When the mane 6 go on strike, it's up to Derpy to save the show! Hopefully...
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Due to me taking too long, and the joke now stale with actual good merch, I'm canceling this fic. Sorry if this disappoints anyone, but I will leave it up. Who knows.

Applejack, lacking her classic Stetson? Rainbow Dash's mane, way too long? THE Princess Celestia, pink? When anything and everything in the world is run by Hasbro, this effort, or lack thereof, just won't do.

Having had enough of their image being sullied by executives that just don't care, the Mane 6 go on strike. Through the eyes of Mr. Potato Head, head of Hasbro, this can only mean disaster. Through the eyes of Mr. Bowing, an employee at the bottom of the food chain, this could be the end of his career, and that's if he's lucky.

But through the eyes - the mismatched eyes - of the ever-optimistic Derpy Hooves, this is a golden opportunity. Tasked with recruiting and leading a new cast of main characters, Derpy sets out to accomplish what's been asked of her in ways only she can. And may Celestia help us all...


13,567 words: Estimated 55 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

3 Chapters:

  1. Chapter 1 [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Aug 14th, 2012
  2. Chapter 2 [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Aug 25th, 2012
  3. Chapter 3 [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Nov 2nd, 2012
Published Aug 13th, 2012
Last Update Nov 2nd, 2012


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