforting a child... Hell from the tears, I might as well have been. This was something new and none of it was good.

I was about to thank Celestia for her consideration when a knock came from the chamber doors. Suddenly, I remembered that I had invited a certain sister to try and help with our predicament. I wiped the tears away from Celestia's face and worked to get control of myself.

"Who is that?" Celestia asked in my head.

“Must be Princess Luna, I asked her to come here. I figured she might be able to help”, I whispered.

"Ah, good thinking!"

“I was thinking it’s what you would do...plus I feel like she deserves to know.” Then I cringed as my mind went to back to that dark corner of every bad thing Luna might do when she learned what I had inadvertently done. Damn it, Brain, GO TO THE CLOSET AND THINK ABOUT HOW YOU'RE NOT HELPING!

Well, no reason to stall. Either this can solve our problems...or kill me again. Time to flip the coin. “Come in, Luna.” I said in my best Celestia voice.

The door opened to reveal a slightly smaller alicorn princess. Her fur was midnight blue with a small black splotch on her flank where a crescent moon hung. Her mane was a much lighter blue and was short barely making it the nap of her neck and falling just a bit over her brow. She was also wearing her royal regalia but it looked like she put it on in a hurry. Her piercing blue-green eyes were half drooped and slightly bloodshot. Guess my hunch that she was sleeping was spot on.

‘Good *yawn* evening, dear sister. Thou requested our presence?” Luna asked placing a hoof to her mouth to cover a yawn.

“Any suggestions on how to break this to your sister?”, I ask Celestia mentally.

Celestia came back with seemed like the obvious answer, but not exactly the one I wanted to hear. "Tell her the truth."

I cringed, but summoned what courage I muster and choose my words very, VERY carefully.

“Luna, I would like to discuss something with you. If you could do me a favor, close the door and soundproof the room, please,” I said in the calmest voice I could muster.

Luna gave me a confused look, but obliged anyway. Her horn glowed in a blue aura that matched her coat, then entire chamber flashed the same color. It looked like she barely had any trouble with it. If I manage to live through this I’m learning some damn magic.

“The deed is done, what is it thou wished to discuss with us, sister?” Luna asked still looking a bit confused, no doubt wondering why her sister didn’t use her magic to soundproof the room.

I let out a long sigh and I looked Luna straight in the eye. “Luna, I need your help. I have been thrust into Celestia’s body and I need help getting her back in control”

Luna’s facial expression did the fastest change I’ve ever seen. First her expression jumped to shocked, then back to confused, then finally skeptical. She was looking right at me and when I say that, it felt like she was looking DIRECTLY at me, not Celestia. Celestia’s body was reacting in tune with my emotions. I was nervous, and I’m certain I was sure I was sweating. I needed to keep pressing forward. Another deep breath and I pressed forward.

“I realized this sounds a bit out there, but I’m very serious, Luna. I’m not from this land. I died and for some reason my... essence? Being? I don’t know, it got thrown into Celestia’s body and now I have control of her body. We both need your help to-”

Suddenly Luna was right in front of me. I hadn’t seen her move, but within a blink of an eye she was inches from my face... Wow, her eyes are pretty.....NO! BAD, libido, BAD!

"Are you having lewd thoughts about my sister?" I heard Celestia chime in.

“Ah um, uuuh. I swear I’m trying not to!” I rebuttled mentally, attempting to defend myself.

“What kind of joke dost thou think thou are playing with us?” Luna asked.

“Luna, I swear on your sister, this isn’t a joke! I need you to believe me. I-I-I don’t know how to prove it to you. I don’t...wait. Can you read minds?” Come on, this just might work!

Luna was still in my face but her appraising look did not shift. There was a pause for a few seconds. Those were some really uncomfortable seconds. Then a blessing, Luna said that she could.

I was pleased...for a second before I began to wonder if she read my mind if somehow she might pick up Celestia’s by chance...DAMN IT, BRAIN STOP IT!

"You always this harsh on yourself? Your idea has some merit." Celestia popped in again.

“Only when my mind conspires against me. He is an unruly beast that must be put in the corner so that it may learn not to be a pessimist! I try to be a fair leader in Optimist land, but I cannot allow the Realist rebellion to take over!”

Celestia giggled at that one. {Achievement unlocked: Got Princess to giggle at a stupid joke} Yes!

I looked to Luna and asked her to check my most recent memories and then I mentally crossed my nonexistent fingers that this might convince her. She touched her horn to Celestia’s and the back of her head started to itch again. Brain probing is really itchy, and FYI hooves are horrible at removing annoying itches. I’m missing fingers already. God I hope Celestia doesn’t get an itchy muzzle...GAH DAMN IT I JINXED IT!!!

After the itching stopped, Luna backed away from me and was looking way more shocked. It worked?

“You’re not Celestia!” She proclaimed with a hoof pointed at me.

Hey, it worked! Wow, I’m on a roll today! (Remember a few lines ago when I jinxed the muzzle? Yeah, I’m not a fast learner)

The next thing I know, a blue blur slams me in the chest and pins me to the ground.

YOU WILL RELEASE OUR SISTER THIS INSTANT VILLAIN!” She yelled in the Royal Canterlot Voice. Which at point blank range leaves a ringing in your ear. I had to shake it out of my head because my forelegs were now pined to my side.

" I don't know how! That's why I asked you!" I attempted to reason. Note, I say "attempted", because after I got the "I don't know how" out she straight bitched slapped me.

OW! "OW!" Celestia and I both felt that apparently. Wait, we share sensations? Ok, this could get bad if Luna doesn't calm down. Need to be more convincing.

"Luna, I'm being serious I don't- *SLAP* Stop it!" Seriously, why go for the face! It's not even mine and I can say that unnecessary...that and she popped me right on the snout! That freaking hurts! No wonder dogs hate it.

"Agh, why isn't she listening?!"

"Hell if I know!"

I looked back at Luna, I was starting to get a bit pissed but then I noticed something I missed before. She was on the verge of tears.

"We lost our sister because of our foolishness before, thou SHAN'T TAKE HER FROM US AGAIN!" Aw, she cares, which is good, but reasoning is falling. Shit shit shit! What do I do?!

Celestia had definitely slipped into leader mode. Her tone alone would have made armies snap to attention.Dante! She's hysterical. We need to get her to calm down.

"How? Every time I try to say something she slaps us! And good Lord does she have a wicked back hand." Seriously, her back hand strike would be the envy of every tennis players ever.

"I hate to say this, but you need to overpower her and get her to focus."

"Uh...don't take this the wrong way but I'd really rather not. I kinda got a whole avoid violence if possible thing going on."

Now is NOT the time for that! Either you get her to focus or she called the guards, locks us up, and tries to remove you from me in every and any way she can think of! Who knows what she might try!

In all honestly I really like violent movies, video games, and anything involving hand-to-hand combat, but I feel really guilty when I hurt someone... I have a guilty conscious, okay? Whelp, I'm gonna hate myself for this later, but thumbs up from the princess, LET'S DO THIS! DAAAAAAANTEEEEE MORREEEEEEEELO!

I curled my back legs in and loaded them to shove just under Luna's midsection. With a curl of the back and a shove of the legs Luna was tossed off of me and I was able to scramble to a standing position. I was hoping that might buy me a second to close the distance between Luna and me but she just rolled mid air and landed square on all fours. Ever get the sensation you just hit a hornet's nest with a baseball bat? Well I do, and I was quickly questioning how good an idea this was.

"So thou show thine true colors! Very well then! Have at thee!"

Oh crap, she's coming back! Uh, Uh, What to do, what to do?! Shit! Use Flail! *WHACK* I smacked her straight across the face as she was charging me, and I think I stunned her. Woot! Super effective! Wait, she's stunned I need to act now! I pressed the advantage. I plow into Luna and knock her onto her back. After pinning her to the ground ,which she did not like at all, and receiving some soon to be bruises to my inner back thighs. I was starting to get a pissed again. I kept trying to get her attention but she just kept thrashing, and it was getting harder and harder to hold her down....I pretty much snapped after that.


Did...did I just use the Royal Canterlot Voice? I mean the whole room just shook! Well, it got Luna to stop and look at me. At first, she was shocked, but now she looked scared. As long as I have her attention. "Luna, I want to get Celestia back in control of her body. I don't know a thing about magic and I desperately need your help! Please."

She still looked spooked. Did I really rattle her that much?

"Eyes," She squeaked.

"Eyes? What about eyes? Is that how we fix this?'

"No, what's wrong with THINE eyes?!"

Ok, this can't be good. I turned to face the vanity deck again. Now it was my turn to be shocked. I saw Celestia but her eyes were way different. Her violet iris were swimming in a dark void. They were piercing, disturbing, and above all, too freaky for me!

Celestia was the first to say something, Wha-What's happening to my eyes? What is this?

I couldn't even form a thought. This never came up in the show! Am I doing this!? Am I corrupting Celestia? I would have voiced these concerns but this was the final straw my system could handle and I blacked out.

Author's Notes:

Woo Chapter 2! Hope you like it! Next chapter should be interesting! Please let me know what you think in the comments! I appreciate any and all criticism.

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