Legend of Celestia: Elements of Harmony

by Azure Sandora

Chapter 1: Phase 1

Phase 1

This is the second story I've ever done using Trixie as the main hero, and the second game/story I've ever attempted.  I hope you enjoy this story.  This, like all of my other stories, is a separate world from Inner Demons, so forget everything you know about that story.  It is also separate from Ultramare.  It utilizes the Silent Protagonist approach, so tell me what you think.

Since this is obviously a Legend of Zelda game, I'll be using enemies from the Legend of Zelda.  I'll try to make my own enemies as well, but there will be a lot of shout outs here.

SapphireLibra3 owns neither the music, the engine, nor the characters.  MLP belongs to Hasbro, Final Fantasy belongs to Square Enix, and Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo.  All rights go to them.

SapphireLibra3 presents...

Legend of Celestia

Elements of Harmony

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Our story doesn't begin this night.  It actually begins many nights before tonight.  Many years ago, Equestria was ruled by Discord, known as the God of Chaos and Disharmony.  For many years he ruled unchecked,  sealing away the sun and doing everything in his power to make life hard for the ponies in Equestria.

Two ponies challenged him though.  Sisters from a lost land, they utilized the powers of five Elements of Harmony in order to seal him away.  Now reveared as gods for their emmense power, the two sisters released both the sun and moon from their prisons, and took over as the new rulers of Equestria.

Sadly the good times weren't meant to last.  The two sisters split their powers in two, the elder sister ruling the sun and daytime, while the younger sister ruled the moon and night.  This was okay for a while, but soon the younger sister became resentful of the praise that her older sister received.

"Everyone laughs and plays during your day, but they sleep through the night I work so hard to create!  All you do is raise the sun and erase my work, but I have to raise the moon and paint the stars into their proper place!  Why do you get all the glory?!"

The sisters argued for a long while, until one day when the younger sister took matters into her own hooves...

"Dear sister, the moon should have been down an hour ago.  Why is it still night?"

"I'll make the ponies see my night, even if it has to last forever!"

The younger sister's form had begun to get twisted by hatred and darkness, and the demon Night Mare Moon was born.  The elder sister had no choice but to use the powers of the Elements of Harmony on her sister, and in a tough fight sealed her dear sister in the very moon she valued so much.  Now alone, the elder sister mourned her younger sister, eagerly waiting for the day the pony who could save her sister would be born.

One thousand years later, that pony was born.  Her name was Twilight Sparkle.  She exhibited magic unlike any other unicorn in her generation.  So much that she was taken in as the personal disciple of the goddess of the sun and daytime, not even knowing the destiny that waited for her.  On the destined day of Night Mare Moon's revival, Twilight was joined by five other ponies, each one destined from birth to be the pony embodiments of the Elements of Harmony.  The magic within Twilight combined with the knew love she had for her friends gave birth to a sixth element, dubbed the Element of Magic.  Together with the five existing elements, the six ponies used their powers to destroy the darkness within Night Mare Moon, returning her to her former self and reuniting the sisters.

What no one knew was that this was the beginning of something much larger.

The Elements of Harmony may have saved Equestria before, but there was another who was destined from the very beginning to be the true hero of Equestria.

It's almost time for you to begin your journey.  It will be tough, and at times you may wish to give up, but you have a light brighter than any other pony within you.  

Yes, you have done things in the past that may be deemed unforgivable, but now is not the time to wallow in self loathing.  Now is the time to fight.  Get up, and face your destiny.

Equestria is counting on you...


Your eyes flutter open.  That same dream again.  For the past few years you have had the same dream, detailing a past that you were only vaguely aware of.  You put a hoof up to your eyes, testing if you've gotten any better.

Sadly no.  Just like every other night, there are dried tears coming from your eyes.  Damn it, why this again?  Can't you have a moment of peace?

You get up from your bed and walk out to the entrance of your trailer.  Maybe you should go over to the lake and get cleaned off.  Sure it's still dark, but you need to get some fresh air.

~Everfree Forest~

You follow the road for a bit.  You didn't put on your hat and cape yet, since you plan on getting cleaned up.  It's a bit of a walk, and for some reason you aren't even sure if you're going in the right direction.  In the distance you see a sign in front of two paths.

Left: Everfree Lake

Right: Ponyville

Ponyville, huh?  That's the last place you want to be right now.  How long ago was it since you got ruined in Ponyville?  Too long.  The further you are from there the better off you'll be.

You look down in frustration, wishing you were stronger.  Time and time you thought about redeeming yourself, and then quickly stopped yourself.  Everytime you came to Ponyville it ended badly for you.  Face it, you think, that town is nothing but a plague to you.

You turn left to the Everfree Lake.  You still need to get cleaned up.  You proceed to the lake.  On the way you see a sign.  Why is there a sign here?  No matter.  You go over to the sign and read it.

Sometime you can find valuable things in trees.  If you press the A button in front of the tree you can put your hooves on the tree.  Shake the nunchuk to shake the tree and make Deku Nuts fall onto the ground.

After reading the sign, ignoring how weird it was (A button?  Nunchuk?  What?) you go over to the tree and put your hooves on it.  Humoring the sign and following the "instructions" in your head, you shake the tree until you see something fall.  You go over to the object, revealed to be large nut, and use your magic to pick it up, briefly holding it above you.

You received a Deku Nut.  This large nut creates a large flash when broken, good for stunning enemies.  Push the – button to assign it to either up, left, or right on the control pad, and then push the assigned button to toss it onto the ground.

You put the nut away (somehow you now have ten, and WHERE DID YOU PUT IT?!) and then proceed onward to the lake.  

Once there you sigh to yourself and slowly walk into the water.  As you swim around, you feel like all of your troubles slowly fade into the water.

Somepony!  Anypony!  Help me!

Huh?  What was that?  You stop and look around.  Was that voice in your head?

Please!  I'm begging you!  I can't get out by myself!  Please let somepony hear me?

Okay, this is getting weird.  Now you get out of the water, shaking the access water off of your coat, and look up, silently beckoning the voice on.

Wait, you can hear me?!

You nod.

Oh, thank heavens.  At first I thought no one would be able to reach me.  You're name is Trixie, right?

How does this... voice know your name?  This is getting scary.

You should head back to your trailer to gather your things.  I'll contact you again after you're ready.  Please hurry.

The voice is silent.  Who are they, and why did they reach out to you?  No matter, it sounds like they need help.  You turn back to the road where your trailer is.

The gallop to your trailer doesn't take long.  Now that you know the way it's a straight shoot back down the path.

When you get into your trailer, you go over to the chest next to your bed.  After opening it, you get on your hind legs and dig in the chest, pulling out your purple hat and cape.  You hold them up above you with your magic.

You've found your Witch's Garments.  These don't really give you any special abilities, but you look so good in them.  Hey, a girl's gotta look her best at all times, right?

After putting on your hat and cape (and a little make up) you step out of your trailer.

Good, you're ready then?

You nod to the voice.

Alright.  I'm actually really close to you, deeper in the Everfree Forest.  There's an old castle there.  I'll guide you along the way.  Are you fully prepared?  It might be dangerous.

Dangerous, huh?  Well hey, it's not like anypony would miss you if you died.  That's a depressing thought, but knowing that means that you have nothing to lose.  You look up and nod.

Thank you, Trixie.  First you need to go south.  If you need it, I'll share with you a fraction of my power.  I can't do much, but I can at least help you in this way.

Strangely that makes you feel a little better, but now you REALLY want to know who you're talking to.  Following the voice's guidence, you move south. At first the pathway is without obstacle.  Since you seem to be safe, you decide to walk for a bit.  A rustling sound catches your attention.

After stopping for a second, you slowly proceed forward looking around.  You then hear a high pitched sound, like a creature of some sort.  You turn around, but it's too late.  Something hard hits you in the side.

"AHH!!!" you scream falling back.  You look up and see two creatures approaching you.   They look like they're made of wood, with hats shaped like leaves.  They don't have any arms, nor do they even have a real mouth.  Just a long nozzle and two glowing yellow eyes that look like they're frowning.

This is bad, you think getting up.  You don't know how to fight!  Well, you can defend yourself, but none of your spells are enough to take these things out.

Don't worry!  Remember when I said I'd share a fraction of my power to you?  Let my knowledge enter you.

A sudden burst of magic hits you.  All of a sudden, you feel stronger, and it's like a million years of combat training were instantly transfered to you.

That's not all.  It this a... spell?

I know it's a lot to take in right now!  Just stay calm, and let me walk you through it, okay?

You nod to the voice, and prepare to fight.

First thing, push and hold the Z button on the nunchuk to lock onto an enemy.  When you lock on, you can use the control stick to move around, toward, and away from the enemy.  They should stay still for a little while, so try that.

Following the weird instructions of the disembodied voice, you focus onto the enemy on the left.  You can almost see a yellow cross hair on the enemy, making it easy to move around the enemy.

Good, good!  While targeting an enemy, you can push UP on the control pad and I'll tell you what I know about the enemy.  That works on all enemies, so make it a habit.

Again with the weird instructions.  Ugh... either way, you find youself following the instructions in your head, and sure enough, the voice speaks up again.

That's a Deku Scrub.  They're really weak, and dumb.  Don't let your guard down though.  The Deku Nuts they shoot out are a dangerous weapon.

I'm pleased that you're a quick learner.  But enough of the technical stuff.  You can do the following attacks.  Try them as I describe them to you.  First:

Swing the wiimote horizontally to slash horizontally.

You swing your horn horizontally, a magical blade appearing from your horn hitting the Deku Scrub.

Swing vertically to slash vertically.

This time you swing vertically, the blade following you again.

Thrust the wiimote to thrust with your horn.

This time you thrust forward, stabbing the Deku Scrub with the blade.

Push the A button to do a jumping slash.

You jump toward the Deku Scrub, doing a fancy jumping/front flip slash slamming the magical blade onto the Deku Scrub.

Excellent!  You can combine these attacks to do combos and make quick work of your enemies.  Now, finish off these foes so we can continue onward.

Now that you know how to fight, you can push past these things the voice called "Deku Scrubs".  You target the one on the left, who promply fires a Deku Nut at you.  By targeting it though, you can easily jump away from the attack.  You then begin slashing your horn at the monster, managing a three slash combo.  It dies immediately.

Okay, you think, these guys aren't that scary.

You target the other Scrub, who is backing away from you now.  Apparently they were hoping you were a normal pony.  Heh, you are the Great and Powerful Trixie (okay, so the sudden boost of power helped a little).

"Hyaa!!!" you shout, doing your new jumping slash, you then thrust your sword once, killing the monster.  Apparently the jumping slash is stronger.  You decide to remember that.

Now that the monsters are gone, you begin moving again, but you feel something lightly tug your mind.

Glad you were able to handle that.  If we work together like this you'll have no problem staying alive.

That whole thing was scary, but you're glad that it's over.  You thank the voice in your head for their help.

Oh don't mention it.  Keep going down this path and you'll see a ruined castle.  That's where I am.  Please hurry Trixie!

A ruined castle, huh?  Did you see anything like that on the way here?  Well, the voice said if you follow the path you'll see it.  You gallop down the path, preparing yourself for a long adventure.

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