A Chance Meeting of Two Moons

by Evilhumour

Chapter 5: Chapter five

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Chapter Five

The princess of the night yawned a bit, taking another drink from her coffee cup and trying to shake off the doubts she was feeling.

Artemis had seemed to like her last night as she was, but maybe he did like them a bit taller. After all, she was practically foal size right now, and she doubted Artemis was some sort of deviant.

“Princess Luna?” The voice of a guard pulled her away from her musings, making her squeak in surprise. “Are you alright?”

She blinked to see that she was still in the hallway, with a flank of Solar Guards around her, her mug floating beside her head. “Ye-yes, we- I am fine.” She smiled, doing her best not to blush. “We have a court to attend, let us not dally anymore.”

The guards nodded their heads as they directed their Princess towards the side door of the throne room. Pausing for a couple of unicorn guards to enter the room and secure it, and allowing one to run back to get her a new cup of coffee, Luna took a deep breath of air to steady herself and her nerves and nodded to the guards indicating it was time that the doors should be opened.

Instantly all of the Solar Guards turned their heads to see the other ruler of Equestria walk into the room and then turned to face their superior officer to see if this was correct. He in turn looked at the steward of the court, frowning at the unknown situation.

The steward simply walked up to the princess who was settling herself into the bigger throne; it would send the wrong message to do an early swap of the thrones for something like this. The princess flicked her eyes to the mare, a quill and inkwell on her flanks and a pair of glasses on her nose, with a rolled up paper of appointments and a small watch floating beside her.

“Ah, faithful steward of my sister’s court, how does my sister’s day fare for you?” Luna smiled gently, shuffling a bit on her rear, her ethereal tail flicking about.

Normally, a pony would have been severely intimidated by the princess of the night; her decision manner was reported to be harish and sharp, a great contrast to the princess of the sun. However, Raven Inkwell was used to the princess of the sun, and was one of the few ponies that would dare to openly glare and reprimand Celestia, and Luna was no different in his eyes.

“Well your highness, thanks to your tardiness, we are ten minutes behind schedule,” she said looking over her watch and appointment list. “Normally, since Sir Fancy Pants is first this would not be an issue but Prince Blueblood is second in line so I expect Mister Fancy Pants to switch as per usual to pacify his lord’s temper.”

Luna nodded her head, screaming mentally at having to deal with that insufferable, annoying, loud, lout of fur! Fancy Pants was the sort of noble that she liked; calm, friendly, polite, and considerate to nearly all the ponies he met according the reports she had on him. Fleur Dis Lee was lucky to have him.

...Was she beautiful enough to keep Artemis’s eyes on her tonight?

“Your highness, is everything okay?” Blinking, she looked up to see the frowning, -no, concerned steward.

“Sorry, I was lost in thought, I hope I didn’t set things back too far.” She chuckled softly.

“No, but you do seem a bit distracted, is there anything I should know?” Raven said with a bit of a frown, knowing Princess Celestia’s tells well enough, and Luna was a far easier book to read.

“No, no,” she flashed a smile, trying to reassure the pony. “I am fine.” She widened her smile at the unconverted steward. Raven knew better than to argue with a princess and decided to play along to get the court appointments back on track. “Please, start the court.”

With a proper nod of her head to the princess, she turned his attention to the door where she could almost hear that stupid brat Blueblood complaining about not seeing his auntie yet. “All stand for the Princess Luna, the Diarch of Equestria, the Princess of the-”

“Night,” Sable Inkstand said in a clear voice, watching all of the guards standing upright and at attention. “May the Day Court officially begin, and the first pony approach the throne.” The two guards opened the door, and the ‘supposedly’ beautiful princess of Equestria walked into the throne room.

Many of his ponies said she was attractive, but in Artemis’s eyes she was far from it. She was too close to his brother’s coat in colour, her mane just glowed too much for him to see the appeal of it, and her teeth were far more gleaming white than they should be after a normal brushing. She tried to appear perfect so much that it ran the other way for Artemis.

“Oh!” She let out a surprised gasp, giggled exactly like a surprised school filly, something that she had clearly practiced a thousand times. “I didn’t expect to see you Uncle Arty!” She smiled, walking closer to him with a rolled up docket.

That was other thing he despised about Princess Bluebelle. Beneath that darling public persona she flaunted around was a vicious, uncaring bitch that was constantly scheming to take everypony down in order to raise herself up. He understood that it was part of the political game, but what really made his skin crawl was that she had the audacity to do it to him with these methods. He wished he had protested faster or firmer when she’d called him that the first time, but Solaris had just laughed it off, saying that she was their niece due to a treaty with the old unicorn king and it was fun to be called that.

“Princess Bluebelle,” he frowned at her, trying to make it apparent he did not care for her term of endearment. “Need I remind you that this is the Day Court for an appointment you arranged, not an informal meeting for you to call me that unwanted title?” He raised an eyebrow at her, causing her to step back in surprise.

Point for him.

“My apologies, Arty,” - a clap of thunder was faintly heard, making it clear the points were one all, “But Uncle Solaris has always prefered that I call him by that and it is a hard habit to break.” She gave him a slight smile; she was about to make a serious blow against him. “You know how difficult it is to break old habits, right Unc,” she paused, lifting a hoof to her chest, flashing her eyelashes at him. “I mean, Prince Artemis.” She then bowed to him, clearly mocking him with his request to treat this properly.

Three to one in her favour.

“Please present your request in a timely manner, Princess Bluebelle, as I do have other ponies to speak with.” He frowned, glad Luna wasn’t like her at all. That was a mare worth the title of Princess.

“As you wish, Prince Artemis.” She floated a package of paperwork over to him, causing the stallion to shudder inwardly. If there was one thing he didn’t miss from a thousand years ago it was how little paperwork he had to do then. His wrist muscles were coming back to him with how much he had to write as he chose not to use his magic or mouth to write as he wished both to honour his earth pony magic and because he knew he was liable to stab the paper with his magic out of frustration or have another feather stuck in his mouth. He hated being so weak, his muscles were still gone from him. Before, he could sometimes out-wrestle Solaris but now he had to be wiry to avoid the first toss and he always got pinned and noogied! “I just wanted to have the approval of one of my beloved uncles for this summer house I am planning to have built,” she smiled as he started to skim the papers, filled to the brim with useless information that at times seemed to repeat. “I do believe it was Uncle Solaris’s wish that I try to understand the common pony and having one built near an earth pony community would be just capital.” She took a step forwards, with the guards instantly lowering their spears to stop her from taking a step onto the dais. “Does it meet your approval-”

“Silence.” He raised a hoof towards her, not bothering to look up at her angered face from being cut off. “I shall give you my decision once I am finished with reading your request.” He had to stop himself from smiling as he turned his head to the guard to bring back his fresh cup of coffee, hearing her squawk that he would dare address a common guard over her with a smile, an exchange of thank yous and welcomes.

Three all.

She flicked out the papers as she took a sip of her fresh coffee, reading over the paper. She frowned; seeing the many attacks that Blueblood was slipping into this proposal. It was just on the edge of Ponyville by the land code, and she would bet her wings that it was on part of the unzoned land that the Apple family had for their orchards. It was more or less recognized as their property as Celestia had given it to them, but they had yet to file the proper paperwork, meaning that as soon as the ground was broken Blueblood could take them to court and either stall long enough for the court bills to overwhelm the proud family or throw the harshest jury at them; the end result would be the same, one homeless family.

One point.

As a prince, this land would become his and thus he could send requests to Cloudsdale for a more ‘attentive’ and driven weather pony. Rainbow Dash would more than certainly prove herself the superior, but that would be a black mark on her record if she acted like her normal brash ego-driven self, forever denying herself from becoming a Wonderbolt.

Two points.

As this would be his summer home, he could lodge complaint after complaint to the Equestrian Animal Preserve Society, which would weigh heavily on the timid pegasus, leaving untold damage onto her self confidence.

Three points.

If the most grand of nobility went to live and visit a local community, the ponies would try to become like him in the easiest manner possible; attire. And if the grand prince didn’t like or support a certain mare’s clothing store, why should they?

Four points.

Blueblood was not known for his patience or allowing ponies to invade his personal space; he could slap a restraining order onto a very clingy and affectionate earth pony, which would probably result in one being deported away for continuously breaking the law.

Five points.

The newest princess of Equestria was still wet behind the ears in the political game, Blueblood would take advantage of invading her personal domain, chipping away her power before she knew what had happened and it would be far too late for her to stop him.

Game set and matched.

“No.” Artemis said, sending the package back to his niece, taking a sip of his coffee and starting to wake up fully.

“No?” She blinked in a confused manner, taking the papers in her own magic grasp. She was visibly confused, giving him some extra points. “I don’t under-”

“I rendered my decision and I said no.” Good, this asinine meeting was over with and now he could talk to Royal Splendor. She was a fine mare, one that had managed to build her own business empire and enter the noble class without insulting everypony she went past. She was lucky to find that Prench model, Flavien de Los. The love seemed genuine to him; taking a peek into their dreams proved that each of them only dreamt of the other and they were even beginning to have shared dreams; a feat only two soulmates truly in tune with one another could hope to do.

“Bu-but Uncle Solaris said I could-”

BLUEBELLE!” Artemis flared his wings in anger. “IT IS ONE THING TO TREAT US LIKE WE ARE A PUP TO THE GAME, BUT IT IS ANOTHER TO LIE TO OUR FACE!” Artemis flew down to the scared princess. “WE-

-OWE A GREAT DEBT TO THY PONIES THOU SEEK TO RUIN; IT WOULD BE A DISHONOUR BEYOND MEASURE TO ALLOW THY SELFISH AND PITHY PLOTTING TO PASS!” Luna took a step forwards, still enraged by this dunderhead. “BEGONE FROM OUR COURT LEST WE INFORM OUR SISTER OF THY LIES IN HER NAME!” The colt wisely didn’t protest this, running out of the room. She waited for the doors to slam shut before letting out a sigh, fearing that she had handled that poorly.

Going to take a sip of coffee, she found that she had knocked over her cup in her outburst. Flying back to her seat, she mentally braced herself for the rest of the day. This was only the first meeting of the day!

Nodding her head to the steward who seemed oddly happier, she went to meet her next appointment.

“So Luna, how was the Day Court?” Celestia asked with a bit of a smile, glad to be out of the castle for once and meeting this colt that had caught her sister’s eye tonight. They were enjoying a nice light dinner, as Celestia knew how eager her sister was and she was going to do her best to make this little get-together happen faster and last longer.

“Surprisingly well enough dear sister,” Luna said with a bit of chuckle and a yawn. “It seems when word got out about my meeting with Blueblood, the ponies were most accepting of my decisions and wisdom.”

“It appears that dunce is good for something after all.” Celestia let out a guilty laugh, knowing that if anypony had heard that from her it would create a political nightmare fitting of unleashing a draconequus from a statue.

Luna just laughed at that, snorting a bit of soup out of her nose. She blinked a bit, probably feeling a bit tired from being this awake for this long.

“Luna, go ahead, I will take care of the last minute things.” Celestia nuzzled her sister’s cheek, catching her smile. “You go prepare everything; it is all set up in your room.”

Celestia’s smile grew as her sister hugged her tightly around the neck, and darted off to her room to prepare.

It didn’t take the solar princess long to attend to all the little details; closing the Night Court was just telling the Lunar Guards to take an easy night. It hurt her to see that still nopony was coming to her sister’s court. She made sure that the Lunar Guards were on proper patrols and that there was a band of unicorn guards in case anything happened.

After a quick ten minutes, she found herself in front of her sister’s room. With a short breath to steady herself, she raised her hoof to knock on the door.

She heard a meep from inside, and then her sister’s voice calling for her to enter. Smiling, she walked into the room to see the cluttered wall with a thousand notes, with ten times the amount on the desk off to the side, a spillover in what Luna called an organized mess. Thankfully, her bathroom was allowed to be touched by the maid as Luna had thrown a fit when the maids had tried to put everything into a neat pile.

Turning her head to the bed that Luna was standing on with a big grin, she saw a magical vial in her sister’s magical grip. Luna had shed her royal attire, only wearing... “Are those so-

cks really that comfy?” Solaris bit back a laugh, watching his brother’s cheeks turn red.

“Oh Faust, I didn’t realize I put them on,” Artemis placed a wing over his face, setting the vial down on his cloud bed as he tried to push off his striped socks. “Please I-”

Solaris silenced his brother with a hoof over his mouth. “It’s alright Artemis. I have not mentioned your socks yet nor will I.” Solaris had made sure that the maids knew that they were not to talk about it at all. Artemis was still sensitive about his appearance and having ponies find out he was a sock fan would not help his confidence. Lifting the vial up, he looked at his brother who was curling up on the centre of the bed. “So I just drink this?”

“Yes, but come down here first, we need to intertwine our magic.” Solaris first sent off his royal trapping, leaving his shoes on the right side of the bed. He then went to lay down next to his brother, causing the bed to dip around him and sending his brother tumbling into him with a yelp. Solaris couldn’t help himself; he wrapped a foreleg around Artemis’s slender frame, pinned him with a powerful wing and started to noogie the protesting stallion. After a fruitless attempt to stop, Artemis huffed and rolled his eyes, as his brother slowly stopped.

“Are you quite done?” he asked with an annoyed glare.

Solaris paused for a moment to ponder this, and then dug his hoof into the dark blue pony’s head for one last twist. “Yes'm.” He had the biggest grin on his face.

“Good, now extend a strand of your magic as if you would attempt to read their mind.”

Solaris remembered how Artemis had taught him how to do this, and even all these years later it was clear as his day to him. He watched his strand dance out only to be grabbed by the significantly stronger aura of his brother. “Good, now this potion will put you under enough that I can bring you into my dream realm while letting you have enough power to cause some effect in there.”

“Is this safe Art-

na?” Celestia asked with some concern, looking down at her sister. She flexed her left wing, bringing her little sister closer to side, as if to protect her.

“Yes Tia, it is,” Luna smiled, and then frowned, “You remember what you promised-


“Yes Arty,” He nuzzled his little brother, drinking down the potion, “What-



wrong?” Celestia smiled as she was put asleep, falling into the dream realm of her sister.

The Solar Prince blinked himself awake, looking around the dull, unfurnished world. He was surprised, he was sure that Arty would have his private realm much fancier than thi-

Blinking, he saw his little brother and took a step back in surprise. Artemis was dressed in full body armor, a bit taller now if he was right about this and had a beard that reached the floor.

The Solar Princess blinked herself awake, looking around the dull, unfurnished world. She was surprised, she was sure that Lulu would have her private realm much fancier than thi-

Blinking, she saw her little sister and took a step back in surprise. Luna was dressed in full body armor, taller than her now and very thin legs.



Both of the Solar alicorns turned their heads to see the pony they’d agreed to meet and WHOAH!

Both of the Lunar alicorns stared at each other for a few seconds before breaking out in laughter. Shaking off the false addition and pointless armor, they raced over to nuzzle each other.

“It’s nice to see you again Luna,” Artemis said with a wide grin, a bit worried that his voice was cracking now.

“And you too Artemis,” Luna smiled, looking up the almost equal in stature pony in front of her. “I see that we both had the same idea with them.” She gestured her head backwards to the unmoving elder princess.

“Yes, Solaris insisted he come too.” Artemis said it with a roll of his eyes, flicking his wing towards his older brother that was still as a statue.

Solaris eyes were still on the tall, elegant, beautiful, slim mare across of him. He didn’t even notice his wings becoming stiff in arousal, licking his lips as he fell into an old instinctive habit.

Celestia’s eyes were still on the statuesque, grand, rugged, bearded stallion across of her. She didn’t even notice her wings becoming stiff in arousal, batting her eyes as she fell into an old instinctive habit.

“Hello there,” the tall stallion stalked over to the mare, flashing his best smile. “I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”

The tall mare giggled, not like a little filly but like a elegant and sophisticated lady, and walked over to him in the most seductive waltz she had ever done. “I am fairly sure I would have remembered seeing a magnificent stallion with such a handsome beard before.”

They were face to face now, their horns crossing each other. “So what is your name, O fair one?”

“My name, oh glorious one, is Celestia.” She smiled, wrapping her wing around him, with the stallion doing the same. “May I know the name of the stallion in front of little old me?”

He let out a hearty laugh, pulling them close, almost snoot to snoot. “My name is Solaris, but you are neither little or old.”

“Oh you flatterer,” Celestia laughed, closing her eyes as she felt his hooves on her back, bringing her head close to his. “I wonder if your tongue truly tastes like silver.”

“Let’s find out.” He smirked, closing his eyes as well, bringing his lips onto her lips.

HOW BUCKING DARE YOU!!!” The two solar alicorns blinked as they were forced apart by a strong gust of wind from the Royal Canterlot Voice. They turned their heads to the shouting alicorns, who each had tears going down their faces. “YOU PROMISED TO BEHAVE YOURSELVES!!!” They pointed an armored hoof at their sibling; rage and betrayal growing by the second. “YOU KNEW HOW IMPORTANT THIS WAS TO ME BUT YOU HAD TO DO THIS! YOU HAD TO UPSTAGE ME, YOU HAD TO EMBARRASS ME, YOU HAD TO RUB IT IN MY FACE THAT I HAVE NEVER BEEN WITH A PONY!!” Nightterror Knight and Nightmare Moon flew over to the quaking prince and princess of the sun. “IT’S ALWAYS YOU, YOU, YOU!!!” They stood side by side, the fearsome beasts’ armor and features faded away, showing two very devastated ponies. Before either of the alicorns of the sun could respond, the alicorns in front of them bellowed in tones that dwarfed the Royal Canterlot Voice.


The two hurt alicorns flew away from their older siblings, causing the dream realm to crumble away rapidly and whisking away the alicorns.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the realm, Discord floated with a stunned look. The bag of popcorn and glass of chocolate milk fell to the floor, his mouth wide in disbelief. He knew Tia was certainly no stranger to the crazy stuff as an incident with a tuba and a pineapple had proved, but he’d never expected her to be that crazy!

Eris floated over to him with a grin, looking into their little window in nighty pony’s dream world. “What did I miss?” Then she turned her head to her friend that was still as a statue, a thought that caused her to shudder. “Discy?”

That was all she was able to ask before being thrown out into her realm along with Discord being tossed into his.

Artemis snapped his eyes open and shoved the white mass off of him with a powerful right hook. “GET OFF OF ME, YOU BUCKING BASTAD!

The white mass of fur, wings and hooves landed at the left side of his bed, looking up at him with a stunned face. “Art-Artemis-”



“I believed you could control your bucking dick for five seco-”


WHAT SO-” he blinked, the pony with a black right eye coming into focus. “Yo-you’re not-”

“Tia.” The lunar princess looked up at the pony with perfect shiner over their left eye.

“N-no, I’m not,” Prince Solaris looked at the crowd of guards coming into his brother’s room, certainly hearing her shout at him. His mind raced with a thousand ideas, but all he could say was, “Oh bu-

ck me.”

Author's Notes:

Sorry for the weird time jump in the middle, but I couldn't bore you guys with so many court scenes.

So now the plot begins I have to warn you. The next two chapters will either be up very fast or very slow. I don't know, so please be patient.

A big thank you to Foal Errands, who despite being sick helped out and please if you spot any mistakes, just tell me and I'll fix it.


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