Starlight in a Broken Vessel

by the-pieman

Chapter 131

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Chapter 131

After a decent sleep, I wake up, being the first to actually be awake as usual. I head downstairs and, roasting me some toast with my fire powers, I sit down at the center table of the library and sift through the mail.

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight, me, me, Twilight, ...Spike? Huh, oh well. Twilight, Twilight, me, me, and me. Wait a sec.

I look closer at the second to last letter and realize it’s from Manehattan, but in a business envelope. Vaguely recognizing the address, I realize I got a letter from Fluke. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to check in with him every once in awhile. Oh well, let’s see what he says.

        To Anthony, Starborne Ward of Equestria,

This is more or less me checking in with you. For now, I think I’ve done what I can without further input, and I hope your recent time since leaving Manehattan has done you well. I know you chafed a bit under the requirements you had, but I’m sure you feel better after doing so much to help.

On a more personal note, if you have any wishes to go over your Hearts & Hooves Day plans, I’m more than willing to speak with you, so to say.

        I wish you the best,

                Double Fluke

I figure I might as well start on the response now rather than later. I’m just not that big on ‘formal’ letters.

        Hi Fluke.

This is more or less me responding. Yeah, Chickago didn’t go well at all, and I’ve already proven your idea to pass me off as a minotaur was a flop, so... yeah. I’m probably not going back, lest a riot breaks out.

As for H&H day... it really wasn’t that special. Okay, a lot happened, but not a whole lot of progress was made in the way of me getting a girlfriend, though it being Valentine's Day Hearts and Hooves had pretty much nothing to do with said events. Though a solution to the ‘deciding’ part is currently in progress.

        Awaiting your response and thoughts,


I copy the address from his letter onto an envelope and stick it in the mailbox before remembering I have to take it to the post office. I should suggest the ‘flag up’ idea to these guys. Oh well. I set aside my letter and flip through the rest of the ones I’d received.

It’s just more of the usual, though there’s less detail to the raunchy letters, most of them just asking for a ‘roll in the hay’ ‘night in the sack’ or whatever euphemism they use.

Onto the kids’. Which are all pretty nice, calling me a hero and how awesome I am and how they’re wondering if I’m gonna have a toy made of me. That would be awesome! It could have LEDs on parts of it and light up and... right. No LEDs in technologically-simple land... I could totally help these guys get with the machinery and stuff if I knew how any of it worked.

Walking around to let my hand un-cramp, I think about my costume for Nightmare Night. I guess I should go visit Rarity.

I get to the Boutique and knock on the door a few times. No answer. Odd. If she’s out, she always has a note or something, and I know she’s awake by now... Trying the doorknob I see that it turns. She didn’t lock the door so she’s definitely open... could she just not hear me knocking?

I walk inside and my nose is hit by a vaguely familiar smell. My brain swears I know it, but I just can’t place it. It’s like something burning, but it doesn’t smell like food, and it’s not like the smell of something being on fire...

Is Rarity burning incense? That could be it, I guess. I suppose she might be the type, but my mom only burned it on special occasions. As far as I know, nothing special is happening today. I continue through the house and I note that the odd smell is getting stronger, and I see Rarity doing... something. Like she’s just messing with something in her hooves, completely enamored by it, but I can’t tell what it is.


She doesn’t seem to notice me, but after a moment, slowly looks up to see me. She seems a bit distracted.

“Oh, hello dear. I’m afraid the boutique isn’t open for business right now. If you could come back later, that would be most... most...” her eyes unfocus slightly, and she stares at the wall over my head. “I never noticed, but there’s a speck of blue in my wallpaper, right above the door.”

“Rarity... are you feeling alright? If you’re closed, you should lock the door... hey! I’m talking to you! Did you get enough sleep last night?”

She snaps her attention back to me. “Hmm? Oh, I’m sorry dear, I’m not being very hospitable. Spitable. Strange word to be part of hospitable. Would you like some cookies? I started on a batch a little while ago, they should be done soon.” A ding echoes from the kitchen, and she takes a moment to notice. “Ooh! Cookies!” She stands up and happily trots into her kitchen.

I follow her, completely confused at her odd behavior. This is so unlike her to be, slow, distracted, and... and...

“Oh, I guess they were brownies. My apology, Anthony. Would you like some?” She looks up at me, her muzzle streaked with chocolate. She swallows the lump of cooling brownie as her magic offers up a large lump of delicious-smelling brownie.

Despite her odd demeanor, I’m not one to turn down chocolate, so I take it, and notice it has a very faint, odd aftertaste. I look down at the bite I’d just taken. A tiny piece of green sticks out of the side.

Veggies in brownies? I don’t get it. I mean, I know the whole plant deal is kind of their thing but... wait a minute. “Rarity... are you high!?”

She just stares at me like my face is the most interesting thing in the entire universe, and doesn’t even respond this time. “Oh my god you’re stoned!” Then the realization hit me. “Oh dear god... I just ate...” My mind races for a moment before I just give up. “Well fuck it, if there’s ever going to be a time for me to find out what it’s like...” But I still just... I mean... Rarity!? That is just weird...

Anyways, I figure I might as well wait until the brownie does it’s thing. Is only one enough to do it? Well, maybe not, but I’m not going to go back for another. I just sit and... wait I guess... maybe it’s not gonna happen.

Oh my god, these brownies are fantastic. Idunno how many hours it’s been, but this is just... great. I feel so relaxed, and it’s like all those little aches and pains are just... gone. Like, they fluttered away on butterfly wings, so pretty in flight. I’ve always wanted to know how butterflies fly. For an hour, at least. I mean... they just go up and down, so how does that even work? Maybe it’s really magic, and has been all along. That’d be so... weird.

Man, I’m hungry still. I could go for some pizza. Or ice cream. Or anything really. Twilight has ice cream... I’m gonna go get some...

Woah... this doorknob is so weird. I mean... I can open one with my hand, but ponies can too, and they don’t have fingers! Wait, what if they have thumbs too but they’re, like... invisible! Oh man, everything makes so much more sense now! Next Chapter: He who is without sin, the last to be stoned... or something Estimated time remaining: 14 Hours, 44 Minutes

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