by Hiver

Chapter 1

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Nuzzling closer to the pillow, I scooted backwards a bit further beneath Luna's wing while she slipped her forelegs around me, pulling me tight.

“...’o early…” she mumbled and nuzzled at my ear.

I couldn’t help but agree and I closed my eyes tighter, soon feeling my Luna relax again as she fell back asleep.

I really didn’t want to move. Life honestly didn’t get any better than this. Forcing my eyes finally open just in time, I could see a dark horn, green mane and small pointy ears stick up from behind the edge of the bed.

They slowly rose upwards, barely visible in the thin beam of sunlight shining in through the closer curtain to reveal a pair of bright green eyes.

I sighed softly and opened my eyes fully. Her hoof was raised to rest on the edge of the bed as the changeling peered at me.

Very carefully I started to extract myself out of Luna's grasp before Amber went on to the poking phase of getting me out of bed.

Slowly scooting out from beneath Luna's foreleg, I slid over to the edge of the bed and rolled off it and onto my hooves with a yawn before moving out through the bubble of silence around the bed.

“Morning, Amber,” I said and paused to stretch outside the bubble, spreading my wings wide as I yawned again, “Sleep well?”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed with a smile before following me out of the bedroom before closing the door behind us, “You, sir?”

“Yeah, thanks,” I said and moved over to the small stack of sandwiches and the pot of tea on the table. Mmm, cheese, tomato and daisies, “Anything on the agenda today?”

Amber jumped up to lay across one of the arm chairs as she watched me get breakfast, “Not a lot, sir. Princess Skitter wants to see you, then you have a fitting session with Miss Rarity in four hours. Princess Sparkle also wishes to meet you tonight.”

I nodded, “Which one?”

“Midnight Sparkle, sir.”

Of course, otherwise she would have said Princess Twilight.

The name Mirror Universe Twilight had finally ended up picking. I think she had been in a dark mood at the time, which I honestly couldn’t blame her for.

She was stuck here for the foreseeable future.

Which just sucked. Her friends, her family… all of them in the timeline she couldn’t get back to. All due to Discord.

But I also felt responsible. He did it to fuck with me and then I got in a fight with her when she arrived and attacked Amber.

The resulting fight destroyed the spell focus that brought her here and without that…

...No way back.

Damn, that sucked. It wasn’t even my fault, that was all on Discord, but… I still felt horrible about being involved in getting her stranded here.

“Oh course,” I said and sipped my tea, frowning at the window, “...Did Skitter say what she wanted to talk to me about?”

“No, sir. Simply that it’s Hive business.”

I frowned slightly, “I see,” and sipped my tea again, “Is Queen Chrysalis alright?”

Amber smiled and nodded, “Yes, sir. The Queen is well and is currently in the Hive if you wish to see her.”

“...Can’t say I do,” I admitted, “I don’t like her very much. Sorry.”

Amber just nodded, “I know, sir,” and shifted to lean against the back of the armchair with a small buzz of her wings.

“You had breakfast yet?”

Amber nodded with a smile, “Yes, sir, I had plenty while waiting for you to wake up.”


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