In anticipation for an early download of the new MVM update, the Mane 6 hack into a bad beta lobby.
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They should have waited, why didn't they wait? Mann Vs. Machine was just coming out the next day, but nooo, they wanted to make an early copy. Ever since the link between Earth and Equis was established, humans and ponies have gotten along, with minor hitches of course. And so, with the introduction of the internet, the bookish Twilight Sparkle took up video games, especially Steam. And she persuaded her best friends to play as well. In major anticipation and anxiety from the wait for MVM, the ponies decide to help out some human hackers in an attempt to get the update early, allowing all of Steam to play it. But they didn't know what they were about to unleash....the horror and pain it would bring to the world. May Celestia have mercy on their souls.

I made this solely out of a small idea of how there are six players in the MVM update and thought, "Hey, how about the Mane 6 play it?" And so, this came. And may God and Celestia have mercy on my soul should this come true. And the story name being about the same as mine is purely coincidental, not from self-promotion....maybe.

A crossover of TF2 and the Steam application.


4,878 words: Estimated 20 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. The Day the Machines Ruled Steam [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Aug 15th, 2012
Published Aug 15th, 2012


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