My Little Pony: Love is Confusing

by TheTwientist

Chapter 16: To the Gala!

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The day of the gala drew ever closer, although it felt much longer to some ponies who were purple unicorns. The ponies prepared for what was alternately an event to be endured and the most important night of their lives.

Fluttershy mostly stayed out of everypony's way, especially Rainbow Dash, but Derpy showed up for tea every day.

Rarity fussed over the new dresses she was making for her friends (and especially the matching dress-suit ensemble for herself and Fancy Pants).

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie continued to plot pranks together, althought Rainbow could frequently be seen glancing out towards the woods while Pinkie Pie cooked up a few more cakes.

Applejack continued her farm work, and Big Mac prepared to transplant his trees. The only differerence was that the moon shone a little bit brighter of the farm at night.

Twilight was accompanied nearly everywhere by her "girlfriend", and spent her time mentally inventing new time measurement systems to try and make the day go by faster.

Spike was very quiet, although he did seem to be borrowing a lot of paper recently.

And all seven of them counted off the days until the gala.

Then at last, the great night came.

"Trixie DEMANDS that she has a dress. She and her girlfriend MUST match!" shouted the blue unicorn.

"And, um, would you mind maybe, um, finding something nice for Derpy? I wouldn't want her to feel left out . . ." Fluttershy whispered, with her walleyed companion in tow.

"I can't be expected make dresses in less than five minutes!" Rarity moaned. "You''ll just have to pick something off the rack!"

"D'ya suppose it's dark enough? Ah wouldn't want to make her mad . . ." Applejack wondered aloud, peering at her new dress.

"Rarity, this dress is too tight! I can't fit my wings in!" Rainbow called impatiently.

"You've just got to slide them through the holes, like this," whispered Fluttershy, as Derpy browsed the racks. Rainbow tried again, and with Fluttershy's help, succeeded.

"Hey, thanks!" said Rainbow, only to find that Fluttershy had disappeared and was now actively hiding under a box.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Girls."

At last, after much stress, impatience, heartache, and worry, they were ready to go to the gala.

Twilight was keen to try her carriage transformation spell again, but was downvoted by the others (except, of course, for Trixie, who zealously backed up every statement Twilight made).

She was about to simply teleport them all to Canterlot instead when a familiar storm cloud broiled in the sky. With a crack of thunder and a loud whooshing noise, Luna's cart drew up in front of them.


Rarity and Trixie nodded vigorously. Spike was emotionless. Pinkie and Derpy giggled. Twilight rolled her eyes. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy looked in opposite directions. Applejack merely shrugged.


"Uh, Princess, be pardon, but can ya not talk so loud?" asked Applejack.

"WHAT DO YOU- oh, right, sorry. It's still taking some getting used to," said Luna, smiling apologetically.

And, without further ado, the motley group of eight ponies (and one baby dragon) piled into the chariot. Spike, the last one to climb aboard, had mere moments to hold on before the chariot took off into the night at a breakneck speed.

Twilight, at last, understood why the Princess' manes looked so flowing; the wind was so fierce that it almost tore her mane off. All the ponies clung together (even Trixie), trying to stay on and maintain some vestige of body warmth. All except Luna, that is, who sat in the front seat, clutching the reins and laughing maniacally.

" . . . Is it over?"

"Ah think so."

"I'm not sure. We could still be moving and simply not notice it due to relativistic effects- whoa!" Rainbow Dash pushed Twilight out of the carriage and she landed on the ground with a thump.

"It's over, then," said Twilight, as Trixie smacked Rainbow.

"Luna! I trust these ponies are no worse for the wear?"

Twilgiht's heart stopped. Princess Celestia! She was here!

The white alicorn trotted over to Twilight, who was still lying on the ground. "Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student. I trust you've brought a romantic companion, as I requested?"

"Uh, yes, of course, your majesty," said Twilight, hastily getting to her hooves.

"And this pony is-" Celestia's eyes drifted over the occupants of the carriage.

"It is Trixie who is accompanying this lovely mare!" Trixie cried, hopping out of the carriage.

Celestia's eyes flashed the briefest Really? before she smiled and said, "Welcome to the gala, Trixie."

Then before the blue unicorn could respond, Celestia cast her gaze on the other ponies. "And all of your friends have brought companions as well?"

They trooped out and paired off; Fluttershy with Derpy ("Just friends," Fluttershy squeaked), Rainbow Dash with Pinkie ("Same," said Rainbow quickly) and Applejack with Luna ("Prophecy," said Luna with a wink, and Celestia just shrugged), as well as Spike and Rarity, both of whom were on their own. The former exchanged meaningful glances at Celestia. The latter tapped her hoof a bit impatiently and stared through the window at the crowds of ponies.

At last Fancy Pants hurried out, and taking everything in stride as usual, took his place beside Rarity without a word; Rarity glared at him, but grinned a little bit.

Celestia said nothing for a few moments, then, at last, announced, "I would like to welcome one and all to the first annual Hearts and Hooves Day Gala!"

For once, I don't really think I have anything to say here.

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