Her Tavi, No Longer

by Brony19
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It seems like so long ago Vinyl and Octavia were happy and together. No longer. Now, all Vinyl has is pain in her heart and mind, and the small sliver of hope that they may be a second chance for her and her Tavi. But happy ever after is rare...
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"Vinyl, it's not working."


"I'm sorry."

"Wait, TAVI!!!"

It seems like it was so long ago, but hurt like it was only yesterday. Vinyl had never been happier than when she was with Octavia, or her Tavi as she had come to call her. When her career as a DJ finally took off landing her at the top of the musical charts, her life felt complete. Octavia was happy for Vinyl's success, truly, she was. But as her job took more and more time away from them, from Tavi, it wore her down. Eventually, she just couldn't take it anymore. When she left Vinyl, both knew it would leave a scar on their hearts. Maybe they could be happy together someday...

But that day is not today.

Vinyl Scratch's chapter inspired off of Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold and Where'd You Go (NFSW) by Fort Minor. Octavia Philharmonica's chapter inspired off of Gone Forever (NFSW) by Three Days Grace.

Slice of Life

4,102 words: Estimated 17 Minutes to read: [Cache]

2 Chapters:

  1. I Miss You So... [Cache] Jun 24th, 2013
  2. ... I'm Gone Forever [Cache] Jun 24th, 2013
Published Jun 23rd, 2013


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