Deleted Fictions

Wow, things that happen never cease to amaze me.

So, I have been tweaking the css on the site to make it more mobile-friendly, and suddenly noticed that there was a new most-popular-before-it-was-deleted story... Actually, several - all by RealityCheck.

If you're worried, he does seem to still be writing; he's moved to a different site that he likes more (ah, well. Such is life).

Also, I do still have everything as it was before he deleted it :mlp-tadorkable:

I have temporarily adjusted the default search parameters to include deleted fics in the results.. Sorry about making searching for certain fics difficult.. I'll get about to making it easier to use soon, I promise! :mlp-fecstatic:

Also, if you want to see what fics have been removed from fimfiction.net for any reason, I have a page just for that!



Posted by DataByte on Wednesday, January 20 2016


Ok: first off, for those who have been using this site, I'm sorry for my lack of attention. There is so much wasted potential for this archive, but it still does great for mobile reading devices (I still use it that, even if I have not been able to work on it).

Long story made short, My laptop died and lost all of my fimfetch project data. Twice. During con season. All with a full-time job and a house to maintain keeping me busy.

Sometimes, I just don't want to adult anymore :mlp-ddepressed:

Anyway! Thanks to the amazing folks working on the Let's Encrypt project, I now have a browser-recognized secure certificate for HTTPS! AWESOME! :mlp-fexcited:

Hopefully I can get a replacement HD for my laptop, then make SURE to have a constant backup in place, then get back to work on making this the most comprehensive archive of all (non-hidden) fiction ever! :mlp-prainbow:

(here's hoping, anyway)

Thanks for sticking around, and stay awesome :mlp-ddealwith:

Posted by DataByte on Monday, December 07 2015

Fiction of the day history

As promised, Fiction of the day history is now browsable! :twilightsmile:

Also, there's now a page so you can see all of my excited jabbering about page updates and the like - the link is on the main page, right now as "Latest Site News"

Recent fix to epub: by tidy program had an issue with blockquotes, and they were not allowing paragraphs to embed - fixed now, and even fancied up the styling some!

I've also thrown a few more validation checks in there, and I'm stripping out non-allowed attributes and tags - so far am not seeing any problems, but there could be missing blocks if something goes terribly wrong. I'll try to check if that's happening, but if you want to see for yourself, compare the cache to the cached tidy file :mlp-tawkward:

Cache files are in the format <id>.html, and the tidy files are <id>-tidy.html (click a 'cached' link to get started there)

Ok, I'm either getting too technical, or long-winded.

I do love data, though :mlp-aholdback:

Oh, and there's a pseudo-api for fic of the day!


That's all, really, but it gives you what today's fiction of the day is :derpytongue2:

I'll get about to making these send out email notifications, and on letting you ask me to stop sending you emails (or ask for more).. but for now, I'm not exactly sure what to do next about this site of the list of things I want to do.

Posted by DataByte on Tuesday, June 02 2015

New News

:mlp-ceyay: First Post!!!

It's been a while, and nothing seems to have changed. I assure you, this is just an illusion (albeit not an unfair assessment). After a brief sabbatical filled with stories of magical lands filled with polychromatic ponies, I have done a fair amount of work on this site's backend - namely, in how fictions are processed.

First note: I have no improvements for the search function as of yet (sorry!) :mlp-desorry:

So far, I have been using the Fic of the Day to find stories to add to my kindle e-reader.

I'll add a pages feature to that later. Promise. :mlp-acute:

Improvement 1: I have written a epub generator from scratch! That was fun.

Not only did I build the files myself, but before I threw them together I also fixed up the syntax so that It's valid XML. This means that epubs from this site will even work in Apple's stringy e-reader.

Also! I added a pinch of magic dust and added all of the (available) externally-linked images (if any)

... right into the book!. :mlp-tadorkable:

I also changed how the title page works, putting the cover image, title, author, rating, fiction tags, wordcount all on the first page, then the full description, then the first chapter! (I don't know about you, but I have alot of unread books on my kindle, so this helps me figure out what I'm about to read)

Improvement 2: Text Generator

Yes, I know this sounds boring. FimFiction's text files are simply the html data stripped of the tags, with delimiters for the chapters. Fine, if you want to feed the text to a program you're writing to analyze it, but if you're just trying to read it, it all runs together.

I spiffied it up a bit and added spaces between the paragraphs, crude centering and line breaks, and general text-related magics. Granted, you're not going to see strikethroughs or underlines or headlines and so on, but it's text!

Magic! :mlp-trsleep:

Improvement 3: Emoticons! :mlp-tteehee:

Ok, maybe not a notable improvement, per se.. But I added a few thousand possible emoticons on top of the 48 that fimfiction uses, and and having a bit of fun with that (if you haven't noticed by now)

Improvement 4: Logins

Ok, I'm still working on it. So far, logins don't do much, but the plan is to add the option to omit fics you've read from your search results, and maybe a public reading list with custom reviews so you can send that to friends.

Improvement 5: Story Links

Not so much as an improvement as much as an accidental feature, but you can take any story link from fimfiction, change the "fiction" to "fetch", and viola! A page with pretty epubs and mobis! (https works, too.. I only have a self-signed certificate right now, sorry). Didn't mean to do it that way, but when I discovered I'd done that, have found it really useful.

Improvement 6: Opensearch

This basically means that chomium/google chrome/other modern browsers will learn that the site is a search engine, and offer to let you search while visiting the site instead of loading the page first to give you the search box.

Improvement 7: Super Secret

I'm nost sure if I'm ready to show this off yet, and there's still alot of work left, anyway.

I love numbers. There's a hint.


I know that some of you may want some other search options, and there are some to play with, if you would like (I just don't have any easy way to use them yet - I'm not done with the engine)

To use these, simply add the relevant parameter to your query string (Not in the search box! The address bar!)

Author: a

Rating: r

0 = Everyone

1 = Teen

2 = Mature

3 = Young Adult

4 = Adult

5 = Clop

6 = Dubious

Status: s

0 = Complete

1 = Incomplete

2 = On Hiatus

3 = Cancelled

for example: searching for completed teen fics written by "shortskirts" (search options can be in any order, and author is a wildcard)


Posted by DataByte on Tuesday, May 26 2015


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