A Chance Meeting of Two Moons

by Evilhumour

Chapter 6: Chapter Six Artemis

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Author's Notes:

Ok, before you finish reading this chapter, I strongly suggest open the next chapter and read it along this chapter before you comment on this chapter. I will be explaining everything at the end of that one.


Chapter Six - Artemis

Celestia stared at the stallion in front of her, who was gasping at her and sitting down on her sister’s bed. It was clear that it was Luna’s new friend, oh Faust they were almost twins and what the bucking Tartarus was she thinking in making out in front of her sister’s first coltfriend with his brother

“Ma’am?” Ironhide asked, walking timidly into the room, making her stop and try to take a more focused approach to this problem. “Wh-who is that and where is Princess Luna?” He frowned, noticing her black eye. “What happened in here?”

“What happened‽” Artemis snapped, pointing a stripe-covered hoof, Lulu’s coltfriend liked socks too oh how cute, and glaring at her, anger pouring from his eyes. “What happened is what always happens; my bucking brother had to embarrass me, make me feel like I am nothing by tongue fucking the sister of the one mare I actually liked!” Her guards jumped back at the harsh and crude words, stepping away from the alicorn. “Now get out of my way, I am going to bucking train in the bucking courtyard before I do something bucking stupid like my bucking brother!” He stormed out of the room and wearing the cutest socks did not mitigate things at all as he slammed the doors hard enough to send them skidding down the hallway.

Her guards just stared at her and the fuming alicorn stallion leaving the area, jaws hanging low.

“P-please go see that Pri-” Oh damn this felt weird and wrong, “Prince Artemis’s needs are meet.”

Oh this was bad.

Celestia looked out of her study room, and at the courtyard where her latest failure was training with her guards, having just broken another spear with Captain Ironhide and he was out of those socks that Luna would just adore if she hadn’t poked her nose in and messed things up.


She sighed, shaking her head in shame and ears flat against her head. Sure, that stallion was attractive, but how could she have made out with him like that? Her sister had begged her not to do anything stupid, not to humiliate her and she had almost spread her legs for that stupid stallion…

What had she been thinking? Was she that desperate for somepony that she had to ruin her sister’s time with her special friend?


She had been watching him since he had stormed out there, daintily placing his socks off to the side, and he had not stopped throwing himself into any type of practice available, with her guards struggling to keep up with him. She knew that type of ferocity was not one for training but just blind rage and a futile attempt to clear his mind.

She sighed again, unable to stop staring at the pony. She had yet to see how the guards would react to the news, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave the room.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” her ear twitched at the sound of that voice coming from the direction of her desk, clear as day. Turning her head to it, she saw the draconequus sitting at her desk with a frown on his face. “Really Sunbutt?” His voice was empty of his usual annoying tone; instead, it was as if he was talking to her like a parent. A disappointed parent. “Making out with the other Sunbutt?” He walked over to her, which spoke volumes of how displeased he was. “I mean, I know I have done horrible things, but this?” He shook his head in disbelief. “It’s low, even for a draconequus to do.”

“Shu-shut up Discord!” she barked out, tears falling from her face. “Don’t you think I know how bad-”

“No I don’t think you know how bad you did,” he frowned at her, causing her to step back in… not fear, but shame. “I’ve known you and Little Lulu for a long time, and I’ve got to admit, I kinda like the two of you.” He pinched his fingers close together, showing how much he cared. “Now because of Flutters, I can kinda see myself as your big brother or something like that,” he waved his paw as he turned her around so they could both stare out the window. Everything inside of Celestia started to crumble; wave after wave of guilt destroying everything she had built up inside her as she was forced to watch the alicorn out there jam a spear into a tree. “I think it’s a bit odd for them to get along that well but I-” He blinked to see Celestia had disappeared on him.

“Huh,” he mused stroking his beard, “I guess she is a bit draconequusish after all.”

It was mid-afternoon in Ponyville when the letters started to come. The six heroines were having a nice, lovely picnic in the middle of the fields of the Sweet Apple Acres. Rainbow Dash was sitting on her back, reading the latest Daring Do adventure, Rarity was enjoying the breeze while idly sketching away in her books, Pinkie Pie was eating another pastry from the hammerspace that was her mane, Applejack had been convinced to enjoy this time off and was laying on her back with a smile on her face, and Fluttershy was resting against a tree, with Twilight and Spike sitting on the blanket with a content smile.

For once, everything was fine. There was no looming doom over the horizon, no grave matter coming out of misunderstanding another pony’s action or words, no ancient enemy to worry about.

Everything was ju-

A burp broke the picturesque scene, everypony’s head turning to the young dragon. Twilight Sparkle sighed, wondering what Princess problem she had to worry about now. She unrolled the scroll, blinking as she noticed some weird liquid on it and read the note with a frown.

She then broke out in the biggest, most terrifyingly happy grin that any of her friends had ever seen.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” Twilight closed her eyes as she performed the Royal Canterlot Victory dance flawlessly, bouncing in a perfect circle.

“Whoa sugarcube, what’s goin’ on?” Applejack rolled onto her hooves, deeply worried now. Nearly nothing good came from one of those letters, and her friend shouldn’t be that happy for s-

“I can finally get Smarty Pants back!” Twilight often forgot that becoming an alicorn meant she got not only a boost in pegasus magic and attributes but earth pony too. Which meant she now gave bone crushing hugs. “I’ve got a royal order that I send my doll to the Princess because she wants something to cuddl… huh?” Twilight blinked, looking over the tear stained letter, seeing it was asking her, informally, for her doll as needed as something to hold onto.


She turned her head to see another letter pop into existence, this one also covered in tears and what seemed to be ice cream, asking if she could do it quickly, she would appreciate it.


This letter apologized for her failure to use please and thank you's.


This one said that she shouldn’t worry about that, she knew that Twilight wouldn’t have minded and she was sorry.


This one said that she shouldn’t have thought to know what Twilight was thinking, and she was sorry.


This one was barely readable, but it didn’t matter anymore. The Princess was already focusing her magic, ready to teleport her concerned friends and herself to Canterlot. They had a Princess and a friend in trouble!

“Celestia.” A voice brought the sobbing princess’s head up from her pillow and towards the door. She tried to get to her hooves, knocking aside the containers of ice cream she had been eating since her encounter with Discord, but she couldn’t find the strength. She looked down at her bed in shame; how could she face anypony after what she had done.

“Celestia,” the pony spoke again, forcing her to meet his eyes. They were… calm? “I’ve seen Solaris so drunk that we lost several days until I could finally sober him up.” He smiled softly, lifting a wet rag with his magic aura, dabbing her ice cream and tearstained face. “I’ve had to clean his drunken plot enough times to wonder if I am truly the younger one or not.” He bit his lip with his tongue sticking out to the side, moving onto the bed so he could reach more of her face. “Turn your head so I can get your other cheek.”

She did so, letting him clean her, blinking in confusion. “Wh- why are you doing this? I thought you hated me, why don’t you hate me?”

He stopped, the rag falling to the bed. His face scrunched up in pain before he answered. “Celestia, I know better than anypony what can happen if you hold onto your anger and rage.” His shoulders slumped, head bent downwards. “After all, it was due to my absolute hatred and anger at the complete lack of respect from everypony that caused me to become Nightterror Knight, and force them to properly respect my work and my night.” He let out some soft sobs, ones that sounded so like- Celestia didn’t need to think of it; she just wrapped her wings around him. “I never want to go down that road again, but time and time again, Solaris reminds me that I’m not strong anymore, that I am not powerful anymore, that I am barely needed.” He sobbed into her chest, letting out some of his grief. “I know that he doesn’t mean it, just trying to recapture our youthful days so I can be happy, but I can’t tell him, I can’t do that to him, break his heart again.”

Celestia just rubbed his back, humming an old lullaby that she remembered her mother singing to her and Luna as he continued.

“I finally found somepony that knew what it was like, to fall so far that it seemed impossible to ever climb back, somepony- some mare that didn’t make me tremble when I was out of my armor and he had to do that to me!” He was crying heavily into her chest now, a bit of the picture becoming clearer. How much did this pony put on his shoulders, oh Faust how much did Luna put on her shoulders? She let out a sob, beginning to see the same things that this Solaris did in her own actions to Luna.

“It’s okay, you can hate me,” she nuzzled his head, her own grief and shame for how badly she’d treated Luna. The only reason Luna had thrown herself into the studies was to make her happy; to be part of her new world. How could she be so blind, so stupid! She was a fool to think that a few words and some time to bond could heal all those wounds. “I deserve it; it was clear, should have been clear how much it meant to the two of you to find each other, and how much it took for you to bring us there, after seeing each other only once.” She nuzzled him, her own tears flowing again. “And… we betrayed your trust, oh Faust...” She sobbed, burying her face into her wing, still holding him tight with her wings.

“Celestia, I’m still angry at you and I am still very hurt by what you and my brother did,” he spat out the word brother, showing that she had opened an old wound between the two brothers. “But I can’t hate you.” He pushed away from her, to stare into her eyes. “Not after you doing so much to lighten that weight.” He smiled at her, what a beautiful smile it was and she was so happy that Luna would be the mare to get it, and he nuzzled her cheek, a bit of a laugh coming from his mouth. It made her smile, took away some of the sadne- Oh, he had once had the Element of Laughter too, just like Luna. “Thank you.”

She just wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a tight, proper hug, which he instantly reciprocated.

Her smile grew, seeing how much happier he was. For once, everything was just fi-

“Princess is everythi- who is that!?” Her faithful former student Twilight Sparkle stood in her doorway, with the rest of the Elements behind her, staring at the stallion in her arms on her bed that had empty ice cream tubs around it, with her still sporting that black eye he had given her.


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