Anonfilly's Usual Shenanigans

by UndeadAsylum

Chapter 2: We All Knew It Would Come to This

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After a surprisingly satisfying and only slightly kinky cuddling and breastfeeding session, you drift off into a comfortably dreamless sleep. Your heartbeat is almost perfectly in sync with Twilight's throughout the night, the warmth of her body around yours making you feel safe, secure, and loved. Nothing could spoil such a lewd yet loving night with your surrogate pony mother.

At least…that's what you think. But after drinking so much before bed, your bladder quickly fills to its capacity, your unconscious body simply letting go of the light pressure inside. It's not until you hear the shifting of Twilight's body, and the sudden spike in her heart rate, that you awake; unfortunately as soon as you feel the soaked sheets beneath you, you immediately know what happened.

You look up at Twilight from your position resting on your side facing her. Your eyes well up with shame, and you feel your body violently shudder - whether mainly out of disgust at what's matting your fur, or out of a sudden and overwhelming urge to jump out of bed and find somewhere to die, you may never know. Her expression is not judgmental or angry, but concerned…it only compounds the guilt weighing down on your chest more, so you avert your eyes.

"I…I didn't mean to…I didn't even f-feel it com…" you stutter quietly, voice wavering as it slowly gets stuck further into your throat. Before you can finish, however, she places a hoof on your nose, shushing you as her familiar purple-pink magical aura surrounds you. You curl into a ball, sniffling as Twklight gets up from her slumber.

"Anon, you've already drank half a liter of milk from my tap. I understand that a filly's body isn't so easy to keep composed while sleeping."

"I know but…"

"But nothing. Who cares about you more than anypony in the whole wide world?"


"That's right. I understand transitioning is hard, especially into a filly with no muscle memory or mature brain. In fact, I'm happy to make accommodations to help you stay comfortable." Your eyes are full of trepidation, curiosity yet fear.

"Really? B-but, what will you do? Different bedding? Some kind of magic?"

"I can buy you a pack of Huggies until you feel you've fully regained your continence." Such a statement would have floored you, were you not hovering three feet high in a castle made of crystals in the body of a little filly.

"You - you're going to…to diaper me? Y-you said….you said I was only a couple years from fully growing up…" Your dejected whimper is paired with a desire to break eye contact and seek something to occupy your mind - and you see beneath you a tub that Twilight runs for your bath.

"Anon, sweetheart, there's nothing wrong with not having gained full control of a new body after a few months. Most foals don't graduate from pampers for a few years, and nopony pays them any mind." You feel lightheaded and even a little nauseous, only snapping out of your emotional state as you're gently placed in a tub of shampoo bubble bath solution.

"I…I'm a grown ass man. Twilight, I can't just…" She places a hoof on your head, just as she gently places a hooffull of shampoo in your mane.

"Anon, listen to me. There is nothing wrong with needing diapers. You have no prior experience with filly bits, and your body is physically young and not yet matured." You sniffle, eyes misty yet unblinking as you stare into into her own eyes. "I don't want to see you cry, okay? Who loves you more than anypony in the world? C'mon, say it."

"Y…you do, purplesmart…" The mare leans in, kissing you on the nose before dropping a mass of suds on your head, smiling delicately.

"That's right. And if you ever feel like you need somepony there for you, who do you call for?"

"You…" Your voice is feeble, like that of a trapped animal who finally gave up on fighting its predator. The aching of your heart lessens; your chest swelling with adoration for the dedicated caretaker's humility and kindness.

"I can't hear you, Nonny~"

"S-shut up, dildo, this is just rhetorical garbage anyway," you huff, crossing your front legs at your chest indignantly. But despite it, you smile just a little…

"Just say it, for me?" She flushes brightly, resting her chin on the rim of the tub as you relax in the steaming bath. You can't fight it for long; your face contorts, cheeks puffing out as you look away to try to conceal a girlish giggle; your own face turns an even brighter shade of red; and finally, you let out a long, tittering giggle, covering both your eyes with your hooves.

"F-fine, Twilight, it's you! You corny little nerd." Despite her indignance at being called a nerd, she soon follows suit, laughing as gently and level-headed as she can.

As she drains the bath, she wraps you in a towel like a dog, lifting your towel-burrito body up and carrying you into your bedroom. "I'm going to the store for you then. It's about sunup, so I'll be back in about half an hour with the parcel and some flour for pancakes. Can you be good while I head out?"

You would normally get to scheming, or simply hide away to do your own thing, you feel your heart race at the mere mention of sugary hotcakes. You have the best mom in Equestria.


You dry off and brush yourself just in time to hear the castle open and your momfu come inside with bags of supplies and groceries. You set down your brush and trot out to the hall before the nerd finishes unpacking, and she smiles with a sincere glint in her eye as she tears open a bag and unfurls her gift: a plain white diaper, with two tapes on both sides to secure your hips and nice frilly cuffs to prevent leakage. A hole is also in rthe rear, to threat your tail through while also being as well sealed. The inside has a thick strip of some kind of synthetic fabric from rear to front, but on the outside are no obnoxious decorations or labels. Generally speaking, it looks like a fine fit for you…for a diaper. While you are glad she's got the piddle insurance, it still humiliates you that you have to wear it to begin with.

"Does this look good to you Anon? I thought I should get a high absorption brand. Most foals' brands come with decorations but I know it's embarrassing enough to be put in diapers as is, so I shelled out the bits for small adult ones. Do you have any qualms with wearing for the day today? Not that I expect further accidents but it may benefit you to…get used to wearing it." Now that she mentions it, this whole thing feels strangely intimate for a simple garment for the young and elderly…

"I…I guess that checks out. Mind if we stay in the castle today, no outings?" She pats your rump lightly, smiling.

"Of course. If you want jammies or other clothes to accompany it, I can order you a commission or two from Rarity. And I won't make you pad up except at night."

Minutes later, she powders your rump and seals the thing shut, leaving you on your back with legs in the air. Your privates feel strangely soft from the drying powder, the underwear only adding to that softness. While Twilight makes pancakes, you simply…sit there, on your back, white ball of plush and lightly crinkling plastic keeping your legs just a little further apart than normal. Your rump and fillyhood rub against the dry fabric, a hoof resting at your crotch as you feel almost overwhelmed. Where do you start? Do you even want to think about this thing any further? This big stuffy pamper, the strange widening of your legs by its thickness? As you slowly shift up onto your flanks, you hear crinkling and a gentle little 'pomf' of talcum powder escapes the waist of the diaper. Your heart races. Your eyes mist up. Your breathing seems to peeter out, only audible in gentle whispering inhales followed by ten seconds of holding it in.

"-colate chips or blueberries?" Your head jerks up, one hoof pressed into your crotch and your breathing erratic. You try to speak but nothing comes out. But…you have to say words! Say them!

"I…I don't know, whatever's easier for you!" Why did you shout that? Stop! Deep breaths! Those aren't deep! BREATHE! BREA-

"Oh Anon…all this is your fetish, isn't it? Is that the issue?" You shake your head, trying to speak again and only succeeding after an awfward silence.

"I…no! I mean…I don't- I feel like…I think I'm going to pass out, I've never felt so…" Suddenly your voice squeaks and you lose your ability to finish the statement.

"Anon? I think you need to try and relax. You know I wouldn't tell a soul anything that you're worried about letting out. Right? I'm here, and I am more than happy to lend my ear."

"I…I can't explain it. I'm dry as a desert down there…but I can't breathe…my heart feels like a drum…is this arousal? But I feel…small….like I'd be easy to make someone's plaything. I don't...is it bad? Am I horny? Am I afraid? Am I just nervous?" Twiggle's hoof on your head stops your ramble short.

"Anon. Everything is okay. It's just a diaper." This reassurance helps calm you, but then you feel more self conscious. How patronizing…no, don't cry, not now..

"Anon…nooo, noooo, don't feel pressured…I'll be here as long as you need. Give mama a hug?"

You suddenly jump up to hug her tight, lightly sobbing. Your emotions continue to get the best of you, and you merely stay there as the room falls silent. Just the two of you fill the room with its ambient sounds: your crying calms as twiggle whispers sweet nothings to you, hugging you back with resolute tightness.



"Am I…beyond helping? Or am I just doomed to be a b-bedwetting retard forever?"

"Anon…of course not. Anypony can be made better. You may be a unique case, but you can still get better with your body. You can't be expected to be experienced without time though. Just let mistakes happen, and learn from them."

Your conversation melts away. It grows harder to remember it line by line, your humiliation and conflicting emotions distracting you. However, soon enough, you simply accept the embrace. Just like the night before, she envelops you in warmth, slowly silencing all your whimpering until you're simply resting against her.

Of course, Murphy's Law is in full effect, as you hear a gentle hiss followed by a surprisingly cozy warmth between your thighs. Instead of feeling compelled to shrivel up and cry, you simply relax, a small smile remaining on your face.

"You know…it's not so bad wearing this. Long as I don't have to walk in public like this…I could be wearing worse. Right?"

Well, I'm glad you feel that way." A peck is gingerly placed on your forehead, and despite attempting not to, you succumb to the instinct to giggle like the filly you are.

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