Twixie Shorts

by Philosopher01

Chapter 2: Horn Sensitivity

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Horn Sensitivity

Twilight's eyes darted back and forth across the page, her mind absorbing the new information as she gleaned it from the textbook. The initial embarrassment of what she was reading had long been drowned out by the sheer elation of learning something new, the hesitance replaced by keen interest. Curiosity had made her read on, and she had convinced herself that a true scholar was not averse of any form of new information.


This theory however did not prevent her from leaping in surprise at the sound of a voice calling her name. She quickly spun around, standing on her hind legs and leaning back against the reading table to obscure the book. In front of her stood an azure unicorn looking inquisitively in her direction. She tried to act calm, but a deep blush betrayed her.

"What's the matter Twi? Reading something naughty are we?" Trixie cooed, enjoying the adorable red tint on her companions cheeks.

"No no, its nothing like that ...." Twilight responded quickly, avoiding eye contact. "It's purely scientific! It's just that the chapter I'm on is a little ... embarrassing."

"Oh?" Trixie grinned. "What's it about?"

Twilight glanced over her shoulder at the book as if she hoped the volume would speak up and explain itself to save her the trouble.

"It's about ... horn sensitivity," Twilight finally admitted.

Trixie raised a hoof to her mouth to stifle a laugh, genuinely trying to be supportive of her innocent little bookworm.

"It's really quite interesting," Twilight continued, trying to shake the awkwardness of the conversation. She turned back to he book. "For example, did you know Trixie that if a unicorn's horn is ... stimulated in the right way, it can cause almost complete paralysis due to the endorphins released?"

"Well actually yes, Trixie did know this," the showpony replied from behind. Though if Twilight heard this she ignored it, having gained steam and entering lecture mode.

"And did you know that due to their magical receptive properties, horns can pick up other signals too! They can sometimes even ... oooh ... ahhh ...." Twilight's teaching was cut suddenly short as she felt a hoof brush gingerly along her horn, and felt the warmth of Trixie's body lower itself onto her back.

"Trixie know's plenty about horn sensitivity," she explained in a breathy voice close to Twilight's ear. "Haven't you ever had a horn rub before darling?"

Twilight was finding it extremely difficult to focus her thoughts as Trixie ran her hoof along her horn. The hoof was making as little possible contact with the horn whilst still touching it. The sensation was akin to a feather being lightly hovered over her skin, although the result of it was far more intense. With each motion a tingling shot down from her horn and throughout her body, making her legs feel weaker with each passing second.

"I've ... I've had a horn file a few times b-but ... it never felt like t-this ...." Twilight stammered in response, struggling to take control of her vocal cords as the sensations spread throughout her body, leaving a warm feeling behind wherever the tingling travelled to. Her usually purple face was most likely now a complete shade of red as she blushed heavily from the new sensations.

Trixie made a dissaproving clicking sound with her tongue. "Of course it wouldn't. Those spa ponies are too rough with those files. The secret is to apply as little pressure as possible," she explained as she continued her work, absolutely delighted with herself over how she was making the bashful unicorn feel. She grinned happily as she heard Twilight emit a soft moan as she ran her hoof over the horn again.

"T-Trixie ... I think I'm g-gonna ...." Twilight tried to warn as her legs began shaking visibly. "F-fall."

Trixie quickly grabbed her marefriend arouned the waist just in time as Twilight's knees buckled. She gently lowered the paralyzed unicorn onto the floor, Twilight's legs flopped uselessly out in front of and behind her, leaving her sprawled belly-down on the floor, a shocked expression on her face.

"I c-can't m-move," Twilight muttered.

"Oh don't worry Twilight," Trixie giggled. "The book says the paralysis only lasts a few moments."

Twilight released what seemed to be a sigh of relief.

"Unless ...." Trixie continued, "the unicorn in question has not experienced it before, in which case it can last up to ten minutes!" Trixie laughed as she read the passage aloud. A look of horror entered Twilight's eyes.

"Hmmm, ten whole minutes," Trixie spoke in a pondering tone. "What to do? SPIIIIIIKE!"

The summoned dragon appeared from the basement at the sound of his name.

"What's up?" he asked. He then spotted the paralyzed Twilight. "Oh my gosh is she ok?!" he yelled.

"She's fine," Trixie assured the dragon. "It was just an ... experiment," Trixie grinned, looking down at the immobilised unicorn. "But she's going to be inactive for at least ten minutes, you know what that means!"

Spike's eyes lit up. "ICE CREAM!" he yelled, sprinting into the library kitchen, Trixie running after him.

"No ... stomach ... ache," Twilight mumbled helplessly into the floor.

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