Pony POV Series Season Six: Dark World/Shining Armor

by Alex Warlorn

Chapter 1: Episode 67: (Dark World) History Lesson By Seaponies

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"Once upon a time the world was ruled by rigid order and the law obsessed Alicorns, who had rules for everything and anything, to how ponies walked to how they breathed. They were jealous of us sea ponies and our music, for it was the one thing they could not create in their cold mechanical hearts. Their slaves questioned their almightiness if their masters could not produce music as beautiful as the sea-ponies.

"They debated between sending us to the moon, or drying up our ocean with the power of the sun they had enslaved. Finally they chose to curse us into big ugly hairy horned monsters called buffalo, while at the same time ensuring we would drown in our own ocean.

"But Master Discord, who loved our music, saved us by making the grim choice to remove our ocean so we, and our songs, might live. But he could not undo the curse the Alicorns had placed on us as long as the so-called 'Elements of Harmony' still functioned, named so to disguise their true purpose of imposing unyielding order upon innocent ponies."

"What did Alicorns look like?" Ask Waterflower.

Aqua-Marine grimaced. "They were absurd monsters, with Virgacorn horns, hippogriff wings, and the bodies of Earth ponies but all stretched out."

Waterflower belched. "They sound ugly."

"They were. But they insisted they were beautiful, and all that was beautiful was therefore ugly. But Master Discord fought against the massive army of Alicorns and single handedly and restored the Elements to their true forms and was able to break the curse. He granted us our new ocean floating in the sky, safe from those who would still seek us harm and ensuring the ground below was also another layer of defense from those who would destroy us in jealousy of our music. And that is why we constantly produce new songs in tribute to Master Discord."

The seaponies all cheered and clapped their flippers and fins. An ocean of snowflakes, no two alike. Some resembling sea-horses, others with countless fins, octopi, some looking like dolphins, but all beautiful, all innocent, all cheering Aqua-Marine's recount of their origins.

Random foals stuck their heads out of the water on the side to watch the cotton candy clouds fly by, sticking their tongues out for a quick taste of chocolate rain. Others floated on the surface lazily watching the sun and moon switch positions. While others watched ponies on the ground far below listen to their singing.

Their ocean in the sky, the mighty floating body of water Master had given them that would never be taken away from them by the Alicorns.

Little-Ocean-Heart and Sea Apple hugged each other smiling as their daughter Waterflower did loop-de-loops out the bottom of their ocean with reversed gravity pulling her back in without fail.

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