New Server!

We've upgraded servers!

Now bigger, stronger, and faster, with more storage and more bandwidth!

Additionally, we're now also set up with cloudflare, so you can always count on fast and reliable access to the archive!


Huge thanks out to Sour_Sweet, who is generously providing an entire vm just for hosting this project!


Up next on the docket: :mlp-abcheeks:

I hope to be able to dedicate some time in the near future to cleaning up the site backend, beautify the site a bit, and hopefully bring to light some of the planned features that got laid by the wayside earlier this year.

It's been a wild ride, especially when my laptop drive died and I lost everything, but things are really starting to look up.

This is your host DataByte signing off until next time.

Keep calm and brony on.


Posted by DataByte on Friday, August 26 2016

Search Power!

We've upgraded our search backend! :mlp-swgrin:

A little tweaking here and there, and we now have a complete virtual search appliance servicing all of your pony fiction wanderings!

This sports such a huge gain in performance, you won't even see a results loading screen anymore; it's gone now - the loading page took longer to load than the results!

Whereas earlier searches may have taken 1 to 10 seconds to load, those times are down to milliseconds now!


Huge thanks to byte[], without whom this would not have happened.

On a related note, I've also tweaked the search defaults a bit - hopefully for the better.

More improvements to come!

Sorry for being slow to add features - Con season is a bit of a hustle.


On a related note, I now also have a side project that may take off, depending on the interest: Cards Against Equestria printings. If we get enough interest in it, we can drive the price down to more reasonable levels.


Thanks for sticking around. y'all! :mlp-aholdback:

Posted by DataByte on Tuesday, August 16 2016

FimFetch is now social!

Well, trying to be social, anyway. :mlp-tadorkable:

We now have a facebook page for you to like!

Would you like to show your support for this archive in a non-monetary way?


Fiction of the day posts every morning!

Never miss an interesting fic again!

(I know I have) :mlp-tawkward:

Posted by DataByte on Thursday, March 10 2016

Bug Fixes!


So, got a few bugs ironed out of the epub generator!

Shoutout to Tulip and Barbeque for their help! :mlp-dglomp:

  • Centering within stories was broken, and is now fixed.

  • Duplicate images are now caught and combined - drastic reduction in file sizes and loading times.

  • Stray bracket in descriptor file caused problems on some readers - fixed.

  • Fixed filename extensions and mimetypes.

  • Fixed repeating blocks after centering (special case, didn't happen often)

Posted by DataByte on Monday, February 29 2016

Advanced Search Options

Finally stopped putting this off, and actually made an interface for more advanced archive queries!

Party!! :mlp-phi:

SO! What changed?

For starters, the search bar now searches by title only now. I gave up trying to make a clever AI for guessing what you actually wanted to search for. :mlp-tdepressed:

But the new interface, via a nifty dropdown box, allows to you narrow results down by fic rating, deleted status, story age, completion state, featured stories, archive found on, author name, number of likes, wordcount, story tags, character tags, and even change what order the results are given in!

Of course, I could put more, but this is the best I could figure without making too much a mess of options and toggles :mlp-tplotting:

Also! The tags and character selectors have an automagic include/exclude ability! when shown in GREEN, those selected options will be included in the search using the mode shown.

If you click on one to make it RED, then the results will do their best to make sure that nothing with that tag is shown!

(Eg, if you really don't want to see any 'Human' or 'Gore' fics)

Enjoy! :mlp-rhello:


If your browser doesn't re-download the extra css, if may look a bit weird - try clearing the browser cache

Up next? more user features, like reading lists?

Still working that one out.


Posted by DataByte on Friday, January 29 2016


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