A Chance Meeting of Two Moons

by Evilhumour

Chapter 4: Chapter four

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Chapter Four

“Tonight?” Solaris said in surprise, instantly aware of how horrible that sounded. Oh by his own name, he could have just ruined everything he had worked for so far.

“Yes, tonight,” Artemis pulled back, speaking sharply at him. Buck him, he would rather deal with a pack of dragons rather than deal with his brother angry like this. “Do you object?” he spat out, daring him to disagree.

Normally, he was considered to be the father of Equestria. Calm, collective, understanding, patient, the pony with the number one beard. Ponies trusted him with nearly everything in their life, trusting his judgment and guidance with almost no second opinion. He had a nearly flawless record and he did his best to make his ponies see him as an average pony by sometimes playing the fool.

Being around Artemis, however, brought out more of his impulsive, silly, foolish side than normally. Artemis made him real, something that he had sorely missed in the thousand years alone.

Something which he did not need right now.

“I just think that you should use some caution,” Solaris said firmly, worried that his brother was being taken advantage by somepony, like Queen-

Sombra did, so long ago. She knew that the stallion had tried to implant some notions into her sister’s head with dark magic and left its impact for some time. Celestia would not let her be taken advantage of again, but how could she make Luna see that was a possibility. “I mean, why would you now be able to talk this Attonm-”

ARTEMIS!” Luna snapped out, slamming her coffee mug into the table. If it had been any lesser mug, it would have shattered. Then again, since Luna was the one who drank only Magma Grade Coffee, it had to be beyond the normal strength and as such dented the table instead. “His name is Artemis, you beached whale!”

“Luna!” Celestia reared back, surprised her sister would insult her like that. “I’m just saying-”

“That since you don’t know him, I should sit in the bucking corner while you take your damn time, send your precious student that you care far more about to deal with the problem and then, if it crosses your cake filled mind, to tell me!” she shouted, lifting some plates with her magic and throwing them at the moving white mass with some making contact with the pony.

“Your majesty!” Ironhide shouted, the massive earth pony getting between the two and taking several dents to his armour from the plates.

“WHAT‽” Luna yelled, several heavier objects being held in her magic.

“I think what Celestia meant was that she was concerned about any possible dangers, and that she wanted to make sure that this stallion is not out to hurt you.”

“Ye-yes,” Solaris shuffled the broken dishes off his body, standing upright. “In fact, I’m wondering if I could accompany you.” He shifted a bit on his seat. “I mean, if you wouldn’t mind? I’d like to see the mare you have come to adore so quickly.”

The dark blue alicorn huffed a bit, staring hard at his older brother.”I su-suppose that could be arranged,” Artemis looked to the side, clearly embarrassed that he’d reacted like this. “I will need to get some stu-”

“Oh don’t worry about that,” Solaris laughed a bit, trying to make sure it didn’t sound forced. This was something he had been hoping for; a chance like this had to be exploited. “Write me down a list and I’ll go get it.” If Arty would act like he expected him to...

“But what about thine day court?” he asked with a mixture of timidness and confusion.


“Well, you are a prince,” Solaris said nonchalantly, “I’m sure you can handle the Day Court.”

“Thou art correct!” Artemis puffed out his chest, smirking as he lifted his coffee mug to his mouth, enjoying the brew. It was not mead, but it certainly kept him awake when he had to be up at this time. “Br-brother, I do have one request though.” He looked up at him with timidation. “Please, promise me that you will behave yourself tonight,” he all but begged, worried that his older brother would do something.

“Artemis, I prom-”

“-ise you that I will do nothing to embarrass you tonight,” Celestia did her best to reassure her sister. “If you don’t mind, I’ll go and inform the steward that you’ll be in charge for today while you finish up in here.” She rose to her long, beautiful legs and started to walk out of the room.

“Wait, sister, the list!” Luna stood up, summoning a parchment and starting to write out the ingredients needed. She came up short to her sister’s side, a fact that still bothered her at times.

“Oh thank you Luna,” Celestia smiled, picking up the list in her magic grasp, looking it over. “I almost forgot the most important thing.” She gave a small laugh at her own silliness. “I will see you later then sister.”

“Indeed sister,” Luna watched her walk out of their little corner of privacy, feeling tiny and gangly at the same time. She looked around the empty room, with the broken dishes and cutlery. She brought her mug, which proudly and correctly proclaimed number one princess, to her lips. “I wonder if Artemis likes tall mares…”

“Indeed brother,” Artemis watched him strut out of the dining room, feeling small yet very uncoordinated at the same time. He looked around the empty room, with the broken dishes and cutlery. He brought his mug, which proudly and correctly proclaimed number one prince, to his lips. “I wonder if Luna likes stallions with beards...”

Author's Notes:

Foal Errands helped me knock this chapter out fast. A bit shorter than normal, but it felt right to end it here.


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