by Hiver

Chapter 2

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I gave the changeling guard a nod as I approached the entrance to the Hive, “Princess Skitter wished to meet with me, Obsidian Scale.”

He nodded, “Yes, sir. Princess Skitter is currently with Queen Chrysalis in the throneroom. Please, follow me to where she wanted you to wait for her.”

“Of course.”

With that, I followed her into the Hive.

This place always gave me the creeps, to be completely honest. The tunnels and what used to be part of a mine beneath the city had been long since adapted by the Changelings to something more comfortable for them.

Dark walls covered with smooth, black resin. Green crystals barely lighting the place enough to see to walk. Organic shapes.

It reminded me of a xenomorph hive in style which admittedly was what was the most disturbing about it. The changelings on the other hoof, those I liked.

Changelings were awesome.

Obsidian Scale lead the way into a chamber and then he nodded, “Please wait here, sir. The Princess will be with you shortly.”

Nodding, I looked around the chamber. It was like all changeling chambers and covered with that dark resin. But it was brighter lit than most and had some furniture in it. Bookcase full of books, table, chairs.

It was a small library.

I didn’t need to wait long. Skitter walked inside, an air of annoyance about her, her wings beating a slow humming buzz on her back, just barely audible.

I bowed to her, “Princess.”

“Sir,” she answered, “Thanks for coming.”

“Anything, you know that,” I said and moved over to her, “What happened? You’re upset.”

She buzzed a bit louder and moved past me, touching her side against mine for a second, “My mother.”

“Ah,” I agreed, “That would do it.”

Skitter gave off an annoyed buzz and nodded, “Indeed, sir.”

Sighing softly, I followed her over to look at the bookshelf, “What did she want?”

Skitter looked down at me for a moment and then shook her head, “The usual. A lesson in how to be a Changeling Queen.”

“I see.”

“But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about, sir,” she then continued, “It’s about the wedding, sir.”

I smiled at that, “Yes?”

Only a month left now. So much to do, even if I was mostly out of the equation when it came to planning it. For the most part, the castle staff had been handling the wedding planning..

They can have it to be honest.

I just wanted my Luna there and as long as that was true, everything else could be pretty much anything. But I also wanted it to be perfect for her.

“...Are you certain I should be there?” she asked after a second, “Ponies still haven’t accepted changelings. I’m afraid it might…”

“Then being there will do nothing but help,” I countered firmly as I looked up at the taller changeling, putting my hoof on her shoulder, “I want you there, I want the rest of the changelings there and Celestia help me, I even want your mother there.”

If only so I could keep an eye on her while all of the alicorns were gathered in one spot so she couldn't get up to anything.

Skitter buzzed slightly at the mention of Chrysalis before she nodded, “...Okay, sir. I just don’t want to disturb the event.”

I smiled at her, “Don’t worry, you won't. Besides, I suspect it will turn into the changeling buffet of the century. You know how emotions tend to run high in ponies on special occasions like that. You did invade during the last royal wedding for a reason.”

“...Another reason why I’m hesitant to be there…” Skitter said softly, “The last time changelings went to a royal wedding, it… didn’t end well.”

“Perhaps not at the time, but I think it turned out alright eventually,” I said before I smiled, “Difference is that this time you’re invited.”

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