Anonfilly's Usual Shenanigans

by UndeadAsylum

Chapter 3: Parties

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After two weeks of genuine improvement to your demeanor, you feel somewhat refreshed. While your...sleepwear still embarrasses you, it also provides some security at night - and hey, you've only used your protective garment twice! That's something to be proud of, right...? Now that you've revealed your power level around Twilight, she's actually acted as a surprisingly good bro; while of course you do butt heads occasionally, she seems much more comfortable fulfilling the role of your surrogate mother than you would have ever expected from the mare you've called 'top cunt' for months now. And when she's not mothering you, she offers snacks and books to pass the time. She doesn't offer any lewd works, but she doesn't outright prevent you from nabbing a book or two, or buying stuff with your allowance.

In the meantime, you've decided to try the tabula rasa approach to life in Ponyville. Yesterday Twilight offered to be Pinkie's ghostwriter to plan a belated birthday party after your initially failed "Welcome to Ponyville" party that ended in spaghetti flying in every which direction - literally! Yeah, you don't know how you're gonna apologize to that Twist girl after that. But regardless of the past, this is a chance to turn over a new leaf, and actually get to know the ponies in town better.

Not one day after Twilight's party planning offer, you come home from a little walk through town, apple in hoof and a few handheld games hidden in your saddle pouch, to see that the library's almost completely dimmed out. The curtains are all drawn, the candles and lamps all snuffed out and the foyer of the library utterly silent. Normally this place wouldn't be closed before sunset, and Twilight would spend an hour or two longer checking inventory. Before you can even ask the doubtlessly full room what's up, a series of small poppers and flares light up, and all the curtains are drawn back so you can see the surroundings better: somehow Pinkie's managed to get a party of forty ponies, most being young adults and older fillies, to attend this impromptu celebration. Twilight, Pinkie and Applejack act as chaperones for the party, while the younger ones shout out the typical "happy birthday" cheer.

The library isn't that different from its normal look other than the initial boom of activity; bookshelves and tables were moved to allow room for a proper gathering, and the general decor is more subdued and relaxed, more like a super bowl or movie marathon party than a kid's-show equivalent to a birthday party. The cone-shaped party hats are done away with, in favor of a few ponies dressing up in what seem to be convention style casualwear. You never were a fan of conventions, but you can't diss someone for wearing their hearts on their sleeve like this. It takes guts.

Pinkie Pie and a few other ponies set up to play a wide assortment of songs ranging from cabaret to folk to swing jazz to some kind of satirical country style. While you're not by any means a musician, you are inclined toward all kinds of genres of music.

After nearly half an hour of indulging in pizza and cupcakes while chatting, you find that you're not so uncomfortable in this environment. Granted, a smaller party is preferred, but when you're not being choked by over-positive music and cliches, partying isn't so bad. A few fillies offer their address for sleepovers and give ideas for places to visit when you're free - you didn't have the heart to admit you're always somewhat free thanks to skipping out on school. Of course, as the time passes, your relaxation loosens your lips, and with that a few ponies grow uncomfortable with your sense of humor, but only five to ten ponies abandon the party.

Finally, Pinkie calls you up to the little makeshift stage to speak to the rest of the party. "Alright Anon, I think it's about time you get the spotlight tonight. You got anything to say to everypony here tonight?" Your heart races as you try to think of something to say. Your legs work on autopilot as you force a little smile onto your face, and as you reach that stage, you still don't quite know what to say.

"Ah, well...thanks for comin', would be point number one. After that little incident a couple months back, I didn't think anyone'd pay me a visit." You flash a shy grin, chuckling a bit to yourself as you look at the crowd to gauge their reaction. They seem generally happy for you, a few even giving a little chuckle. "Ah, otherwise...I mean, there's not that much to say. I survived another year of life. Can't say I'm too special there, especially with how young I am. Really I'm just glad there's other ponies that aren't afraid to get a little risque with their humor - by the way Pinkie, I...honestly never thought you had it in you to sing cabaret."

"I sing lotsa stuff, Nonny! Whatever makes my friends happy." The resulting d'awwwww from the other ponies puts a red tint on your face. These sentimental little twerps...

"Well, thanks for that then, Ponka. Now...I-I-I'm not too good on speeches, so I think I'll leave it at that if that's alright. Just a big mushy-gushy thanks to all you little bastards for sitting through my rambles."

After you give Pinkie her stage spot back, she rears up on her hind legs, hugging you tightly around the shoulders. Before you can react, she whispers something into your ear, smirking lowly. "Now, I got a little something for you, and you can sing along if you want. Twilight managed to put a few songs from your phone to sheet music, so I've got a special one for ya."


"And tonight,
We're riding our black unicorns
Down the side
of an erupting volcano!
As we drink, drink, drink
From a chalice filled
With the laughter of small children!"

After finishing up your own little performance, you grin at nobody in particular. "Best timeline."

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Anonfilly's Usual Shenanigans

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